The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 9.


I pull my car out of the apartment parking lot and start speeding up the street giving my best to catch up with Theo. I did pretty well with staying on his tail the whole way, and he didn’t catch me following him once.

Well him never slowing down gave me that idea, and I was just hopeful I was right. My car was right behind his the whole way until I got distracted. Unfortunately it had also started to rain.

In driver’s ed they always said that distracted driving is a major issue that kills, so I slowed my car down, put on my blinker and pulled off to the side. The distraction was right there on the sidewalk and it was absolutely impossible to ignore.

With a gigantic sigh and an exception that my Theo chase had come to an abrupt end, I got out of the car. Knowing my luck, the consistent drizzle had turned into a downpour as soon as I exited the safety of my vehicle, but it was all worth it.

A cute young dog with an innocent yet scared look on its face sat shivering on the curb. My heart ached for the little thing and I knew right then and there that the chances of me leaving this pup on its own was at a whopping zero percent.

“Hey, little one. I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m here to help.” I crouched down and the dog warily leaned over to sniff my now outreached hand.

“Come on, sweetie. I’ll take care of you.” I said in a baby voice hoping the little guy would listen.

The dog cocked its head to the side as if wondering what I was saying and continued to smell my hands before walking over to me. I scooped it up the first chance I had, and got over to my car as fast I could.

The pup’s golden, furry behind got plopped into my passenger seat, and I made a dash to the nearest store hoping they’d have all the things a little dog would need.

I felt bad leaving him/her all alone in the car when it had just started to put its trust in me, but I had no other choice since I couldn’t take a pet into Walmart.

Even though I knew the little dog couldn’t understand me, I let it know I’d be right back and practically sprinted for the front entrance.

Being an indecisive shopper has always been a problem of mine, and right now wasn’t exactly the best time for my habit to kick in. I just chucked the best sounding shampoo into the cart and did the same with the food. I picked out some cute bowls and walked as quickly as my little legs would take me to the cash register.

The total price for all my items made me wince, but I paid it with the remaining money in my wallet.

I rushed as quickly as I could back out to the car and was relieved to see the dog sitting right in the passenger seat where I left it.

“I’m back. No worries. Now let’s get home.” I told the cute pup.

It reacted by lifting my hand with its little nose as if it wanted me to pet it. I did as it wanted before staring at it adoringly.

“Let’s get home so I can get you fed and a nice bath.” I smiled.

As soon as I got in the apartment I was happy to be out of the rain and in a place that was dry. I set the bags on the counter and immediately pulled out the shampoo.

I left the dog on its own while I got the tub ready for its bath. When the water was the perfect temperature and not too high or low. I laid towels on the floor just in case some spilled. I was prepared.

I went to pick up the dog and thankfully the little canine came willingly. As soon as I set the dog into the water I was expecting a lot of splashing and fussing, but oddly it was the complete opposite.

The dog swam calmly in the water as I lathered up their fur with shampoo. When I rinsed off its fur and made sure there was no soap left I picked the dog out of the tub and got him or her as dry as possible.

Since it was so dark outside I couldn’t check to see if the dog was a boy or girl, but while I was drying the pup off I made sure to check for its gender.

It was a girl.

No matter how well I did with drying the cute pup off, I knew what was coming next. I covered myself with a towel and squeezed my eyes shut as it shook it’s body quickly and repeated.

As soon as the fur shaking finally stopped, I went to set up pup’s bed. I heard the sound of paws hitting the floor and I turned around to find the dog following me.

“Alright. Come on. Let’s get you into bed, little one.” I said.

I laid down the bed and waited for the dog to lay in it, but it took her awhile to realize what it was for. I watched as it’s little body curled up in a ball and eyes fluttered shut. My lips turned up into a grin at how adorable she looked as she was in her slumber.

Finding a loveable little dog and even finding out it’s gender all on my without getting my hand bitten off was an accomplishment to me, but I still hadn’t found out what Theo had been up to.

All that time following him and I cracked under the pressure of a little pup. This only confirmed I would have made a terrible detective. Gladly I gave up on that profession choice in the sixth grade.

What could he possibly be doing almost every day and for such long periods at a time?? You can’t spend that much time in the gym, can you?

Just as multiple ideas were popping into my head I heard the front door open, and in walked the guy I was practically just stalking a few hours ago.

He hadn’t looked at me yet since he was too busy staring at his phone in his hand.

“Hey. Didn’t miss me too much, did ya?” I saw his trademark smirk curl up his lips satisfied as if he could almost feel my already growing irritation.

“Not one single bit.” I rolled my eyes at how fixated he was on his phone. What could be that important??

“We both know that’s a big lie.” His eyes finally left his cell and his cocky smirk melted right off.

You could see his hair was still soaking wet from outside as his curious brown eyes shifted carefully from me to the sleeping dog.

“Um, Amaya? Do you mind explaining why there’s a mutt in the apartment?” He set his phone down on the counter and crossed his arms waiting for an answer.

He actually took the time to say my actual name. That couldn’t be good. I gulped and took a deep breath trying to think of a spectacular reasoning behind why there was now a new tenant in our apartment, but that’s when I remembered I was out following him when I actually found the dog.


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