The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 2.


After a really nice nap I woke up to the sun streaming in through the windows. I look around at my surroundings and realize I fell asleep on the couch while waiting on Annalee, my supposed new roommate.

I pull my phone out of the back pocket of my denim skinny jeans to check the time, and instantly wish that I hadn’t.

Great. It’s hasn’t even been a whole day since I got here and I’ve been sleeping the whole time.

My eyes glance around the living room area and kitchen to see that Analee is still a no-show. I roll my eyes and wonder if this is how it’s always going to be.

I practically force myself to sit up and get off the couch, but as soon as I’m about to plant my feet on the floor I hear a loud crash followed by a few very choice words.

My first instant worry is if someone has broken in.

My heartbeat begins to speed up and my breathing does the same. Not going to lie...I’m frightened and already scared out of my mind.

I tip toe to the hallway where the noise is coming from, and can instantly detect that the ruckus is coming from what supposedly is Annalee’s room.

In all the horror movies that I’ve watched the girl always stupidly walks towards the bad without calling the police or help. Unfortunately I’m currently labeling myself as another one of those idiots, but I honestly can’t help myself. My curiosity is taking over my mind even though it’s telling me not to and there’s no going back.

I make sure not to bump into anything or make the floor creak. I don’t want to startle the person and make them run away without me getting a good look at them.

I pick up a broom that was leaning against the wall and position it so it looks like I’m holding a baseball bat. I finally make it to the room and find the beanie-wearing person tearing through box after box of Annalee’s personal items.

Instantly I get agitated, and my teeth grit together. I haven’t been able to meet Annalee in person yet, but I already feel a connection with her since I’ve been talking to her through messages for a few months now. I feel like I already know her.

The fact that someone is going through her things absolutely infuriates me, and that’s what sends me charging towards the burglar with the broom high above my head and ready to swing.

“This is what robbers get!” I yell as loud as I can before bring down the broom on the person’s head.

I’ve never been an athletic girl in my whole life, but today I guess that changed since the person fell to the ground almost immediately after the impact of the broom with their head.

The thief laying on their stomach and was facing the ground so I still couldn’t see their features. Their hand was in a pile of glass since they took down a vase too, and was bleeding slightly. Quickly I went to the person’s side and poked them to see if they were awake.

They didn’t make any noises so I instantly started to worry. I pressed my index and middle finger to their neck to check for a pulse and after a few seconds of waiting I felt thumping hit against my fingers.

A huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I hadn’t killed someone, but it was finally time to find out who this person was.

With all the might in my little spaghetti-like arms I pushed and shoved until the body finally was flipped over onto their back.

Seeing the person’s face instantly made me want to punch myself in the face and cry of guilt and embarrassment.

I took a look at her face and instantly knew that this girl was my roommate, Annalee.

“911, what is your emergency?” The woman’s voice on the other end asked.

“Um. Hi. I accidentally knocked someone out and I think she’s unconscious. There’s also a little bit of a cut on her hand. I think I need an ambulance.”

“What is your address?”

Last night while I was waiting on Annalee to get here I kept reciting our address over and over again. Not only did I do it because I was bored and needed to memorize it, but I did it so I could order a pizza for us to eat while we bonded and had conversations that brought us closer to friends.

The yesterday me unfortunately didn’t know that the first time I’d be telling someone my address wasn’t going to be to a pizza worker, but to an emergency line operator.

“An ambulance is on its way.”

“Thank you.” I hung up and went to Annalee’s side until the ambulance got here.

She probably didn’t even need an ambulance, but I also didn’t have the slightest idea of how to help someone recover from a broom landing on their skull.

I have no doubt in my mind that she will want to move out as soon as she’s awake, and I don’t blame her. Living with someone who knocked you out the first time you ever met isn’t exactly an ideal start to a friendship.

When we got to the hospital she was put in a curtained room and they confirmed she was just knocked out and had a slight concussion. They stitched up her hand and left her until she woke up.

It didn’t take more than an hour for her wake up with a major headache and not a clue as to what had happened. I’d been waiting on her to wake up but also dreading it since she’d soon find out I’m the one who caused all of this.

When she asked what happened I worried that she’d lost her memory so my eyes flitted over to the doctor. He gave me a reassuring smile before turning to talk to Annalee.

“No need to worry. What you’re experiencing is only a temporary amnesia. It should come back to you within a day or less. I’m sure your roommate here can catch you up on all that happened.” He gestured to me with an all-knowing grin before leaving the room.

I rolled my eyes at him as he left the room, but put a smile on my face before turning to see Annalee.

“Hi. What all do you remember?” I ask while staying planted in my spot. I don’t want to scare her once she knows I’m the one that landed her here.

“Just about everything. I was looking for something in a box of mine, and then something hit my head and I ended up here. That’s it, so what happened?” She looked so confused and it only made my guilt multiply.

“I understand if you want to press charges, but I am the reason you’re here. I thought you were robbing...well us and I kind of hit you over the head with a broom. I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry? It’s totally fine. But That’s right! I thought I recognized your face! You’re my roommate!” She exclaimed happily, and held out her arms like she wanted me to hug her.

I stayed in my spot not moving since I was afraid that she was just stretching.

“Aren’t you going to hug me?” Her smile turned to a frown and her arms soon flopped back down to her sides.

“Oh. I just didn’t think you wanted me to. I mean...I am the reason you’re in here.”

“Of course I want a hug. I’ve been waiting to meet you forever.” She smiled but there was something about it that seemed sad.

I stepped next to her bed, and gave her a hug.

“I’m sorry.” I said while still being squeezed to death by my new roomie.

“You’re fine.” She beamed as she pulled away from the hug.

“You sure?”


“So does this mean you’re not going to want to press charges?” I needed some wood to knock on for luck right now.

I had not a single bad thing on my record, and today that just might change.

“Nope. I understand why you did it, and I forgive you.” She says.

A few minutes went by before I heard her speak again.

“I just hope you can forgive me.” Her head dropped down so she can look look at her fingers that she was twisting together nervously.

“Forgive you? For what? I just wound you up in the hospital for pete’s sake!” I chuckled.

Nothing could go wrong right now. I had my roommate back and she was nice and forgiving. What could she be so upset about?

I’d forgive her no matter what.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’ve been accepted into a different school. The one my boyfriend, of five years, is attending and I’m transferring there tomorrow. I was searching through those boxes to find the present I bought for him. I got it as soon as I found out we’d be attending the same school. He was supposed to be on his way now to help me pack up, and drive down tonight. I’m really sorry.”

That was the absolute last thing I’d expect her to say. It had just hit me out of nowhere. I always had a plan for everything, but for this?

Definitely not.

Without a roommate my whole plan was beginning to crumble. What am I going to do now??

“How am I supposed to pay for rent? I have you as a roommate because we were going to split the cost every month. I don’t have enough money to pay the whole thing every month.” I was starting to freak out.

“To make up for this I already paid for the first month’s rent in full, but I couldn’t pay anymore. I’m sorry.”

I sat down because I started to feel queasy. My head planted itself in my hands with my eyelids squeezed shut to keep from letting the tears escape.

“Look I’m really sorry, but I have an idea that might be able to help you.” She offered.

“What?” It came out grouchier than planned, but I think I had every right to be upset.

“When my cousin lost a good amount of her money to a scam website when she was in college and couldn’t get any of it back. She had a rent bill she had to pay, and she was freaking out. She had no idea...”

“To the point, Annalee.” I muttered.

“Sorry,” She sucked in a big breath. “She put an ad out for someone to share the apartment with.”

“Your point?”

“I think you should get a new roommate.”

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