The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 25.


The sound of rain pounding against the window is what wakes me up. It’s then that I remember all that happened last night.

My total mistake of a date with Sam. Me getting as high as a skyscraper. Me being a total bitch to Theo then him apologizing and bringing his true feelings to light. I remember it all.

Sadly, I didn’t know what to do next. My feelings towards Theo were still there, but after he completely broke my heart I didn’t know if I could trust him with it for a second time.

I looked around my room and noticed how much of a real mess it was. It desperately needed a fresh cleaning and needed to be tidied up.

After contemplating between staying in bed for the rest of the day or actually being productive for several minutes, I decided on the latter. I tore the blankets off myself and got to work. I folded clothes, stacked books, and made my bed.

With my hands on my hips, I looked around the room satisfied with my work and it only took me half an hour. I looked down at myself, realizing I was still in last night’s outfit and immediately wanted to get a shower.

Hopefully some steaming hot water and lots of soap could help scrub off the smell of the terrible party I attended last night. If I was lucky maybe I could scrub away all the crappy memories too.

I gathered up a pair of comfy Nike sweats, a watching t-shirt, and some fuzzy socks before heading to the bathroom.

After I was all finished and dressed I brushed my hair and teeth before noticing Gracie needed a walk.

From what I could see and hear, Theo wasn’t here. Since the end of the season was getting closer and closer, his coach probably added in another practice. It wouldn’t surprise me considering how I’ve seen his coach once and he automatically gave off a strict vibe.

I sighed knowing we really needed to talk about all that both he and I said last night.

Knowing that wasn’t going to happen anytime in the next few hours I went to grab Gracie’s leash which I was guessing was in Theo’s room. I saw it immediately. It’s bright neon blue didn’t exactly lose your attention.

I went to grab it when I noticed a piece of paper lying underneath of it.


Since you barely return my calls and texts, I decided to send you a letter. I didn’t address it because I knew you’d probably just return it, but I just want you to know Thanksgiving will be at 5pm as usual. Hope to see you there son, but please no crazy girls this time like two years ago. I don’t think my reputation can take another hit like that one.

Your mother.

Wow. So loving.

My heart immediately went out to him. His mother didn’t say once how proud she was of him, or even that she loved him. You could tell that his upbringing must’ve been challenging. More than he had let on at the football field not too long ago.

Truth be told, I just wanted to make up and get back to where we were. That way I could comfort him right now when he needed it most.

But I also knew I needed to stand my ground. Theo had hurt me, and I needed to show him that. As much as I hated to say it, what we really needed was space.

I left Theo’s room, shutting the door behind me so he hopefully wouldn’t notice I’d been in there, and walked over to Gracie.

“Hey, girl. Wanna go for a walk?” I asked in a sickly sweet voice.

Her tail immediately started wagging and she started happily barking. I chuckled at her action before petting her on the head and hooking her leash to her collar.

“Alright. Let’s go!” I said leading her out the door.

We were an hour into our walk when my phone started ringing. I had Gracie stop and sit while I came to a halt and pulled out my phone.



I had spent almost the entire day in the gym working out and then at practice. If I was being completely truthful, I was exhausted.

This was the last practice for all the players together since Thanksgiving was so close and most were going to their hometowns for a few days.

I was staying at campus rather than going home to my psychotic family. I’d do anything to get away from holidays with them. Two years ago I brought a crazy girl I was hooking up with at the time and she didn’t exactly dress...decently. My mother’s face was priceless. She cut me off from money for a week, but it was completely worth all the trouble.

There wasn’t much time left in the season and I wanted to be in the best shape for the rest of it. Coach says if we win these next two games our spot in the playoffs is practically guaranteed.

Our next game was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was against our number one rival of all time. All of the sports announcers and coaches who decided to give this game a piece of their mind said it’d be a game to remember.

Both teams were currently undefeated and both had extraordinary defensive and offensive lines. This was the first year when experts couldn’t tell which team was going to come out on top, but I’m hoping it’ll be us.

Coach said lately I have been tense on the field and more aggressive than usual, but what he doesn’t know is that it’s because of this whole issue with Mya.

I can only blame myself since I caused the whole thing by overreacting. All over a stupid number. If I had met Sam prior to the incident then I would’ve never worried about a thing considering he’s absolutely shallow and a total dipshit, but what’d you expect?

The first girl I’ve ever had real feelings for gets asked out by a random dude and I had this deathly fear that I was so close to losing her.

I know right now all I needed to do was win her back and beg for forgiveness. It was going to take a lot of time and effort, but Amaya was worth it. More than worth it.

She was a true queen and she deserved better than a dickhead like me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on her. I’d keep fighting for her as long as it took. Any sane guy would.

While I was driving home I was practicing over and over the whole speech I had ready for Amaya. I’ve been working since I got off the phone with that douschebag named Sam. The conversation between me and him was honestly very successful.

I smiled with victory just thinking about it.

“Amaya?” I heard Sam ask nervously.

His lady friend must’ve left the room but he was still whispering just in case.

“Oh you wish, you asshole.” I smirked.

“Who is this? This is Amaya’s number!” He sounded so confused that it was humorous, but I held my laughs in.

“Doesn’t matter who I am. All you need to know is I have the strength to break your twig ass in half. And I will if you don’t do exactly what I tell you to.”

“What do I have to do?” He asked frantically. “I’ll do it money? Do you want money? I can come up with some.”

