Rae of Light

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Chapter Thirty-Two

No, she wasn’t exactly my mother. But she resembled her. A lot.

I’d never seen my mother, but I saw pictures of her. This woman was way more beautiful than my mother could’ve ever been. She was beauty incarnate – hell, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She had those big, bright hazel eyes, like lightbulbs in her beatific face. Plump lips, strawberry-blond, smooth and silky hair, reaching her waist, and tall, slender body. She had a few freckles on her snow-white skin, but even that made her more beautiful.

I had no idea how anyone could’ve thought I resembled this... This angel. I was in no way as beautiful as she was, not even in my wildest of dreams. Sure, this woman resembled a bit my mother, from what I saw in photos, but that was all about it.

Realizing every pair of eyes in the room was on me, I flushed dully. “I – I’m sorry,” I muttered, looking anywhere but at the woman. “I... confused you with... er...”

“That’s okay,” the woman said, and her voice was so soft, so musical, it made me wonder if she really was an angel. “I... understand.” Her beautiful, unique eyes moved to Gunner, who was mute and still next to me. Her face softened and and she smiled an apologetic smile. “Hello, Gunner.”

Gunner glanced briefly at me and then returned his hard gaze to her. “Hello, Willow.”

I shivered a little. This was Willow? This angelic beautiful woman? How could she be the one who broke the Preston boys’ hearts? She seemed harmless, like she couldn’t hurt a fly.

But then again, Gunner had said it wasn’t her fault. None of it was. Still, she didn’t seem like someone who’d dance between guys like that.

“Willow, meet Rae,” Maddox said, and my head snapped to his direction. His face looked a little pained when he said her name, and Evelyn, his wife, didn’t seem so exhilarated about the fact her husband’s ex was here. Neither did Jez, who sent glares toward Willow and clutched Danger’s hand in an unbreakable hold, and neither did I, since Gunner was still keeping his impassive expression and all. “Rae is under our custody because of certain circumstances.” Maddox continued, looking as uncomfortable as everyone in the room.

Willow nodded in my direction and another beatific smile spread on her face. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rae,” she then checked me curiously. I saw her bright hazel eyes staring at my frizzly flaming-red hair, and then my dark brown eyes, even my slim and short figure was under scanning. Then her face became puzzled, like I was a mystery she couldn’t solve. I didn’t now whether I was glad about it or freaked out.

“You too,” I forced myself to say back to her, though right now I was really scared about what Gunner would do about it.

After a somewhat awkward silence, Henry cleared his throat and said, “Willow came here today because she and her sister Arabella need a shelter from the Moores.”

That surprised everyone. “The Moores?” Ryder asked, brows shot upward. “Didn’t they go into hiding?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have the means to track and kill people,” Henry said with grim face. “Willow and Arabella are under their radar.”

“So where’s Arabella?” asked Gunner, his voice low and rough and not exactly friendly. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought him murderous right now. But I did know him better, I think, and I could almost hear the hurt in his voice.

“She’s taking care about some business,” Willow answered warily. “She’ll come the moment she finishes it all.”

“Magnificent,” Jez muttered. “Now there’ll be two of them.”

Willow wasn’t deaf and she heard Jez. She winced in hurt, and lowered her head. She didn’t seem like an evil person to me and Jez’s reaction was quiet mean... But maybe that was just how she was. After all, Jez hated me on sight, too. Maybe she met people with hatred first, questions later. It did seem to match her character.

“Well,” Henry stood up. “I’ll show Willow to her room. All of you, dismissed.” He paused for a second, looking at Maddox and Evelyn. “I need you to wait for me in the office. I have something to talk to you about.” Then he left the room, Willow right behind him, looking so ethereal with her natural beauty. Once them, Maddox and Evelyn were out of the lounge, Jez leashed her anger.

“What the hell is she thinking?!” she snapped. “Why they fuck did she ask us from help after what she did?!”

“Jez,” Danger said in a warning voice and then Jez did something that surprised all of us – and most of all Danger. She kissed him, straight on the mouth, in a possessive way I didn’t think she was capable of.

“You. Are. Mine.” She growled, making Danger stunned out of his mind. “I’ll beat the shit out of this woman if she even breaths the same air you do.”

Gunner and I exchanged glances just when Jez started making out with Danger, who seemed more than stunned and happy to oblige. It was seriously weird; I mean, I knew Jez and Danger had started dating and all but for Jez to go to this extreme... Maybe she felt things for Gunner she didn’t let on.

Danger, though, didn’t seem turned off by Jez’s possessiveness. If anything, he seemed to be completely turned on, completely aroused by the sexy woman who wanted nothing but to jump his bones. I didn’t want to be here right now, though, seeing as Jez was now looming over Danger and he had a major hard-on that anyone could see, although it was covered by his jeans.

