The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 16.


I wake up to the cold of the apartment attacking my arms and instantly shiver. My hands automatically reach up to my eyes and try their best to rub the tiredness away. Thinking for a moment makes me realize I don’t even remember walking to bed last night or falling asleep.

That’s when I remember Theo is the one who carried me to bed and he...kissed me?

Yep. He did.

Only on the head, though...unfortunately. Wait what?!

I also remember him telling me how I’d soon find out what he’s been up to. Which is one of the main reasons I’m upset when I search the apartment looking for him only to come up with the evidence that I’m all by myself.

How is he supposed to tell me, when he’s not even here??

The other reason is that I’ve realized lately that when he isn’t here the place seems to feel lonelier.

No matter how much he gets on my nerves he always has a way of making me smile.

Geez, I don’t know what is happening to me.

You have a crush on him, you idiot.

Ugh. Brain stop!

Since it’s a Saturday I have no daily classes all day so I decide to spend my day productively cleaning the house and taking Gracie for a walk.

Taking a look at the clock on the wall I realize I should probably get ready to take her on a walk very soon since it’s already past nine thirty and the sun will be up soon enough. Which means more and more people will be out and I’m not in the mood to socialize right now.

My feet lead me to my closet and I pick out a pair of running leggings (even though the last thing I’m going to be doing today is running) and a long sleeved t-shirt along with a pair of my tennis shoes.

It was starting to get cooler in the mornings since it was almost October already, so wearing long sleeves and pants all at the same time won’t make me sweat to death...hopefully. Before I leave, I go back to my room to get my headphones and cell phone from my nightstand, but before I grab them up I notice an envelope sitting besides them too.

I pick it up and immediately open it up. The piece of paper that’s inside is the first thing I pluck from inside and unfold before starting to read it.

I know you want me to tell you what’s up with my weird schedule and everything, but it’s taken me awhile to decide whether I should tell you or not. I’ve grown to trust you and now know I want to tell you. It’s a long story and you’ll eventually hear all of it, but we should start off small by telling you where I go daily so you no longer have to worry about me being a professional killer/drug dealer. (To clarify again, I AM NEITHER OF THOSE.) So let me tell you what I actually do. Later tonight at the stadium. If you don’t know how to get there you can text me, but I’ll probably laugh at you since you’ve been on campus for almost a month and a half now, but eventually (after the teasing ;) ) I’ll help ya out.

See you soon princess,

Along with the note, there was another piece of paper in the envelope. It was narrower and had a sticky note attached to it.

Be sure to bring this with you!! -T

I unattached the sticky note and it revealed a ticket to tonight’s football game.

Why Theo would want to discuss everything at the game was beyond me, but I guess I’d just go along with it.

After a long day of cleaning up around the apartment and walking Gracie I flopped on the couch and really just wanted to take a nap, but knew in the back of my head that I couldn’t. Theo wanted me to go to the football game with him at seven and it was already around three.

I should probably shower and start picking an outfit but honestly I was just so exhausted. Right, when I was thinking that my eyes shuttered shut and I slept like a baby.

After what I’m guessing was hours of sleep I felt little paws climb up my stomach. Gracie sat on top of my chest and started licking my face. Fear was the first thing that struck me.

My back bolted up straight nearly knocking Gracie to the floor and my eyes widened. I didn’t miss the game, did I?

My feet hit the floor quicker than ever and I searched the sofa for my phone. After finding it I clicked it on to see the time.

5:54 PM

Oh my gosh! I knew better than to fall asleep and now look what I’ve done! I barely had an hour to shower, pick, an outfit, do my hair and makeup, and somehow get to the game on time.

But I had to go. Late or early I had to get to that game! Theo is literally so close to telling me he doesn’t have a sketchy career and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity.

I ran for the shower like an Olympic sprinter and got it done in a record time of ten minutes before getting out and searching my closet for an outfit. Post lots of debating in my head I decided on a pair of medium denim skinny jeans and a random school t-shirt.

Appropriate for your school’s football game, right?

Next up was hair. In order to wear it straightened I’d have to blow dry it completely and use my straightener to wear it flat, so I left it a little damp and French braided my hair into two sections hoping it looked okay.

Moving onto makeup next, I decided to actually wear winged eyeliner today. I usually didn’t wear makeup, but I felt like today was different. It was a special occasion. My first time ever attending a college football game, I was going to look good.

When I was pleased with the end result of my makeup I slipped my shoes on and practically ran out the door. My ole Volkswagen came to life at my request and we were off!

It didn’t take me long to get to the game, only a couple of minute, but the real time taken was in finding a parking spot. The place was packed so full it looked like the lot was about to explode.

A good ten minutes later, I found a spot and parked before getting out and nearly sprinted to the entrance. The game started in four minutes and I had that long to find my seat.

After lots of questioning others and surprisingly lots of help, I found my seat. It was literally right beside the field and I could see our team’s coaching staff or maybe even helpers getting ready for the big game.

From what I could see and hear from the crowd around me it was going to be a good one. Just when I was about to look up all the details of who this game was about I heard the announcer introducing the other team, who ran out of their tunnel and looked extremely cocky and overly confident. They instantly made me dislike them, and was hoping our team would win.

That’s when our boys ran out of the opposite tunnel and not the field. They made it look effortless and with the determined strides they took, they looked ready for victory.

I watched them all do quick stretches once they were all situated. From all the times I’d watched the game with my dad I knew they had to stretch or they’d be putting their muscles and other important parts of their bodies at risk. If something severe enough happened their career could end with one single mishap or mistake.

Their coach held a clipboard and had a set of headphones on his head while he talked to each and every one of them. I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying over all the noise coming from the people directly around me, but knew he meant business. He didn’t look like a scary guy, but it was his eyes that were the driving point to his seriousness.

Eventually, after a short while, ten players made their way onto the field with their helmets in place and cleats hitting the turf. One stayed behind talking directly to the coach face-to-face and there was something about him that seemed so familiar.

I couldn’t tell exactly what it was but it was hard to ignore. His body language screamed for my attention and my eyes drifted to the number printed on his jersey.


Now...there was something about that number...something my brain begged me to remember.

That’s when it clicked. Seven was Theo’s lucky number. Why that seemed so important to my brain right now of all times??

I couldn’t tell you. Your guess was as good as mine.

Speaking of Theo, where was he?? I looked around and saw no sign of him. I even sent him a quick text, but it only said delivered.

I shut my phone off in enough time to see the last player run onto the field.

That’s when I realized Theo wouldn’t be arriving at the game anytime soon and he definitely wouldn’t be sitting in the stands with me.

Because Theo was on the team. The back of his jersey saying “Thompson” and having his lucky number all seemed to make it clear.

Now thinking back to everything that had happened with him, I felt really stupid assuming he was a drug dealer.

Chapter 16!! Amaya FINALLY realized Theo is a football player. It's about dang time, am I right folks?

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