The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 36.


Wow. That was the first thing I thought when I saw Amaya. When she swung open the door with her perfect smile plastered on her face, her hair flowing down her back instead of pulled tightly up into a ponytail, and as her eyes concentrated on me I nearly had a heart attack.

It’d been so long since I’d seen her and boy had she changed. I’m sure her kind personality had remained, but her looks sure did improve. I had always liked Amaya, but her unsociability and awkwardness had drove me away.

And right into the first girl who gave me a chance. Her cousin, Gloria.

I know it was wrong, and coming here with the same girl I used to screw Amaya over probably wasn’t the best way to say sorry. Probably wasn’t a good way to try and win her back either, but it’s not like I knew this was going to be Amaya’s house. Gloria only told me it was her aunt’s house.

At least I wore my good cologne today.

“Well that’s so great.” Amaya said with a grin so tight I was afraid she was going to burst.

“Yeah. It really is, isn’t it, cuz?” Gloria asked in a pitchy voice as she rang her red claw-like fingernails over my chest.

“You bet ya.” Amaya said as her smile slid off her face and opened the door to give us more room to walk in. “Come on in. Food’s almost ready.”

We walked in and Gloria didn’t give me two seconds before she had her lips on mine. I didn’t even have time to kiss back since I was totally unexpecting it and I didn’t really want to kiss her back.

She smacked her lips as soon as she took them off me and turned with a hand on her hip to her cousin. “Isn’t just great to see Dillon again, Amaya?”

“Oh. Just lovely.” She said sarcastically making me wince a little bit.

I know I hurt her, and that I can’t ever take back what I did, but I’m definitely going to try to make it up to her. Because I don’t want to lose Amaya for a second time.

It didn’t take long for the house to fill with tons of people I didn’t know.

Gloria was constantly introducing me to people as her “boyfriend,” but I don’t remember agreeing to that or even having that conversation. I just let her have her way so there was none of her outbursts or a reason for her to cause a scene.

But most of the time I my eyes glued to Amaya’s every move. Her helping her mom prepare food, her entertaining the kids with silly faces, or her smiling down at a cute little dog as it was excitedly running around greeting people in its own way of nuzzling at their feet.

Amaya was perfect and it was my intention to make her mine. I didn’t care what forces would stand in my way. I was gonna get Amaya to like me again, and hopefully that little like would turn into love.

Dinner was about to be served and I was just getting up my courage to talk to Amaya. Gloria had left me alone to go to freshen up quickly before dinner and Amaya was gazing out the window all by herself, and I saw it as my opportunity.

I was striding over to Amaya and when I finally was close enough to talk to her I cleared my throat, checked my breath, brushed a quick hand through my hair and prepared myself.

“Amaya?” I asked loud enough for her to hear me.

She turned around and as soon as she saw it was me a smile lit up her face. That’s always a good sign right?

“Dillon! Hey, what’s up?” She asked.

“Oh you know I was kind of just wondering if you’d like to know.” I chuckled nervously hoping she’d connect the dots and give me less reason to embarrass myself.

“You know...what?” She chuckled.

“You know...go out?”

Her face went from smiling to just pure confusion.

“Excuse me. I think I heard you wrong. You want to what??” She was shaking her head in disbelief.

“You heard me Amaya. I want to go out with you.” I grinned hoping she’d say yes.

“But it really makes no sense. You chose-”

She was caught off by a rather muscular guy walking up and wrapping an arm around her waist. Her face instantly lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Something wrong?” He asked looking down to her.

“Um. No. Its just” She looked down at her toes as if she not knowing what to say.

“Come on you can tell me. You know that, Mya.” He whispered to her but since I was so close I could still hear him word for word.

“Well. Let me just introduce you to someone real quick.” She said as she turned to me. “Theo, this is Dillon. Dillon, this is Theo.”

The guy’s face seemed to change as if a realization hit him. He gave me an angry glare and put his hand in mine.

“How very nice to meet you, dill pickle-”

“Actually it’s Dillon-” I tried to butt in, but he cut me off.

“Oh. Trust me I know.” He smiled but it looked staged and he looked steaming mad.

He continued to shake my hand which was actually starting to hurt with his extremely tight grip.

“I’m Theo. Amaya’s boyfriend.” He smirked before giving my hand one last painful squeeze, releasing it, grabbing Amaya’s hand again and walking away with her.

I watched as they climbed the stairs to where I’m assuming is her bedroom, but before I could go investigate Gloria was walking back to me.

“Ready to go sit down? My aunt says that it’s time to get started.” She said as she grabbed my hand so hard that her long nails started to pierce my skin. I winced at the slight pain and she gave me a weird look before grabbing my opposite hand and leading me into the dining room.

We sat down together side by side and waited for everyone else to get to the table.

It wasn’t long when Amaya and Theo came running in and plopped in the seats right across from me with the largest grins I’d ever seen on a person’s face.

I watched them with jealousy and anger. I should be the one holding Amaya’s hand at Thanksgiving not some random buff guy that was literally produced from thin air.

I watched them as he leaned in to whisper into Amaya’s ear and it wasn’t long before her adorable giggles sounded.

I rolled my eyes and turned to tell Gloria I was leaving, but I didn’t get the words out fast enough because just as I was getting up to scram Gloria’s aunt walked in with a large platter with an even larger turkey.

I sat back down knowing there was no chance of being able to get our unnoticed now. So now I was going to be forced watching Amaya with her new boyfriend flirt relentlessly during one of my favorite holidays.

Great. Just great.

“And that’s when I leaped up, caught the ball mid-air and bolted down to the other side of the field. I got the touchdown, and we won the game!” Theo finished up his story and the whole living room literally went into a cheering standing ovation.

All he was doing was telling a story about the time his college football team came back from a game they were previously losing. He actually got a request from somebody to tell it.

Apparently he was a big time college football player, and Gloria and Amaya’s family, were all very fond of Theo Thompson, the quarterback. What does she even see in him? Sure he’s buff and attractive, but I knew Amaya first. Doesn’t that count for anything?

What was I even thinking last year? I could’ve had Amaya, but I went with Gloria because a relationship with Amaya seemed “too difficult” with all her new issues arising.

I just hoped Amaya would forgive me and give me a second chance. It can’t be too serious between her and Theo. They just met.

So I had a plan to get her back. The perfect plan.

I was going to break them up. It might be a little difficult and I only have a day, but I’d do anything to have Amaya back on my side.

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