The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 37.


I pack the leftover turkey into a tight container with a smile on my face. The last of my family members had just left (well all except Gloria). Theo couldn’t have been better today. He was great with the kids and the adults and helped out whenever he was asked. My family absolutely loved him! So much in fact that some even asked for his autograph, which he was very happy to give.

The grin that Theo had caused didn’t remain as long as I wanted it to. It took a second for my brain to catch up to current times and remind me of the situation my very lovely mother had just gotten us into just a little bit ago.

As soon as everyone had packed up and left
there was only two people left, Gloria and Dillon. Dillon insisted on sticking around to help out with clean-up and dishes. My mother’s face lit up, but she downgraded her excitement in extra help and gave him the ole ‘oh you don’t have to since you’re a guest’ speech. But Dillon wouldn’t have it. He stood his ground and started tidying up despite my mom’s protests.

Mom constantly praised him for being such a good if he was a saint or something. If only she knew who he really was.

Which raised the big question. Why was he trying so hard to impress my birth-giver?

By the time we got done, Gloria was pretty annoyed with the fact that she had to stay so long. The most help she gave was her telling me that my outfit was all wrong for my body shape. I rolled my eyes, but Theo didn’t take long to notice my annoyance.

“I think she looks stunning. Green really is Mya’s color.” Theo told Gloria rather sassily before going back to washing a handful of silverware.

My smile couldn’t have been any bigger than in that moment. The guy I love giving such a sweet compliment, and to make the moment even more spectacular, he said it to Gloria?!

The night couldn’t have gotten any better.

Well...that’s what I thought. Next came the greatest moment of my life! Note my sarcasm.

“Well we should get going.” Gloria was quick to state while grabbing Dillon’s arm and leading him to the door.

“Yeah. It’s actually pretty late. I don’t know if it would be safe for me to drive since I’m so tired.” He let out a long fake yawn.

Wow. Even his yawns are fake.

“Well if you don’t feel comfortable driving you can stay here for the night. We have extra toiletries if you need them.” My mom was quick to offer.

“Oh, no. I couldn’t possibly.” Dillon said playing his part once again.

“Please. You can stay. Anything for a friend of Gloria’s.”

Friend of Gloria’s? Okay, sure. If she had sex with all her friends...actually who knows with her?

Dillon acted like he was in deep contemplation about whether he should stay or not, but we all knew what his final answer would be. It’s just in his personality to take whatever is offered no matter if it’s right or wrong.

“Come on. It’s the least I could do with all the help you gave me today.” My mother tried once again to sweeten the deal.

“Oh, alright.”

I would say Dillon “gave up,” but he wasn’t trying to turn down the offer to begin with.

Why he was so desperate to stay was a whole other question. My best bet was that he just wanted to test my patience or to annoy me.

My mom was such a giving and loving person and it really was her best attribute. But in this exact moment of time it was also her very worst.

Let’s just hope she puts him on the couch.

She ended up putting him in the guest bedroom which was right across the hall from mine making my life that much worse.

Theo wasn’t too thrilled either. He was afraid “Dill Pickle” would try some things, but I assured him it would be alright. Dillon was probably only here to remind me of what I “lost.” But I knew that from that “loss” I had really gained so much more.

The real good news was that Gloria decided she didn’t want to spend the night at our house. Unfortunately she couldn’t convince her package deal to go with her.

“Goodnight, princess. I’ll see you in the morning.” Theo kissed my nose before he headed back down to humble abode in the basement.

“Goodnight, Theo.” I kissed his cheek and winked before he took the stairs down.

When I turned back around I noticed Dillon was standing there watching.

“How long you been standing there?” I asked scratching the back of my head in embarrassment.

I wasn’t big on PDA, especially since I was so new to the affection areas of life.

“Long enough to really wonder why you’re with that guy. He’s not even your type, Amaya.” He said as he walked over to me ready to strike up a conversation.

Not only was I NOT in the mood to deal with the tool that stood in front of me, but I was also extremely sleepy after my long day.

I shook my head with a humored smile. Dillon thinking he could just waltz back into my life and think he was one to comment on my relationship was funny.

No. It was hilarious.

“Okay, Dillon. Thank you for telling me. I’ll take it into deep consideration.” I stated sarcastically before turning away from him and started up the stairs that lead to the higher floor.

“No, wait!” Dillon whisper shouted before reaching out to grab my wrist in attempt to stop me.

I looked down to see if I was in a nightmare or if this was real life, but unfortunately it was the latter.

I tried to pull my hand away but his grip only tightened.

“No. I waited on you long enough. You wasted enough of my time.” I said standing tall as I reached down to peel each one of his fingers off of me before turning to go upstairs for the second time.

He didn’t try to stop me this time making me very grateful.

