The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 15.


I slowly turned my face towards where I heard Theo. There he was looking as perfect as ever with his arms crossed and a look of amusement playing across his features. If you hadn’t known him for as long as I had you would’ve completely missed the hints of anger underneath his cool exterior.

“I’m uh...I’m sorry, Theo.” I told him as I begin to zip up the large bag knowing I wouldn’t be able to see its contents anytime in the near future.

I begin to get up from under the bar, but Theo’s hand touches mine, making me instantly stop and look up to him. His face is now level mine with a look of defeat sketched across it for some reason.

“Why were you going through it?” He asks seriously which takes me by surprise since Theo is literally never serious.

“Like I said Theo I’m sorry. Can’t we just forget I ever did it?”

“Mya, please tell me.” His eyes are locked with mine and the amount of intensity that came out of nowhere starts to concern me beyond my imagination.

I have to tell him now. This must be really important to him and I’m sure it won’t kill me to tell him the truth.

Embarrass me?

Yes. Definitely.

“Theo, I’m sorry, but I’ve been worried about who I’ve been living with for these past few weeks. You have no idea. I’ve thought you had every terrible career known to man and been scared.”

“What did you think I was?” He questioned.

“What do you mean?” I feel my eyebrows rise in a quizzical formation showing my confusion.

“What did you think I do? You a career?”

“Well, I thought you were a drug dealer or maybe even a hitman of some sort.” I said out loud for the first time and immediately wish I could retract it.

His chuckles and then stomach clutching laughs followed soon after my admitting to the assumptions, but then again...when was Theo ever actually serious??

“You thought..-” More laughs. “You actually thought I was a...-” I watch as he’s trying to catch his breath and although I kinda feel like giving him a punch to the throat for the way he’s laughing at me, I can’t help but understand.

Seriously though, a hitman?? Out of all the career choices I could’ve thought of that were sketchy...A HITMAN?!

He eventually catches his breath but the grin from his laugh-fest remains. “You actually thought I was a hitman?!”

“Well what was I supposed to think?? You left the apartment at weird times with a huge duffel bag, which could’ve been for large guns, and you never once mentioned where you were going. What did you expect me to think??” My voice sounds irritated but also worried and a hint of concern at the same exact time.

Great. Something more he needs to know is that I actually care about him and think about what goes on with him.

“Wow. I didn’t know my whereabouts and career choices actually mattered to you that much, princess.” An authentic smile takes over his perfect lips and makes me want to swoon.

“Psh. Yeah right! They do not. I just want to know what you’re up to, so I don’t have to worry if I’m living with a serial killer or not.” I stand up and prop my hands on my hips.

Even though that whole statement came from my own mouth even I wouldn’t believe it if I were the person listening to it.

I honestly think it’s safe to say I have a personal interest for Theo.

“Uh-huh. Sure thing, princess. Even an idiot wouldn’t believe that load of lies that just spouted from your mouth. Ya know, it’s not nice to lie.” I watched as he stood up from where we were both crouched down not even a whole minute ago and brush the non-existent dirt off his legs.

He stepped closer to me and before I knew it his tall figure was looming right over mine.

We were so close to each other that I could feel his breath hitting my face and my heart was about to beat out of my chest. What was this? Was I having a heart attack?

“So wanna admit you actually aren’t a hitman?” I asked after I finally calmed my breathing and cleared my throat.

“No. I am not a hitman...or a drug dealer if I might add,” He still stood as close to me as before and his eyes bore into mine as if contemplating whether he should tell me something.

Theo’s mouth was sealed shut and he looked like he was trying to gain the courage to do something unexpected.

His bottom jaw dropped open and he took in a deep breath. And just as I thought I was finally about to learn the truth I felt little paws step onto my toes.

I looked down and there stood our little pup.

Yes...I said ours. Without Theo the little dog and I wouldn’t even have a home, so I guess I was coming to terms with the adorable canine being not only mine but mine and Theo’s.

The intense tension between Theo and I seemed to automatically shatter as the furry little creature became the ultimate distraction. Theo bent down and took the pet into his giant, muscular arms and strode over to the couch to sit down with the it.

I watched as him and the little dog played catch and eventually when they both settled down to watch some tv. I know what you’re thinking, a dog doesn’t watch tv, but this one does. It’s like having another person with the surprising amount of attention the television set gets from the mammal.

I decided to relax with them and hope that Theo didn’t decide on watching something completely awful.

It turned out to be a crime-busting tv show favorite of mine and after four episodes I was about to pass out along with the sleeping pup that was in between both me and Theo.

Theo seemed to notice I was about to go to sleep because he snapped his fingers in front of my face multiple times “trying to get my attention,” but it really only just annoyed me.

“I’m awake, Theo. No need for snapping fingers.” I muttered.

“Okay good. I was wondering if you liked the name for her.”

“Honestly I was suprised by it. It’s actually cute and suits her. I didn’t know you had the ability.” I smirked while teasing him.

“Ouch, Mya. That really hurt my feelings.” He said as he clutched his heart in fake hurt.

“Oh don’t be such a big baby.” I chuckled.

“So Gracie it is?” He questioned once more.

“Gracie it is,” I confirmed. I started to get off the couch but tiredness and my quickness made me dizzy and fall backwards.

Theo immediately grabbed my arm catching me and holding me upright. He scooped me up into his arms. He carried me with such ease, almost like I weighed nothing, all the way to my bedroom.

He laid me in my bed and covered me up.

Right as my eyes shut and I was about to fall asleep Theo leaned closer. I could feel his eyes on me and hear his breathing. He left a kiss on my right temple catching me completely off guard, but I was too tired to even acknowledge it.

It all happened within seconds but to me felt like hours.

“You want to find out the true me and trust me you will. Soon enough, Amaya.”

And with that said, he quietly shut the door.

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