The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 22.


It’s been a couple days since Theo practically rejected me. We haven’t shared a single word since that day. Luckily, his football schedule and bringing chicks back to our apartment to hook up occupies so much of his time that we don’t even see each other.

I’ve kept my head down and just focused my sole attention on my school work.

That’s exactly what I was doing when a random number started calling my phone. My eyebrows scrunched together in confusion wondering who could possibly be trying to get in contact with me.

I set down my yellow pencil with a sigh and tapped the green answer button.

“Um, hello?” I asked in an unsure tone.


“’s me. Who are you?” I was starting to get worried.

“It’s Sam?”

Instantly I remembered the guy from the park and felt a little stupid.

“Oh. Hey, Sam. I’m so sorry. I forgot to add your number into my contacts. These past few days have been kind of...hectic.” I say with a new frown appearing on my face.

“You okay?” He asked seeming a little worried.

“Yeah. Totally. It’s just school and with finals coming up so soon I’m a little bit of a mess.”

Ever the whole episode with Theo I hadn’t really thought deeply about how it affected me or my emotions. I really brushed off, and kept it at the back of my mind. Now definitely wasn’t the time to tell Sam and scare him off with all my problems. He was really the only friend I’ve made since I arrived on campus.

Well besides Gracie...and Theo, but we all know how that relationship is going right about now.

“Well how about I come pick you up. We can go do something fun and get your mind off everything for the night. What do you think?” He asked sounding a little excited.

I looked down at all the papers laying all over my desk before an instant thought popped in my head. I knew I should stay here and get all my work done and over with, but I also knew I deserved a break at some time.

With everything going on with me I could really use some time away from school and this apartment.

“You know what? That sounds great, Sam! Thank you.” I smiled to myself.

“Of course, Amaya. I can be there in a hour. Is that okay?” He asked.

“Yeah that’s plenty of time. See you soon.”

I ended the call and shut all my textbooks and notebooks before arranging them into a neat pile. A grin appeared on my face. I was getting out and actually doing something social. It felt like forever since I had actually hung out with anyone other than Theo or Gracie, as sad as that sounds, it’s very true.

My lips fell into an “o” shape when I glanced up at myself in my mirror and saw exactly what my appearance looked like.

My hair was a complete rats nest and the little makeup left on my face was smudged around my eyes. The dark circles under my eyes were at a new extreme from the lack of sleep I had gotten over the past few days.

I wasn’t sure I could fix the scary atrocity that I call my face and “lovely flowing” locks in such a short amount of time, but it was worth a try.

I rushed out of my room and walked as fast as I could towards the bathroom without getting unwanted attention from Theo and his “company.”

My shower lasted 10 minutes, a new record for me, and I quickly got my hair and makeup done. With a quick glance in the mirror I looked like a completely new person.

Long gone was the girl who looked like she had just climbed out of a dumpster and here was a girl who had her life together...who wasn’t a total emotional and physical mess.

My eyeliner was a little thicker than usual since I was going for an edgier look. I had on a red tank top, black skater skirt with a short black leather jacket. The whole outfit was accessorized with a pair of black ankle boots, and a long, gold feather necklace.

It was me trying a new look. It was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and do things I don’t usually do. One thing I never do is go out...especially with guys and I’m doing just that with Sam. What’s a new friendship gonna hurt anyways?

I took one last look in the mirror and bit my lip in excitement.

I poured myself a glass of water and took a long drink while leaning against the kitchen counter. I had my phone in my opposite hand scrolling through a clothes website while I waited on Sam.

I was in desperate need of some sweatpants. Being from a warm southern state, you’re never really prepared for the cold.

Just as I was adding the comfiest pants into my shopping cart I heard some feet making their way toward the kitchen. Gracie’s head shot up to the noise and instantly laid back down, uninterested.

