The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 14.


From Mya:
It’s a -

“Oh Thompson! Looks like you’ve finished the deed. All ready for the father life?!” Tyler, the most obnoxious guy on the team, read over my shoulder and shouted in my ear allowing for every single person left in the locker room to hear.

Including the coach.

I tucked my phone away in my pocket quickly unfortunately not being able to read the final part of the message.


Why did I know that was coming??

“Coming coach!” I yelled back and walked into his office, but not before sending Tyler a glare.

This is gonna be great. All thanks to some dumbass I was about to get a lecture about being irresponsible, when in reality I had done nothing wrong.

“Thompson, why am I hearing Smithson shouting about you being a dad?!” His face was quickly turning red with anger.

“No, coach, it’s not what it seems. You see-”

“You and I have been working so hard to build up your career, and you go and do this?”

“No. No, sir. It’s just that-”

“If you have a kid you’re going to start pulling away from football and your reputation will forever be changed. You know your chances of making it to the NFL are slim when you’re too busy paying attention to your schoolwork, let alone with a kid.”

“Coach. I didn’t get a girl pregnant.”

He looked taken aback. “Thompson. I know I’m hard on you, but don’t you dare lie to me. I’ll eventually find out the truth no matter what.”

“No need. I can tell you. I didn’t get a girl pregnant. Tyler eavesdropped on my cell phone conversations and made his own assumptions.” I told him rolling my eyes at Tyler...that dumbass.

“What did the text that he saw say?” The coach asked now looking more confused than anything.

“Um...well. You see-”

“Thompson I don’t have all day!” He shouted and you could tell by the way he kept staring at me and watching my every move that he wasn’t getting any more patient with me.

“Sweetheart, no matter if you want to admit it or not he or she is also half mine. Oh by the way is it a boy or girl?" Wasn’t exactly something I wanted to tell my football coach, so I decided to shorten it up a bit and change a few things here and there.

“I asked her if it was a boy or a girl, sir.” I looked down at the ground kind of embarrassed about sharing my personal life with him.

“ sounds like Tyler was right. Unless you have some other info that I don’t know about.” He stood up from his desk and crossed his arms standing in front of me.

Why is it that everyone kept jumping to conclusions?

I looked at him wondering how by asking “boy or girl?” somehow stamped “NEW DAD” across my forehead. I literally could’ve been asking the question to anyone. Coach wasn’t exactly thinking this through...but you’d never hear me telling him that to his face.

“Yes, sir. This random girl in my apartment building adopted a dog and was texting me about it, so I was just having a conversation with her about it.”

I’m surprised I was able to come up with something so quickly, but when you have someone as intimidating as my football coach breathing down your neck it jumps your brain into overdrive.

I’m not particularly fond of lying. So saying Mya was random bothered me to the point where I was almost angry at myself for saying it...especially since I thought she was the exact opposite of a stranger, but that’s another thing you won’t be hearing me say out loud anytime soon.

Why I suddenly feel this way towards her? I have no idea.


I waited for Theo to reply to my message about the dog, but after about ten minutes of waiting I lost hope on a feedback.

Him not saying anything actually made me a little frustrated. Almost like I was depending on that message. I brushed it aside and decided to do something productive with my time by starting the introduction to an essay that I had due in a couple of days.

It was for a professor who I honestly thought was crazy. He had a mustache that curled on either side of his mouth and long, frizzy, black hair that was, on good days, contained by the restraints of a ponytail holder. He wore crazy outfits that usually consisted in neons, stripes, polka-dots, plaid, or sometimes even all four.

You’d usually see him walking around campus in brown, strappy sandals from the times when Jesus was still roaming the earth and his “Got Statistics?” coffee mug in hand while talking to all the campus squirrels.

An odd ball you say??

Ha. Not at all.

When an hour or two passed and I finally wrapped up my essay, I checked my phone again hoping for a text from Theo.

Surely enough he had finally texted back. A sigh of relief escaped my lips before I could even stop it.

Why was I suddenly so worried about Theo? He’s a tall and muscular guy. No matter what the situation would’ve been I’m 99.9% positive he could’ve handled himself.

I don’t know...maybe I’m coming to be a more caring person for the others around me I guess.

After seeing all the updates about the dog he was sure to include how it was “our” dog and he was even “kind” enough to include the name he’d chosen for the little tyke.

Just as I was about to reply to his message, the devil himself walked in and tossed his heavy-looking duffel bag onto the floor before gliding across the kitchen to the refrigerator.

Where could he have been for this long?? Also, why on earth would you need a bag of that size? I mean I agree that college books are exhausting to carry around and aren’t the lightest but do you actually need a bag big enough to fit a frickin dead body to store them all?

Heck no!

I watched as he grabbed the carton of orange juice and started to chug from it. Gross. Remind me to buy a new one!

But the thing is that when Theo digs around for food it’d usually take him 5 or more minutes to find and decide on what he was actually going to eat.

That gave me a thought: if he was distracted for long enough I could sneak into his bag and see what’s in there. Maybe the contents could lead to giving me some type of clue as to where he’s been going lately.

Wow. All those crime tv shows are really paying off.

Before I could change my mind on my plan, I scurried over to the island and crouched down beside his bag.

Please don’t let it be drugs or a bunch of dismembered body parts.

Gosh, Amaya, stop being so overdramatic!!

As quietly as I could, I unzipped the bag and was about to open it when...-

“Hey princess, what do you think you’re doing in my stuff?”

The sudden shock of Theo’s voice scared me and made me jump back away from the now open duffel bag.

Unfortunately my luck is never on my side so when my body bolted up and my head instantly slammed into the bottom of the island bar which caused me to receive an instant headache. I guess this was just karma for being so nosey and invading other people’s personal space.

I take it matter how many of them I watch, those crime shows have taught me absolutely nothing.

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