The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 13.


As much as I didn’t want it to, my mind kept drifting to Amaya today. Football was more difficult than usual with her constantly clouding my thoughts. It had to have been the kiss that she gave me last night..well technically early this morning.

It made me confused. It was only a kiss on the cheek. Who would’ve ever thought that a simple little kiss would mess up my concentration so much?

I’ve had tons of girls kiss me before. On the lips even, and I still hadn’t felt as much from them as I had from Amaya. I’d even had sex with girls before and I never felt as much. I have absolutely no idea what was going on with me, but I know I needed it to come to a stop.

I needed to focus on football and not a girl.


I woke up earlier than I would’ve liked today, but decided to just get out of my bed. I rather be active and get things done than lay around for hours until my first class rolls around. After I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and brushed my teeth I made my way to the kitchen to get something to eat.

It wasn’t the plate of food waiting for me that surprised me the most, but the note laying beside it. From the handwriting I knew it wasn’t mine, so i was guessing Theo wrote it.

“Good morning, Mya. I had some food left over from my breakfast, so I left it for you. (By the time you get outta bed it’ll probably be cold, but that’s not my fault...just saying.) Anyways, I’ve decided you can keep the dog. But I have a few conditions:
1.) You need to take it to the vet - I’ll pay (there’s about $200 here.)
2.) Check and see if it belongs to anyone.
3.) I get to name it.
Hope you have all this done by later tonight. By the way, here’s my cell number: 555-555-1234. Call or text me when you find everything.
Your sexy roommate,

We never got around to me telling him the dog was a girl, but I don’t think that was the number one thing on his mind last night, so I’ll just tell him later.

But for the rest of his little he really serious? How am I supposed to get this all done today? And he gets to name her?? I don’t think so!!

He’d probably give her a name that doesn’t even hold a light to her cheerful and loving personality.

I roll my eyes as I go back to my room and grab my laptop off my desk before opening it on the way back to the kitchen. I set it next to my plate of food, which happened to be pancakes, and begin scrolling through Google in search of a nearby veterinarian clinic to take the pup to.

Speaking of the adorable fluff ball, she waltzed into the kitchen and sat down beside the bar stool my butt was currently residing at.

“Well good morning, sunshine!” I say in a baby voice causing the dog’s tail to start wagging in excitement.

I get up from the counter and go fill the puppy’s food bowl as well as her water. As soon as I had them both filled, the fur ball immediately came in and started eating.

“There you go,” I smiled down at the cute animal before scratching her ears.

I returned back to my laptop and continued looking for a place to take the dog for a checkup. After about half an hour I found a clinic which was about a thirty minute drive away.

Checking the time I still had three hours till my first class, and I needed to hurry.

I quickly called the office and asked for an appointment today.

“Oh. Looks like you’re just in luck. Someone just cancelled their appointment in an hour. Can you make it?” The receptionist asked sweetly.

I would be cutting it close, but it was my only chance. “I’ll be there.”

With that the receptionist and I said our goodbyes before I rushed to the bathroom throwing my hair up into a messy ponytail, and grabbing a random pair of sweats and hoodie. I put my outfit on and went out to where the dog was laying on the couch snoozing.

“Hey sweetie. We have to go away for a little bit, but it’ll be okay. I promise.” I said as I scooped her up.

Why I keep having actual conversations with a dog is beyond me. Probably because I had a total of zero friends, but it’s not like I cared since I had this dog which had to be the most adorable thing since the Gerber baby.

We got in the car and I brought along a leash so I wouldn’t have to carry the dog everywhere. I set her in the passenger seat and started up the car. The 30-minute trip went by quicker than I thought it would.

Both me and the pup spent it listening to the radio with me singing along; by that I’m saying I wretchedly sang while the dog sat with it’s head tilted curiously at me.

“Sorry. I know I’m a terrible singer, cutie.” I chuckled before petting the dog’s head causing the adorable little creature to drop her jaw and let her tongue hang out with an a cute doggish grin.

When we pull up to the vet’s office I park the car, and rush to climb out of the car while hooking the leash onto the puppy’s collar. The appointment was in ten minutes and I still probably had paperwork to fill out for it.

We walked in the door and I immediately see a waiting room full of pets with their owners waiting on their appointments with the vet. I went straight over to the front desk and told the receptionist my name.

“Oh yes, dear. The nurse will take you back in a couple minutes. Fill this paper out real quick, please.” She handed me a clipboard with a paper asking regular questions.

The receptionist sounded exactly like she did on the phone and she looked exactly as she sounded. Elderly but extremely nice and mannerly. I filled out the paper as quickly as I could and just as I was signing my name the nurse came out to get us.

The appointment went well and turns out the dog was all healthy. No diseases or sicknesses, and I was extremely happy. The vet had got all the dog’s shots up to date, and when I asked the doctor informed me no one had reported a missing dog that matched this ones description.

I was ecstatic to know that, as of right now, I’d be able to keep the adorable pup. I sent the secretary a picture of the pup and she said she’d print out a flyer to hang in the office in case someone came in asking for the pup.

But as of right now the dog was mine to keep. I made it all official by adopting her and getting dog tags. I haven’t been this excited about something since I found out I got into my dream college.

All that excitement immediately was toned down when I pulled into the apartment building’s parking lot. That’s when I remembered Theo was the one who was convinced he got to name the dog, who which he still didn’t know the gender of.

To: Theodore
The dog is completely healthy and belongs to no one. I checked the internet too. I adopted it.

From: Theodore
Sweetheart. No matter, if you want to admit it or not, he or she is also half mine. Oh by the way is it a boy or girl?

Why did my stomach do a flip-flop when I read the first word??


To: Mya
Sweetheart. No matter, if you want to admit it or not, he or she is also half mine. Oh by the way is it a boy or girl?

From: Mya
It’s a...

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