“Let’s get out of here,” Ryder said in disgust, and Gunner and I were more than happy to follow him outside the lounge to leave the lovebirds to their mating.

“Geez, I didn’t expect that of Jez,” I muttered to Ryder who walked with us toward the offices area.

“None of us did,” Ryder muttered back and then turned to look at Gunner, who seemed even more tensed and steely than before. “Are you ok, man?” he asked him.

Gunner nodded once only and then Ryder sighed and went into his own office after saying his goodbye. I followed Gunner to his office and when we entered, Gunner locked the door. He took a seat on the leathered sofa in the room and motioned for me to sit next to him. I did so, thinking that this day was one of the oddest and strangest I’d ever gone through. I mean, first the thing with Chase. Second, the make-out-dry-sex with Gunner on my high school’s fence. Third, Willow Andela’s appearance, who’s the ex of not only Gunner but also Danger and Maddox. Fourth, Gunner’s closing-up-tightly.

This day sucked. Big time.

Gunner and I were silent for a while, and I was feeling overwhelmed. Should I say something? Should I do something? If so, what should I do? Did I wanna do anything?

Eventually, Gunner sighed and looked at me with those sea-eyes of his. “Why did you call her ‘mom’?” He asked, making me wince.

“I... I don’t know,” I mumbled, looking away. “It was an instinct. She reminded me of her at first look, but then I realized she was way more beautiful than my mother could’ve ever been, had she been alive of course.”

Gunner nodded and then frowned. “You think she is beautiful?”

I looked at him with surprise. “Well, yeah, I’m not blind,” I told him. “She had that kind of rare, natural beauty to her. She looks like an angel.”

Gunner didn’t show any emotion, only looked at me with concentration. “You resemble her a lot,” he said, “just like we all thought.”

I arched an eyebrow. “I’m not as beautiful as her, Gunner.”

“I don’t talk about beauty, Rae,” he responded. “You both have kind hearts, only hers shimmers through her beauty, while yours through your passion. On the outside, too, you have some similarities. Like you’re some kind of a family.”

“I don’t have any relationship with the Andela family,” I said, a bit more coldly than I’d meant to.

Gunner searched my eyes, and then decided to let the subject drop. Before I could object, in a swift movement he pinned me to the sofa, pressing my wrists together in one of his strong, muscular hands, and spreading my legs so his big, sexy, maddening body was between them. A dangerous glint in his eyes, a small teasing smirk on his lips, and I was a goner all in a few moments. I didn’t even have the time to gasp.

“Now I can take advantage of you,” he said in a low, rough voice that made my loins clench. “I could hardly wait, since what we had outside you school.”

I gulped, flushing and looking at him with mortification as I remembered what had happened. His smirk grew and he lowered his body upon mine, making me feel his hard muscles through his clothes. Oh God, how I wished he would get rid of those clothes.

“If you’re worried that Willow will snatch me away from you, then you don’t know me,” he whispered hotly in my ear. “Once I decide on a girl, nothing can waver me. Not even an old ex. I’m not in love with her anymore, and I certainly want you, sexy Rae, in my bed, not anyone else.”

I gulped again, my face reddening even more. He somehow knew my fears before I even acknowledged them. Not to mention him calling me ‘sexy Rae’. Was I really that sexy?

“You’re mine,” his voice got even lower, deeper, raspier, sexier, growlier. “Not Montgomery’s and not anyone else’s. Mine and mine alone.”

I whimpered at those words. “Y-You’re just like J-Jez,” I stuttered humiliatingly.

He chuckled and it was a low, rumbling thing that made me feel lust all over. “I’m worse,” he murmured in my ear, his voice getting even more sexier than I thought it could.

Then he bit my earlobe, making me gasp in surprise. My heart boomed in my chest and I realized my earlobe was sensitive. Really sensitive. I’d never thought an earlobe could be sensitive. Since when it was sensitive?

My thoughts all incoherent, I wriggled underneath him, wanting him even closer. He smirked and then leaned back his head, looking down at me for a few moments, letting me adore his hotness, and then he kissed me, making me shudder with relief.

His lips moved to my jaw, my neck, where he liked and sucked an bit and made me frustrated as hell. Then in a swift motion, he snuck his free hand to my abdomen, going up underneath my shirt. I gasped as he reached my breasts and my A-cupped bra. He unlocked the bra with one snap, like an expert, and then slid his hand to my breasts. I moaned again, feeling such a pleasure I thought it a sin. He freed my wrists, taking his other hand to my breasts and squeezing. I started to move restlessly, feeling like my face was on fire, and then he pinched my hard nipples, making me throw my head back in ecstasy. I was all sweaty and sticky and I had a hard time breathing, while Gunner seemed perfectly normal.