I looked at the sound source and tried my absolute best not to roll my eyes. It was a bleach blonde with and despite it being the end of November, she had the tanner skin than I even knew was possible. She had a lot of foundation piled up on her face and the worst perfume aroma followed with her. Her body was only covered in a large t-shirt which barely went past her butt.

She walked up to me and pushed right past me without a single word. I watched annoyed as she dug loudly through refrigerator obviously looking for something in particular.

“Looking for something?” The sarcastic question tumbled out before I could even help it.

“Um. Yeah. Like do you know where the strawberries are?” She asked in her nasally voice.

I lean over and peaked into the fridge and saw them sitting on the second shelf in plain sight. “They’re literally right in front of your face.”

“Oh. Silly me.” She says in a preppy voice before letting out a girly laugh.

“More like dumb you.” I mumble under my breath.

“What?!” Her eyes are wide open in shock like no one had ever told her the truth before.

“I said ‘I really wanna watch Scooby-Doo.’”

Thank goodness I knew how to rhyme.

“Oh my God. You literally are like a child.” She flicked her fried and dead strands of hair off her shoulder immaturely.

“Hey what’s taking so long out here?” Theo voice asks, making me turn my head to see he’s brushing his fingers through his messy hair. He’s not really paying attention and still has no idea I’m in the kitchen with his latest hook-up.

After a very sluggish walk he finally makes his way into the kitchen and lifts his eyes to see me. You would think after his excruciatingly exhausting activities with Barbie, Theo’s eyes would be half-shut and almost asleep, but seeing me made them nearly pop out of their sockets.

“Whoa. Mya, you look so—” He shakes his head as if to shut himself up and closes his eyes before he goes back to his earlier persona. “You look alright. Where you going? I thought there was a pity party still happening in your room.”

He chuckled the last part, but it wasn’t the whole-hearted and humor filled one that I had become so used to. This one was icy and just sounded so flat.

“Theo, I honestly wish you’d just stop this. I did absolutely nothing wrong and you know it. You lashed out on me for no reason at all. I’m sorry if I did something to offend you, but it’d be so much easier if you would just talk to me. I thought we were, at least at one point, friends weren’t we? At least you were one to me.”

After days of keeping this to myself, I finally told him how I felt about our whole situation.

Theo’s face flashed conflict for a mere second while the girl beside him snorted unattractively as if she was a part of this conversation. Seeing blondie’s reaction, Theo went along with it and at that point I really wish she’d just leave.

If Theo and I could talk we may be able to actually work this out, but with this bimbo here there was no chance.

Almost like it was planned a knock came at the door and when I opened it I was overjoyed to see Sam standing outside waiting for me.

“Hey.” I smiled at him.

“Hi, Amaya. I brought you some flowers.” He said as he handed me a bouquet of daisies.

They were honestly my least favorite considering I was allergic to them, but I put on a grin and thanked him anyways. I put them in a tall cup we had since I had no vase. I would have to remember to get one.

What college students have vases in their apartment?

When I walked back over to Sam he was curiously eyeing Theo and the blonde girl.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot. Sam, this is Theo, and Theo this is Sam.” I introduced them to each other before Sam offered his hand to Theo for a handshake.

Surprisingly, Theo took it and shook hard but with a clenched jaw and an hateful stare directed towards Sam.

Sam caught on and looked confused and a little nervous, but tried his best to act macho back to Theo.

It was as if the blonde idiot had been forgotten while the two guys had a psychological battle of some sort, but no worries she introduced herself.

She practically jumped between the two guys, breaking them up, and began shaking Sam’s hand violently. “And I’m Alisha!”

Everyone ignored her and remained silent. Theo’s eyes never left Sam as he watched him continuously.

It was honestly beginning to freak me out. Poor Sam.

We just needed out of this apartment.

“Okay, we’re leaving Sam! Alisha and Theo obviously have lots to do.” I snatched Sam’s hand and wheeled us out of there as quickly as possible, but not before catching a glimpse of Theo’s hurt eyes.

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