The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 1.


My jaw was dropped and my eyes were practically bulging out of my skull. The sight was beautiful. The towering trees still had all their leaves completely intact and the green grass was trimmed perfectly with a lushness that practically begged people here not to crush it with their feet. That would result in its ruined beauty.

I was finally on campus after months of waiting. This school year was going to be one to remember, and full of new memories. Thankfully a whole new student body came along with college as well. No more pity was going to be thrown my way. I was so sick and tired of the constant looks of sympathy given to me almost daily back in my hometown just because of what had happened.

No one here knew of my past, and that’s just how I wanted it. It was a new beginning and a fresh start here. This is exactly what I needed.

Being the organization freak that I was I’d probably get caught up categorizing and arranging everything at the apartment and miss registration all together. That’s why I decided to attend registration first then see my apartment for the first time. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous to meet my roommate for the first time. I had never really been a social person and when it came to meeting new people I was a bit awkward.

I’d worry about that on the way over there of course. For now I am just going to focus on getting registered and receiving my schedule. I step up to the table when it’s my turn, and wait patiently.

“Last name?” The woman with a short brunette bob asks.

“Um...Dawson.” I say shyly.

“Dawson, Dawson, Dawson,” I can tell she was skimming over a list of students. “...ah! Here you are! Amaya?”

“Yep. That’s me.” I smile sweetly to her.

“Well here’s your schedule,” She held up a paper. “And I need you to sign in so we know you were here.” She added before she handing me a clipboard and a pen.

The pen touched the paper and I added my name to the list of many other students that had already signed in. When I finished I gave back the items she handed to me and voiced a quick “thank you”.

My next move was to get unpacked. The feeling of knowing that the back of my car was overflowing with boxes and too many duffel bags to count made me itching to get them unloaded.

I got behind the wheel of my car and typed the address of my apartment into my phone.

I already knew that the building we were staying in was only ten minutes from the campus, and I knew what it looked like from internet pictures, but I didn’t exactly know how to get there without getting lost. The last thing I wanted was to show up at the wrong apartment with all my stuff only to embarrass myself.

The GPS led me directly to the building and it looked like the picture from my laptop when I first found it had pasted itself in front of my eyes. I had always wanted to live in an apartment, but there wasn’t exactly a lot of opportunities in small town.

I parked my car in the lot and got out making sure to lock my doors. My feet acted with a mind of their own all the way to the lobby of the apartment complex.

It was tidy and unblemished. The floors were so spotless that you could practically see your reflection in it. I’m not a germaphobe, but I do like a clean place.

I already loved this place, and there was no way I’d be leaving anytime soon.

I went straight to the front desk and asked for directions. The lobbyist, who I learned has the name of Jeremy, instructed me to take the elevator to the fifth floor and my apartment number was on the door. It’d be kinda hard to miss a big “554,” wouldn’t it?

I found the door and gave a big knock, and was a little disappointed when no one came to answer it. The key that I received through the mail about a month ago was pulled out of my pocket and inserted into the door knob.

Astonishment is the first thing that hit me to be honest. I had seen the interior of the residence before, but to see it in person gave me a feeling I had never felt before.

It was a feeling of independence that was washing over me, and I couldn’t help but love it.

I set the one duffel bag I had carried up with me onto the hardwood flooring and started to explore my new home.

“Anybody here?” I asked getting closer to the bedrooms.

It was dead silent.


My roommate was supposed to be here by now. Apparently she has a thing for being early like myself.

The first bedroom door I came to I gave a knock before entering.

“Analee? You here?” I opened the door wider to see that there were boxes all over the room and rolls of tape laying here and there.

She apparently wasn’t in the apartment, but she had to have been here at least at one point considering all of her belongings are already here.

That realization calmed me down extremely. She was probably out associating with others or buying a iced latte.

She’d be back soon to unpack her things, and I’d be here waiting to meet her.

Nervous was an understatement.

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