As soon as I got into my room I shut the door and went to lock it when I remembered I couldn’t. My mom never got around to giving me a door knob with a lock and it never really bothered me until now.

With Dillon in the same house I really wanted a lock for a certain type of protection, but I didn’t have it.

I changed into pajamas as quickly as I could and took off the makeup I had on before getting under my covers.

I kept my eyes on the door waiting and listening to make sure Dillon went to bed. After what seemed like forever he did, and my nerves went through the roof. I didn’t want to be sleeping in the room directly across from him, so I did something that my mom would kick my butt for if she knew it happened.

I bolted out of bed leaving the blanket corner turned down for when I came back. I opened the wooden door of my room and winced at the creak it made. With a glance in bother directions, I came to the conclusion that the coast was all clear.

I tiptoed out of my room and back down the steps before arriving in the living room. While in spy mode I glided through the downstairs rooms before getting to the basement door. I opened it and shut myself in.

The little light at the top of the stairs showed me the long way down. The main light is down at the last step, but since it’s not on I assumed Theo was asleep.

On the way down I start to feel bad about waking him up, but knowing Theo he’d probably understand. Anything is better than having to sleep near a jerk like Dillon.

Surprisingly I made it to the bottom of the steps without tripping and shut the light off with an identical switch to the first one. With my main source of light gone it was hard to feel my way over to the futon where I knew Theo was fast asleep.

I would’ve turned the overhead light on but I didn’t want to wake him from his slumber. I could hear his soft snores more clearly as I got closer to him and his peaceful snoozing body.

I stepped carefully around the objects I knew were there from years of memories in hopes of not disturbing Theo. When I was just two steps away from him, my body thought it’d be a great time to trip over the ugly rocking chair that’s been collecting dust and dirt for years. I keep trying to convince my mom to get rid of it since it’s so hideous and reminds me of the Anabelle movie when it randomly creaks at night.

I hit the floor with a loud smack...almost like a large pancake hitting a sizzling frying pan but without the extravagant flip that all the chefs do on tv.

I don’t know why I had such bad luck in time like this, but all I did know is that it hurt.

“Shiiiit!” I yelled as quietly as possible.

But I guess it wasn’t quiet enough.

“Mya?” I heard Theo’s voice sleepily whisper.

I bit my lip to stop myself from whining about the pain before letting out a quick “yea.”

“What are you doing down here?” I heard him rustle around in the sheets before the click of the side table lamp sounded.

Immediate light filled the whole room and I was instantly exposed.

“Jesus. What did you do to yourself?” He asked and rushed over to me.

“I’m fine. Just embarrassed.” I admitted with a flood of red taking over my face.

He took the time to examine me, but his hands traveled to my head.

“Okay I like you more than I’ve ever liked a guy, but I’m in no need of flirting right now. I need medical attention!” I smack his hand away.

“Chill out. I was going to take a look at the scratch on your forehead. Doesn’t look too bad but I just want to be sure.” He says with his hands up in surrender.

“Oh I guess that’s okay...WAIT! A SCRATCH?!” I yelled before bolting to the basement bathroom.

I immediately flicked the lights on, and sure enough there was a gorgeous cut right above my left eyebrow.

“Damn it!” I said exasperatedly before grabbing the hand towel and wetting it with hot water.

I dabbed the wound until the bleeding stopped and reached for the Neosporin. With a thin layer of the ointment I then began the search for a band-aid. I already knew it would look stupid but it was better than getting infected.

After three minutes of throwing open the drawers and digging through them all I find one singular bandage. Unfortunately it was Hello Kitty.

“Here let me help.” Theo came in as I was taking the band-aid out of the package.

I handed it over to him and he peeled the paper off before precisely placing it on my forehead.

“Hello Kitty...such a nice touch.” Theo chuckled as he threw the trash away.

“Shut up. It’s all I had.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

“Well you pull it off. Hello Kitty merchandise or not, you’re still stunning.” He said the last part with a genuine grin.

“Why do you have that grin on your face?” I squinted knowing he was up to something.

“Just thinking how it sucks to be Dillon right now. How could a guy let someone like you go? astonishes me.”

I watched his facial features and they remained still. He really meant it.

“I was a different person then. I never socialized and never even cared about my appearance.”

“Still doesn’t make what he did okay. What kind of asshole does that? I might not have been the most decent guy in the past, but at least I was truthful with girls.” He said in an almost angry tone.

“Theo. It’s in the past,” I hopped up on the sink. “It really means nothing.”

“How can you say that?” He asked. “Somebody just walks all over you and it’s okay?”

“Well, no. Dillon hurt me a lot, but I forgave him long ago. Who cares about what Dillon did to me almost a whole year ago?” I question putting my arms around Theo neck and pull him closer.

