The Football Player's Roommate

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The sidewalk that leads to my mailbox is just as sizzling hot as the sun that is beaming down on my brunette hair. It’s only eight in the morning, but Louisiana has never been light on the spring heat.

It’s currently a Saturday in March and I’m doing what any normal teenage girl would before the crack of dawn on the weekend.

Yeah not really. Most teens would probably be waking up from a hangover, or still binge watching a new addiction on Netflix. I wasn’t like all of them though.

My alarm clock wakes me up early every day just so I can check the mail for that one letter I’ve been waiting to receive for months now.

Our mailman, Earl, is a cute old man that thinks delivering the community’s mail is his calling. He always gives a “good morning” and a tip of his old red ball cap to everyone he sees. An absolute sweetie pie if you ask me.

Ah. Speaking of the devil, here comes Earl now.

“Good morning, Ms. Amaya!” He smiles and starts digging through his satchel of envelopes.

“Mornin’ Earl,” I grin back. “Got anything for me?”

I’m already searching with my eyes as he starts putting piece after piece of mail into his hand.

“I think I do actually.” He admits as he pulls out a large and quite full manilla envelope out of his blue U.S. Mail Postage bag. My heart is already pumping way too fast to be healthy.

My face must’ve looked crazy because the next thing I heard was a chuckle coming from my mailman.

“What?” I asked as he was handing over the stack of mail to me.

“Good luck, Amaya.” He smiled before tipping his hat and moving onto my neighbor’s house.

My hands immediately dropped all other mail in my hands and stared at the address label on the large yellow envelope.

The address matched the college’s who should have received my admission what seems like forever ago.

I ripped the top open and started digging through papers until I finally found one.

I read the first line, and couldn’t help but hold my breath.

Dear Amaya Dawson,

I am pleased to inform you that your application...

I skipped a few lines.

We are so excited to have you attend our institution this coming fall...

I felt like I was going to faint. My breathing was all out of whack and all I could do was keep rereading the lines to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

I picked up the mail from the ground, and walked back into the house while trying to stay calm. Mom would probably just be getting up so I might as well let her in on my exciting news.

I made her coffee just the way she liked it and set the white mug on the table with all the mail. My acceptance letter sitting at the bottom so it’d surprise her. I checked over everything one last time before I ran up to my room and waited.

About five minutes later I heard a loud pitched scream, glass breaking and a hurried thudding coming up the stairs.

The door to my room swung open so hard I think the wall behind it has a fresh new hole.

My mom’s hand was clenched tightly around a piece of paper that I could only guess was my acceptance letter. Her face was in complete hysterics and made me wish I had some ear plugs because by the way her mouth was wide open I was almost certain that she was going to scream again.

“Good morning, mom!” I let a grin overtake my mouth. “Whatchya got there?” I asked although I already knew the answer.


She threw her arms around me and squeezed as tight as she could without killing me.

“Mom. I. Can’t. Breathe.” I gasped.

She pulled back and I already noticed the fresh tears in her eyes.

“He’s going to be so proud of you.” She whispered before pulling me in for another bear hug. I felt her leave a gentle kiss on the top of my head as I buried myself into the embrace even more.

“I hope so, mom.” I whispered back but more to myself than to her. “I really hope so.”

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