The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 17.



That’s all I felt as my hands began to go numb. I couldn’t tell if it was from the cold breeze that came and went every so often, or the fact that I just found out that my roommate plays college football! To say this was unexpected was a huge understatement.

I remember on my college visit how the tour guide was constantly bragging about the football program and how much they had achieved in the last decade under the leadership of their coach. At the time I was annoyed we were wasting so much time blabbing about the school athletics when all I really cared about was the academics and where exactly the library was located and how many extracurricular activity groups available on campus.

It seemed that all happened so long ago...back then all I focused on was my grades, getting into this college and trying to fit in with my complicated high school hierarchy, which others just called the popular kids. With the time it took someone to snap their fingers is how quickly my perspectives changed. One little mistake can change you for the rest of your life.

Shaking my head to clear all the bad memories I returned my attention back to the present, Theo being a football player on a Division I team. From all the time I spent watching the game with my dad, I knew that being on a team that was Division I was a big deal an they didn’t just take anybody. They required and recruited only the best of the best.

I was completely confused about so much right now that my head seemed to be in a constant swirl of confusion. My mind kept filling over and over again with too many questions to even count.

Why had Theo never told me about his football career? Why was he deciding to tell me now? How did he hide this whole other life of his so well without me even taking a notice? Was I really that oblivious?? Why was he so protective of keeping his football career hidden from me?

Normally when a guy scores a spot in any football team he’s usually egotistical and takes every chance to gloat about it, but not Theo. You would think with him being a star football player and all that it’d be at least a little hard to hide your popularity so well. Especially since football is practically a religion on this campus.

I sat there thinking and thinking, but eventually I came to a conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to figure any of this out on my own. I would have to wait for the man in question himself to tell me all I needed to know. Theodore Thompson.

I watched down on the field as he was huddled in a group with his teammates, probably developing a game plan to destroy the other team.

When I really concentrated on him in his game I realized how much he really belonged here. This was his environment and you could already notice he was no amateur.

From the way he strode confidently up and down the crisp, green turf to the way he stood with his shoulders perfectly squared and the way he held his head high with confidence, you could instantly sense this wasn’t his first game.

It was probably his hundredth. And by the way all his teammates surrounded him you could tell they respected him and wanted to do nothing but impress their leader. Who would’ve known that the sarcastic ass called Theo could be such a role model to those around him.

I guess what this game had really taught me so far was how much I really didn’t know about Theo. I wondered if back home football was a family thing or if he had just picked up in it.

Actually. Now that I think about it...I had never heard a single detail about Theo’s family. I had never told him my whole life story either, but it just felt so odd that I knew nothing about the person I’ve been living with for nearly two months now.

I’ve grown to trust Theo and live with his sarcastic and testosterone filled self, but deep down I really was curious about him. Everything about him. His past, his family, his everything.

I might just be his roommate but after seeing a completely new side to him today I was wanting to become more than that. I wanted to become more than just a couple of bickering college students who just live in the same apartment.

I wanted to become Theo’s friend. Was that weird?

They were in the fourth quarter already with only five minutes left. The team was currently slaughtering the other with an astounding score of 54-0. Our boys were doing an amazing job with defense and the offense was killing it with touchdowns.

When the game was over I stayed rooted in my seat because I honestly didn’t know where to go. I watched as the whole team sprinted off to their locker room, but one stayed behind. That one being the only one I actually knew.


He climbed the fence that separated the crowd from the football field and swing his legs over. His cleats hit the cement with a loud crash making me want to cover my ears, but I just stayed still. He walked closer to me and have me a small smile before plopping down into the plastic seat beside me.

He unstrapped his helmet and pulled it off his head making him get the best helmet hair I had ever seen on a single person before. Even though he had just got done playing a football game and smelled of sweat, he still looked absolutely flawless. Theo was an overly attractive guy and let me just say he could literally pull anything or any look off. That was something I really envied of him.

We sat in silence for a good while before I finally spoke up.

“Congrats on the win.” I said simply.

“Thank you. Did you enjoy the game?” I could see a small smirk already developing.

“Yeah it was a good game.” I nodded staring at the field which was basically deserted now.

“Yeah we did pretty awesome.” I could feel him cross his hands behind his head an lean back like he was watching a playback of the game in his mind and was admiring everything he did on the field.

He was cocky...way too cocky. Time to change that.

“You guys did spectacular,” His smirk only grew. “But if I may say so myself, you guys could be doing so much better if your center snapped the ball a little quicker, if your tackles happened before the guy was nearly at the end zone, if your linebackers weren’t snoozing on the job, and if your safeties actually defended. Also your interceptions and fumble recoveries could use a little work. Just saying.”

I looked over at Theo and his jaw was literally in his lap from how far it was dropped. His eyes were staring at me almost like he was wondering if that actually just happened.

“That. Was. So. Hot.” His eyes were still the size of saucers and I with his statement I could feel my cheeks tuning rosy red.

“What? Me criticizing your team?” I chuckled to get my mind off the fact that he just said something I did was hot. My heart was literally pounding.

“No. That you actually know something about football. Most girls I talk to are just like “Ooh Theo! You did such an amazing job out there! Hehe!” He said the last part in a girly falsetto voice and with a bat of his long eyelashes.

“Oh yeah. I bet they do.” I laughed at his attempts of sounding like a girl.

“It’s no joke,” His voice sounded serious now. “Girls constantly will do anything to get my attention. Don’t get me wrong in the beginning I loved it. Getting constant adoration from girls? What guy wouldn’t like that? But after so long, it gets old. Girls being total fakes and do anything to impress you just to get time with you and use you to boost their populatity. After a while you just get tired of it.” He had a sad smile as he stared off in front of him at nothing in particular. Almost as if he was watching the scene playing in front of his eyes all over again.

I’ll be honest. I felt bad that Theo had to go through that. Being used is one of the worst things that could happen to person.

I had a question for him that I wasn’t so sure I wanted to ask, but it was killing me and I needed to know.

“Is that why it took you so long to tell me?” I asked in a quiet tone.

His trance was broken and his head snapped over to me. The grimace that had taken over his perfectly plump and full lips turned to a genuine smile.

“At first I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to be living with someone who was leeching off me for popularity,” I winced at how he thought of me like that. He must’ve noticed my facial expression because he was quick to back himself up. “But after getting to know you and being around you for an extended amount of time I knew that you were nothing like those other girls. You would rather stay home and watching a movie marathon if Harry Potter than go to a party. Study your heart out before going shopping. I feel like I really have gotten to know you, Mya. You’re so kind and that’s something I admire about you. What kind of girl goes out to rescue a little dog in the middle of one of the most dangerous rain storms the state has seen in five years?”

I don’t remember it being that bad...then again my whole focus that day was on no one else other than Gracie.

“That’s right. You do, Mya. You’re so unlike all the other girls and that makes me so happy you chose me to be your roommate. Because I get to witness how great of a person you are first-hand. Don’t ever think I don’t trust you, Mya...because I trust you more than I have ever trusted anyone in my whole life.”

I was taken aback by his words. No one had ever said anything like that to me in my lifetime and I had no idea Theo felt that way.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say.” I say fumbling with my fingers in my lap.

He chuckled a little bit before he said something. “How about you ask me any question you want and I’ll answer it. I’m tired of hiding my secrets from you and I want you to actually know the guy you’re living with.”

Oh where to begin.

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