He took off my shirt, me unable to help him, making my breasts be uncovered. I blushed furiously, seeing as it was the first time someone saw me half-naked like that, not to mention touching my breasts, and I fought the urge to cover my chest with my hands. But Gunner was now feasting on my breasts as though they were the most wonderful fruits in the world, squeezing them and making me go mad. He then put his mouth on one of my nipples, making me almost explode. I moaned, called out his name, and he just kept going, not caring that he was driving me to madness.

He licked the valley between my breasts, licking all the sweat the was gathered there, and then his mouth reached my own and he kissed me hotly, passionately, sexily, and made me whimper as he pinched my nipples again. He rocked his denim-covered hard-on against mine, and I felt as the seam of my jeans started to press inside and I knew I was going to come soon, but the he left my breasts and stopped rocking against me. I almost cried with frustration, but then one of his hands grabbed my nape, making me look straightly at him, and he kissed me again. I cupped his face and deepened the kiss just as I felt Gunner’s other hand sliding down my abdomen toward my waistband. I gasped into the kiss and a sudden wave of uncertainty went through me.

He felt me retreating and ended the kiss so he could look at me. “Trust me,” he said in that rumbling voice of his.

I bit my lips, wanting to do just that but feeling the restraint. I was a virgin, after all, and even if I stroked myself to sleep sometimes, it was still kinda awkward. “I’m...” I said, gasping, but then took a deep breath. “I’m still a v-virgin, you know...”

“I know,” he said, sliding his hand underneath my jeans. “That’s why you should trust me. I’m not going to hurt you.”

I believed him. I knew he would never hurt me, especially in this situation. So I gulped one more time and nodded. He grinned at me and kept kissing me while his hand slipped under my panties and cupped me intimately. I moaned aloud as his fingers explored the outside of my sex, feeling how wet I was. I blushed in embarrassment and he chuckled again, kissing my red cheek and then my nose. I tried to glower at him but suddenly he flicked on of his fingers on my clitoris, making me almost scream with pleasure. Any thought I might’ve had disappeared and it was only Gunner’s finger that was important.

He pinched my clitoris, making me groan and moan and gasp and wriggle with discomfort, knots filling my stomach. I needed to come, I wanted to orgasm so hard, but he wouldn’t let me. His lips moved from my lips to my breast, sucking and licking my hard nipple, while his other hand taking care of the neglected one. When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he slipped one of his finger right inside my cunt. That was when I really could not take it anymore, and I orgasmed so hard, black dots appeared in my vision. I screamed his name as a wave of wetness from my sex slid onto his finger.

My body was a limp mush of incoherence as he took his hand out of my panties and jeans. His fingers were wet from my juice and I saw through heavy lidded eyes that he sucked his finger in a sexy move. I would’ve blushed in embarrassment again if my face weren’t red already. Another thing I realized was that he was fully clothed, and only I was half-naked and pleasured. I could see the bulge in his own jeans and I wanted to ease him, just like he eased me.

Strength returning, I made myself sit up, and then put my hands on his shoulders. He raised an eyebrow in question but didn’t say – and didn’t object – as I pushed him down on the sofa so now I was looming over him. My legs were on my knees on either side of him, and I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him with all the passion in me, my frizzly mess of red hair covering us like a drape. He slid his hands under my jeans onto my butt and squeezed, making me moan. But then I made him take his hands off me. “My turn,” I murmured, and he looked at me with lust in his luminous eyes.

“Your turn?” his voice was husky and rough and sexy with arousal and hunger.

I gave him the best, sexy grin I could give him at the moment. “My turn to give you pleasure,” I said in a low voice of my own as I started to unbutton his shirt. His and fisted in my hair and his eyes glazed with lust. I smirked at him as I took off his shirt, and then it was my turn to become all aroused and bothered again, because his chest was so sexy and hot and muscular and perfect and six-packed – or even eight-packed – that my mouth watered. Acting by a primitive instinct, I took on of his sexy nipples in my mouth and sucked. His reaction turned the air blue.

But I wasn’t finished. I licked and sucked his nipple like he’d done mine, and then licked his body down, right to his jeans, were he seemed to be really troubled by my actions. I grinned and opened jeans, pulling the zipper down. He had a boxer underneath, but it was no problem. I unbuttoned the boxer too, and then his hard-on sprang to life. Gunner hissed with relief and strain at the same time, as his sex was now displayed in front of me and not closed in his cloth.

