The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 3.


I once saw a movie where these college girls would hook up with rich old men in exchange for money, and gifts. They wouldn’t have to worry about college tuition or anything since their “sugar daddies” would cover the costs of anything their little hearts desired.

The movie was all sorts of messed up if you ask me, but right now I was considering doing all kind of things to pay this rent.

In the end I refused to find myself a sugar daddy since to me it just seemed morally wrong, and I know that my parents wouldn’t exactly be proud to find out I’m practically a prostitute.

About two weeks have passed since Annalee told me she was moving out. Classes have started; I find it becoming more and more difficult to ignore the fact that I’m going to have to pay next month’s rent all on my own.

I’ve been saving up money and avoiding expensive purchases, but after a double and triple check I know that I won’t be able to make this whole year’s rent payments on my own.

I also looked into getting a job or two, but every single one I’ve considered interferes with my school schedule. I wasn’t about to get a job that took up all my time, and not end up with enough time for my studies. I didn’t get scholarships just to come here for a good time; I came to this college to succeed.

Then there’s always the option that Annalee suggested. I’ve kind of avoided giving it much thought since that night, but it might be my last chance.

Once she was released from the hospital, Annalee called her boyfriend to come pick her and I up. Annalee made the whole situation seem humorous, but all the laughing ended once she came to the apartment to gather her belongings.

Her boyfriend, Thomas, took the last box out to the car and gave me a farewell leaving Anna behind to say her goodbyes to me.

My ex-roommate and I had just met and I already felt like good friends. This school year would’ve been one to remember for sure if she hadn’t decided to jump ship on me last minute.

“I’m going to miss you.” She said as she walked towards me.

“Same to you.” I gave a sad smile.

“It feels like we met months ago, but it’s only been a few hours.” Her chuckle rings out.

“What a way to greet someone right?” I laugh at my actions.

“It was definitely something my children will be hearing about.“She grinned before unexpectedly wrapping me up in a hug.

“I’m going to miss you.” She admitted for the second time.

“I’ll miss you too. It’s gonna be lonely here all by myself.” I said as I released her from the embrace and glanced around the room.

“I know you’ll be alright.” She winked at me before giving me a reassuring squeeze on the shoulders. “Stay in touch, okay?”

“Will do.” I gave her one last wave before she close the door behind herself.

I spent the rest of that night trying to memorize my schedule for my first week of classes that were approaching quicker than I’d like them to.

At the moment I didn’t think about worrying about rent since I had so many other problems.

But with rent being due within the next two weeks or so, the problem has unfortunately resurfaced.

Most kids in this situation would just call up the mom or dad and and ask them to help out, but I most certainly am not “most kids.” My parents have enough on their plate right now, and it shouldn’t be their problem because I had a bit of bad planning.

In the back of my mind I know that getting a roommate is really my last option, but I really don’t want to go through another Annalee situation or wind up living with some psycho.

But did I really have any other choice?

No. No, I didn’t.

For the next few hours I brainstormed on how to convince someone to move into the apartment with me. I spent a lot of the time taking pictures, and struggling with trying to figure out how to work Craigslist.

After what seemed like a lifetime I had finally succeeded in posting half my apartment for rent.

To be even more thorough I even printed off the information on paper and received permission to post it outside of the guidance counselor’s office.

I left my email at the bottom of the page for people that were interested, and immediately regretted it once I started receiving so much mail in my inbox.

They were all interested in the half of the apartment, but each and every one of them had flaws to the arrangements.

Some thought they could just move in without even paying, others tried to convince me into letting them bring their significant others, and then others were just downright creepy.

I eventually gave up on finding a roommate all together for a few days until four days before rent was due.

I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t find anyone to help me out, but when all hope was lost the holy grail of all emails came to me that night.

Cc/Bcc, From:
Subject: Apartment

A. Dawson,
I wanted to inform you that I am extremely interested in renting your other half of your apartment. I am currently busy with extra curricular activities, so I probably won’t be in the apartment very often except to sleep.

I am a very financially stable and whatever bills you’d like me to pay I will be more than willing.

If you’d like to meet up with me soon, and talk details, please reply to this email soon.

Thank you, and hope to see you soon.

This seemed like a blessing. Just when I was about to give up on the search, I received this email.

I already knew that I was going to meet this person soon and confirm that I was more than pleased to have them stay with me.

Not only was the person polite in the email, but they were considerate. Another benefit of this is that they won’t even be there that often.

I’m all for making new friends and getting along with my roommate, but like a lot of teens out there I’d rather be all alone while eating and watching some tv.

I knew what I needed to do, and was absolutely ready to meet this person. So I opened up a blank email and started typing.

Hopefully this roommate would actually work out.

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