The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 18.


My laughs erupted and echoed across the now deserted stadium.

“It’s true. I peed my pants and it was the most embarrassing day of my kindergarten life.” Theo chuckled alongside my witch-like cackles.

Yeah. I’ll admit it. Theo’s laugh trumped mine any day of the week.

For the past ten minutes we’ve went over his most embarrassing moments and the one about him wetting his nap-time rug in kindergarten just took the cake.

I looked over to him as he was clutching his stomach and trying to breathe after laughing so hard and I was doing the same, but I couldn’t help but notice the little twinkle that was left behind in his perfectly brown eyes.

This was a side to Theo that I haven’t been able to see yet and I was grateful for finally being able to see it up close. It made me happy that I was the reason behind him being so carefree and laughing for once.

But sadly my big mouth got in the way of that.

“What about your family?” The words kind of just spilled out before I could stop them.

My nosy self couldn’t stop from what it wanted to know.

His smile slipped off his lips and the twinkle that I had grown to adore had vanished from his orbs. I mentally slapped myself for being like this and for swiping the happy Theo away.

He sat up straighter and cleared his throat looking like he was about to tell me his whole past.

“I’ve got a mom and a dad. One big brother. You know, typical family.” He shrugged before leaning his elbows onto his knees and held his head on his folded hands. This was a complete opposite of the Theo I had just seen a few minutes ago and I felt terrible that I’m the one responsible.

“I’m sorry, Theo. I shouldn’t have asked.” I reached out and touched his arm and he instantly turned towards me.

He sat there for a second looking at my my hand on his arm looking like he was wondering if it was real. I watched his facial features soften for a near second before it went back to the original.

“No,” He reached up and took my hand into his own and watched our hands as he ran his thumb over my fingers. “I said you could ask anything. If you want to know about my family, I’ll tell you.”

He took a deep breath before leaning back in his chair and interlacing our fingers. To say my heart felt like it was running a thousand miles per minute was an understatement. What was this boy doing to me?

“So...let’s start from the beginning, shall we?” He chuckled but it sounded almost bitter.

“My mother and father had both came from extremely wealthy families. They were both only children and when they were old enough they were to receive an inheritance, but when the time came for them to leave for college their parents let them in on some interesting news.

That they wouldn’t be getting any money unless they both agreed to an arranged marriage. If they declined they’d never see their money and also be disowned. So my parents married, and two years later my brother was born and then three after that I was. We had a good childhood. We were well taken care of by the staff, went to the absolute best schools, and we were given everything we ever wanted.

Unfortunately we only really saw my parents during holidays, their publicity events or when something bad had happened. They were more like business partners than they were husband and wife. They were constantly at the office, and merely just seemed to be acquaintances.

I learned at a early age that I didn’t have a normal family and that it was at the very least...somewhat dysfunctional. When I made it to high school I was a freshman while my older brother, Will, was a junior. I really looked up to him. He looked out for me and we were extremely close considering he pretty much raised me.

With him and I both being on the football, basketball, and baseball team together we started to realize our real love for the sports. I had grown to love football and him basketball. So when it came to Will’s senior year he had multiple offers to play basketball at a college level. When he told my parents of his plans they instantly shut it down.

There was no way their son, the heir to their billion dollar empire, wasn’t going to get an education because he wanted to be the next NBA allstar. So following their own parents footsteps, my mom and dad gave him an ultimatum. Go to college, major in business, graduate, work under my parents in the company and be groomed to take it over one day. Or go to college and be able to score a basketball scholarship and he’d be receiving zero help or support from our parents.

He’d have to find a way to pay for everything on his own and when he finished his college career he’d be getting no inheritance or a job. So my brother, being the scared and uncertain person he is, took the safest route and gave up on a basketball career.

For the longest time he was absolutely broken up about it, but he learned to shield his feelings. Even from me and he was no longer the guy who was the life of the party or the class clown. He took everything serious...the old Will was gone. My role model and brother had vanished.

It really hurt for me to see him being someone that he just wasn’t. We grew apart and we only started to see each other on the holidays. Just like my parents. He became the strict person my father had molded him out to be.

So when it came to my senior year I told myself there was no way in hell I was going to let my parents ruin me like they did my brother. Multiple colleges gave me scholarship opportunities, but this one seemed to stick out. They offered me a full-ride and since my parents had a son taking over the company already, I was the back-up child so they let me do whatever I pleased. They give me money from time to time but I only use it when I absolutely need it. Since I made it known of my intentions for the future were purely football before I even graduated high school my parents seemed to punish me in their own sort of fun way.

They didn’t attend my college visit, or the athletic conference where I chose the college I’d be attending, and they didn’t even show up for my high school graduation. They only contact me when they need something from me and since I need their money I kind of have to do what they ask. I guess that makes me just as bad as them, huh?” He chuckled bitterly.

I had no idea Theo had been through so much. You’d never guess that about a guy who was so carefree.

But being through my own tragedies in life I knew the last thing Theo would want from me was pity.

“I’m sorry you had to go through all that, Theo. I can’t say I know how you feel, but there’s no way anyone deserves that. You’re definitely a better person than them. You’re considerate and caring even though you like to hide it most of the time.” We chuckled together. “If you ever need me I’m here.” I told him as I gave his hand a firm but assuring squeeze.

He looked over to me with our hands still together and gave me a genuine smile. “Thank you, Amaya. It really means a lot to me.”

I didn’t realize until now how close we really were. Our faces were barely three inches apart and only getting closer. My heart was racing and I could feel my breathing really picking up.

I couldn’t help but stare at his lips that were getting nearer and nearer. My front teeth captured my bottom lip, something I did when I was nervous, but there was a part of me that welcomed the idea of Theo kissing me.

I mean he was going to kiss me, right?

My eyes scanned back up to his own to find him only staring back at me. We were only a centimeter apart as he licked his lips and-

“Thompson!! Get your ass in the locker room! We have things to discuss!” A loud and demanding voiced boomed.

I nervously jumped back and Theo let his head hang as if in disappointment.

“Just a minute coach!” He yelled back and I watched as the man retreated back through the tunnel that led to the home locker room.

“Sorry about that,” He chuckled.

He looked up at me and I blushed furiously, ducking my head, and tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Hey.” I felt his thumb and index finger capture my chin and gently push my head up so I’d have to look at him. There was a small grin on his face and he was watching me and my reactions.

“Hey.” I blushed deeper.

Theo and I almost kissed...what is happening??

“The coach wants me and things get a little scary when I don’t listen to him, so why don’t you get going and wait for me back at the apartment? I know a great diner we can go to for dinner.” He winked and wiggled his eyebrows trying to convince me even more.

“You had me at diner.” I smirked to him.

“Great! I’ll see you in a little bit.” And that’s when he kissed me on the cheek before dashing back over the fence and jogging off to the locker room.

Theo Thompson kissed me...and I wasn’t even half asleep this time.

Wait a second...what was happening between Theo and I? It had definitely become clear to me now that I had feelings for him but did he feel them in return for me?

I may have received all the answers I wondered about his past, but the questions of where our relationship was heading had only multiplied.

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