I’d never seen a penis on real before. Sure, I saw it online when once Isobel, Echo and I dared to watch porn. But now I really saw a man’s sex, living and breathing in a touch distance. “It’s my first time,” I told Gunner huskily as I scanned the penis in wonder and curiosity. What would it taste like? Would I like it? Was it going to please me just as it’d probably please him?

“Giving a BJ?” Gunner asked, skin taut and voice strained.

I grinned. “Seeing a cock and giving a blow job,” I said, locking my eyes with his.

He smirked then. “You don’t have to, you know,” he said jokingly, his voice still tensed, but I heard the seriousness too.

“It’s okay,” I smirked. “It’s my turn, after all.”

Then, I forced myself to be bold and cupped the base of his cock with my hand. It jerked in my hand, pulsed, and I thought it was a wonder how hot his sex was. Gunner curse, and I felt myself to be the dominant one this time. But then Gunner smirked and looked at me with wildness that made me realize that he was still in charge, even after I “conquered” him. Damn alpha-males.

I rubbed my hand up and down his long and thick cock, and he groaned and cursed and growled at me to move faster. So I did, rubbing in a hurried pace over and over again until I was dying to taste him, to see what a dick tasted like. It reminded me of a conversation I had long ago when Isobel told me about he BJ she gave Marcus. Now, I was going to find out myself.

I kissed the head of his shaft, and he shuddered, making me feel stronger, braver and bolder. I licked the head and shuddered myself. I kept on rubbing his shaft just ad I put all of his head into my mouth, making him groan. My eyes closed and I sucked his cock, feeling a little dirty, like a sinner, but I didn’t care. I sucked again, trying to take as much as I could of him into my mouth, and he cursed, his hands fisting in my messy hair. I started to make a rhythm, sucking and rubbing and even grabbing his balls and massaging them.

I lost track of time, and it felt as if only moments later, Gunner gave up, though it had to be more than that. “I’m going to come,” he growled, pushing the penis into my mouth using his spine, but I didn’t care. “If you don’t want it inside, take you mouth off me, Rae.”

But I wanted to try it, to suck him dry and swallow his cum. My curiosity didn’t let me do otherwise, so I just sucked and rubbed until his body tensed, and I felt a sticky juice in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it, tasting the bitterness of the cum. I licked and swallowed every drop that escaped until he didn’t have anymore to give me, and then his cock, his beautiful, tired cock, lost his hardness and pleasure filled Gunner’s face.

I crawled up back to Gunner, and he grabbed my face and kissed me with fierceness and intenseness that made me moan aloud. I kissed him right back, letting him squeeze my breasts and sucking my upper lip and than sucking the lower. But then it was over, and we were both breathing so hard, both sweaty and pleasured, and looking at each other with the same wonder as always, like we understood each other, like we held each other’s secrets.

“You’re amazing,” he said, leaning his forehead on mine. “You gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.”

I chuckled, a little startled. “Ditto,” I managed to say.

Now he was the one to chuckle. We stayed there, me sitting on him as our foreheads pressed to each other, gazing into the eyes of the other, living in our own private bubble.

“You know,” he said after the most comfortable of silences. “Your eyes are beautiful.”

Those said eyes widened. “Liar,” I accused, feeling my cheeks warming. “They’re just normal brown.”

“They’re muddy, sexy brown,” he smirked. “I love ’em.”

I pinched his shoulder jokingly. “Your eyes are way prettier than mine,” I told him, “they’re like the sea. So green and blue and even a little silver. They’re beautiful.”

He grinned. “Yours though are sexier,” he winked. “And you’re hot. I could do worse.”

I scowled at him in amusement. “You, though, are so not my type, mister,” I snorted. “I prefer blondes.”

He took my chin in his hand, his grin becoming dangerous. “Say that again,” he murmured against my lips, “and let’s how naked it gets you.”

This time, I didn’t flush. I just looked levelly at him, showing him how well I knew him. “You can try,” I said in a dry voice, “but don’t expect to succeed.”

“You should know to never dare a Murray, Rae,” he warned, lips pressing teasingly to mine.

I grinned. “I just realized – we would be the worst match ever.”

That made him pause and raise a brow questioningly. I smirked at the sudden alert in his eyes. “I mean, your surname is Murray. My name’s Rae. If we get married, I’ll be Rae Murray, which sounds stupid.”

Gunner rolled his eyes at me and then kissed me, as if to shut my mouth. I couldn’t help but chuckle at that and let him kiss me as long as he wanted.

Even with Willow Andela’s arrival, with the Moores in action again, and everything starting to get complicated, I still managed to feel closer to Gunner than I’d ever been. Because I knew that we would get over every hurdle together, side by side, and never give up. No matter what.

That’s just the couple we were meant to be.

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