The fact that he was scared made me chuckle back into the phone. “I don’t want any money from someone like you. Here’s exactly what you have to do. Number one: tell Amaya the truth you scumbag, number two: tell your girlfriend-”

“She’s not my girlfriend!” He shouted cutting me off.

“Number three: don’t fucking interrupt me. Now, back to two. Number two: tell your girlfriend the truth. Number four: after telling Amaya the truth stop talking to her unless she absolutely wants to.”

She probably still would. Mya is the most down-to-earth and forgiving person I’ve ever met. In this instance it was a bad thing, but it was one of the many traits I adored about her.

“But wait-” Sammy boy tried to interrupt again.

“And lastly number five: apologize to Amaya in person. She deserves it. Your irresponsible and completely selfish ass left her on the doorstep while she was high on pot that you provided her. Anything could’ve happened to her. What in the actual hell is wrong with you??”


“Nothing happened to her, correct?” I asked a little worried.

“No. Nothing happened to her. I watched her. Plus I knew Theo, her roommate, was there so that’s why I left her there.”

Oh thank God nothing had happened to her. The question’s been on my mind for hours and I’ve been so concerned about her.

“Not an excuse. You’re still a piece of shit.”

More silence. His oblivious ass still had no idea who I was.

“So figure out a time to meet up with her and to come tell her you’re sorry. I’ll be watching.”

“What if I don’t?” I could practically hear the grin that was plastered on his face.

“Oh you don’t even want to know. See you soon, Sammy boy.”

And that’s when I hung up.

I finally got to the apartment and raced upstairs. I wasn’t going to waste any time. Mya needed to know how sorry I am. I was anxious about apologizing to Amaya, but I also knew it all needed to be out in the open.

When I jogged up to our door I juggled my duffel bag to my other arm and dug into my pocket for the key. It took me three minutes just to open the door because my hand was shaking with nerves and I even dropped it once.

When I opened the door the apartment was weirdly quiet. Usually around this time Amaya and Gracie would be watching a movie on the couch while she studied during commercial breaks with her glasses perched on her nose.

She was such a nerd, but it was so cute at the same time.

The living room was empty and the tv was off. Gracie was laying in her bed asleep, but the girl I was looking for was nowhere to be seen.

I checked all the rooms and they were all empty, but when I got to hers it was closed off. My fingers immediately turned into a fist and quickly rapped on the door.

I heard her little feet carrying her as fast as they could take her and I immediately let out a breath that I didn’t realize I was holding.

The door opened with a fast swing and on the other side was my Mya. She had her hair all gathered into a cute messy bun and I did a quick scan of her outfit: sweatpants and a t-shirt. Amaya could literally pull anything off and make it look like an outfit for the runway. It was just then that I noticed she only let her body on the small gap between the wall and door, so I couldn’t see inside her room.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “What’s going on Amaya?”

She let out a sigh opening the door the rest of the way before making her way to turn around and sit on her bed. “I was hoping I would be gone before you got back. I had a note ready and everything.”

I looked around her room and saw that she has two suitcases laying on the ground full of clothes. She knotted her hands together and watched them with an odd fascination.

Slowly, I walked into her room and stood in front of her. It didn’t feel like I should sit next to her like I normally would since we still hadn’t made up.

“So you’re leaving?” I asked unable to stop my frown.


“Like for good?” I took a deep but shaky breath.

This was all my fault. I caused this. Now Mya’s leaving for good.

She looked surprised and looked over to me with a small smile on her lips.

“Yeah. I’m leaving forever. Sorry, Theo.”

“It’s okay. I understand. I was an asshole.” I say turning around about to leave her room. I couldn’t stand to be in there. Goodbyes were just too much for me right now.

I heard Amaya’s feet quickly following me to the door and despite how much smaller she was than me she was able to quickly spin me around.

“Theo.” She had this huge grin on her face.

“What?” I asked a little annoyed. Did she enjoy seeing me close to crying like a little girl?

She toned down her smile a little bit but the edges of her lips were still turned upwards.

“I’m leaving, Theo. But not forever.” She reached for my hand and I let her.

“Then what-”

“I’m going home for Thanksgiving with my mom.” She smiled with teeth.

It was hard not to stare at such a perfect sight. Amaya was beautiful, but with her pearly white smile she was radiant.

I cleared my throat and shook my head. I still needed to apologies to her. “I just want to say how sorry I am, princess. For everything. I was a total tool and I never meant to hurt you. I just want-”

“Hey. I already told you I forgave you last night, you nerd.” She chuckled wrapping her arms around my torso and pulling me closer to her.

“Thank you, Amaya. It means the world to me.” I kissed the top of her head.

I felt her pull away and look up to me. “But...”

“Ah. I should’ve known...the infamous but.” I chuckled knowing everything was too good to be true.

“But,” She restarted. “I think we need some time apart. We spend all our free time here together and after everything I think we need to get our minds on the right track. I’m going home to Louisiana for the holidays, and I’m gonna stay down there as long as I can. There’s a family matter and I need to be there for my mom.” She sent me a sad smile.

Thinking about it now, I really knew nothing about Amaya’s family. She knew all about mine, but it had completely and selfishly slipped my mind.

“But Amaya...-”

“I know, Theo. We’re just getting back onto good terms and everything, but I need to go. I have to drive down and make it there by tomorrow. It’s an exhausting drive and I need to get started.”

I didn’t want to let Amaya go by herself, especially when we were finally getting things back to normal. I know she wanted time alone, but I didn’t. The last thing we needed was time apart. We’d spent the last almost week apart and we all see where that got us.

“What if I go with you?”

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