“I do. He disrespected you and..”

“But I have you now.” I grinned while leaning my mouth to hover over his.

Theo looked at a loss for words.

“Why do you have to be such a good person?” He whispered while keeping his eyes on my lips.

“Somebody’s gotta keep you in line.” I chuckle.

I lean down to place a soft and quick peck on his lips. It ended up leading to a more sweet love-filled kiss.

“I love you, Mya.” He said as he pulled away.

“I love you too, Theodore.” I smiled while holding his head in my small hands.

He stared up at me in a daze as if he was in a dream and couldn’t tell if what was happening in front of him was real.

“I would’ve planned something more romantic than being in a bathroom, but now just seems like the right time.” He said with a constantly growing smile.

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.

“Be my girlfriend, Amaya?” He questioned.

I didn’t even have to ponder it for a second. “Yes.”

He picked me up off the sink and twirled me around in complete joy before setting me back on the ground to place yet another kiss on my lips.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

My eyes shot open.

Before I went to sleep last night I set an alarm on my phone to get back up to my bedroom before my mom noticed I was gone.

I looked around the room and tried my hardest to find my bra. Who knows where I chucked it to? I was in such a hurry to get it off that I literally flung it in a random direction.

(For all of you dirty-minded people out there, no, Theo and I didn’t have sex. I just slipped my bra from out under my shirt...who in their right mind likes to sleep in those death traps??)

I sigh getting out of bed and instantly feel the cold.

“No. Come back to bed.” I hear Theo whine from behind me.

“I can’t we discussed this last night. Mom would kill both of us if she found us in the same bed.” I chuckled. “But since you’ll miss me the whole thirty minutes we won’t see each other, I’ll give you one last kiss to hold you over.”

“Thank God.” He sighed in relief as he already started puckering up while I leaned down.

I made sure his eyes were shut before I left a quick kiss on his cheek and sprinted up the stairs. There was actually some daylight streaming in through the small windows so I could actually see.

“Amaya! That was so rude!” He yelled from behind me and I couldn’t contain my girly giggles.

I quickly got to my room and immediately shut the door and made my way for the shower.
The hot shower felt amazing on my skin and ai take my time singing a few tunes while washing until I’m squeaky clean.

I hum a song as I step out of the shower and onto the mat before wiping the condensation off the mirror. After wrapping a towel around my body and twisting an identical one up into my hair I walk out into my room and immediately start digging through my drawers for something to wear today.

I was so focused on finding something to wear that I didn’t notice Dillon butt ass naked laying in bed. The only thing covering...well...his thing was my sheets. Just the thought of it made me want to puke in my mouth.

“Dillon. What. The. Fuck.” I say trying to keep calm.

“Hey, baby.”

“Dillon, get the fuck out of my bed!” I yell unable to control my growing anger.

“I know at one point in your life you would’ve given anything to have this event occur.”

“To have a creep in my bed with zero clothes on?? No thanks!” I yelled.

“You know you want me, Amaya. Just get rid of muscles and we can be together.” He sighed referring to Theo.

“No! He makes me happy and I love him. You’re just an asshole trying to get with me because I look better than I did in high school. You’re pathetic.” I scoffed.

He jumped off the bed but thankfully kept the sheet around his hips. I noticed the door was open when I distinctly remember shutting it tight. Dillon must’ve snuck in here when I was in the shower and left it open.

“I’m the guy you should be with. You had a crush on me for so long. Give me another chance.”

“Why? So you can turn around and sleep with Gloria behind my back? Nope. I’m done with you, Dillon. If you want to stay with Gloria I’m totally okay with that, but I’m over you. I have a guy who actually cares about me in my life now and I’m not going to trade all that so I can have a low life like you around.” I rolled my eyes.

Dillon did nothing but grin mischievously and dropped the sheet revealing everything. I instantly covered my eyes and turned the opposite way. “You’re disgusting, Dillon! You-”

I was about to say another hurtful thing to Dillon, but the sound of large footsteps coming up the stairs stopped me.

“Ah. Speak of the devil, here comes Theo now!” I smirked knowing Theo would get Dill and his...pickle out of here.

“Yeah. Just in time.” I heard Dillon say as he whipped me around.

I was sure to keep my eyes closed so I didn’t have a scarred lingering around for years.

That’s when I felt Dillon’s lips on mine. He immediately took control meanwhile I tried my very hardest to push him off, but his grip was too strong.

When I finally got him off of me I slapped him. “You psychotic asshole! What is wrong with you?!”

I was in such a rage that it took me a moment to see Theo standing in the door with an immediate anger looming in his beautiful brown eyes. He took one look between me and Dillon, sneered before he was gone in a flash.

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