The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 42.


As soon as the money was thrown at his mother, Theo quickly picked up speed towards the door with my wrist tightly gripped in his hand. He didn’t even bother to take one more glance at his parents before ripping the door wide open and practically sprinting to the elevator.

His grip didn’t lighten up on my hand at all on our way out. It was actually beginning to get tighter and beginning to cause pain.


He kept walking.

“Theo. Stop!”

He ignored me.

“Theo, let go. You’re starting to hurt me.” I said as I tore my hand away from him.

He immediately halted and whipped his head towards me. His dark, anger-filled eyes went to my wrist which now had fresh red marks from where his long fingers had once laid.

His eyes softened and he stepped closer to take a closer look. He delicately plucked my hand up from my side and examined it. The slight crimson marks were already beginning to fade, but that didn’t stop Theo’s face from filling with guilt.

He dropped my arm back to my side and I watched as he leaned against the wall and his frustrated hands went to his hair. He slowly sank to the floor until he was sitting on the dirty cement.

“I’m so sorry, Amaya. I let my anger at my parents come before you.” He refused to look at me and rather stared down the hall toward the room where his parents unfortunately still were.

“Theo.’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

“It’s hard not to worry about it. What if I’m like this every time I see my parents. Then I’ll be out of control. How will you even be able to deal with me?” He asked in a growl.

“I’ll manage. You’re not abusive, Theo. This was an accident, and I understand that. I forgive you.” I try telling him but he still won’t budge.

I sigh before squatting to sit beside him. I didn’t care about the dirt that was probably covering my jeans in filth. All I cared about was Theo in this very moment.

“I love you, Theodore.” I say lean on his shoulder.

He didn’t respond.

I begin to look up at his hair and notice how messy it is from when he was upset.

Before I can even stop myself I lean over to fix his hair. I try to put it in its normal state rather than the one he had just unknowingly arranged.

As I’m putting in the finishing touches, I catch his eyes locked on my actions.

“What are you looking at? Can’t have my little all-star looking like he just rolled outta bed.” I laugh.

I watched as one side of his mouth tilted up towards the ceiling, as if he couldn’t help it. But he forced it back down and I watched as he gently took my hands away from his hair and sat them back on my lap.

It hurt to have him distance himself from me like that, but I didn’t show it.

“Come on, Theo. Let’s just go home.” I tell him getting up off the ground and extending a hand to help him up as well.

He looks at my hand as if it was the most peculiar thing on this planet and pushes himself off the floor without my assistance.

He walks ahead of me and goes directly to the elevator. He doesn’t acknowledge my existence as he presses the down button.

We silently wait for it to arrive and as soon as it’s here, we climb in without a single word.

The whole ride and way to the car were filled with quite. He didn’t speak a word to me, and honestly I had no idea what to even say to him.

He unlocked the doors and we both got in. I kept my mouth shut as he drove, but soon realized we weren’t on the way home.


He didn’t respond.

“This isn’t the way home.” I tell him hoping he’ll notice and turn around to head back to the apartment.

But he does the opposite and keeps driving the wrong way.

I clamp my mouth shut, knowing there’s nothing I can do now.

We soon pull up to a random house...correction mansion. It’s like a mini mansion actually, but I knew automatically that with the Greek letters hanging over top the doorway that it was a frat house.

I watched as people came and went through the door with red Solo cups clamped in their hands. From the crazy lights bouncing off the inside walls and backyard, I could already tell we were at a party.

“Theo, you sure you want to do this?” I asked knowing he’d been trying to stay away from events like this.

“Don’t question me, Amaya. I can do whatever I damn please.” He yelled and flung open the door to his car before slamming it behind him.

I watched as he quickly walked up the walkway and disappeared into the house, leaving me all alone in the car.

This definitely wasn’t my scene, but going inside was better than sitting outside by myself in the creepy dark.

I walked in the house, and immediately regretted my decision. It was jam-packed wall-to-wall with people.

There was an intense game of beer pong going on in the far room to the left and in the room to the right there was a dj playing music for a huge group of dancing partiers.

My mouth immediately went dry from nervousness of not knowing how to react. I’d never been to an actual party, and from the looks of this one I never wanted to attend another.

I felt so out of place and uncomfortable. I wanted to leave. I wanted Theo.

So I decided to go find Theo and try to convince him to get the hell out of here.

But I do know one thing: don’t drink anything!! You never know and with my whole brownie experience a couple weeks ago I don’t think I’ll ever trust anything at a party.

Drinks. Food. Candy. Brownies.

So I’ll just have to remain parched for the whole time I’m here.

A girl walked into the party and ran right into me.

“Oh. Move out of the way!” I watched as she rolled her eyes and walked towards the game of ping pong balls and plastic cups.

I guess I could move...I have been awkwardly standing in the doorway all in my lonesome this whole time probably looking like a total creep-o.

I decided to check the popular rooms first. Theo was a very popular guy at school, so why wouldn’t he be in the crowded areas of the house?

I maneuvered around people, dodged drinks, and eventually made my way to the beer pong room. I stepped on my tip-toes to look over everyone, and search for Theo’s tall frame, but came up with nothing.

I moved onto the dance room, and came up with the same result. Nothing.

I checked the kitchen, besides a couple of guys in khakis and button-ups there was still no Theo. It’s like he had vanished into thin air, and I began to become worried.

I was worried about him breaking what he had been working on for so long. No parties and drinking had been a major role in his life lately, but one visit from his parents and it all went out the window??

I felt bad, but was also disappointed in him. Theo was a tough guy, but they were able to break his will power that easily?

On a less important note, he was also my ride home. He took the keys when he ditched me, and even locked it behind him. Also he couldn’t be driving around after shotgunning beers or taking shots.

I could just call an Uber and call it a night. But deep down I knew, despite what he says, that Theo needed me.

So I kept searching and checking every room I could find. I was just about to go upstairs when I heard a loud roar of yelling.

It was an upset yelling like in a fight. It was quite the opposite actually. It was loud sounds of encouragement. I looked around and nobody from the inside seemed to be bothered by the noise.

As I stepped outside I noticed a pool with clouds of steam rolling off of it. People were swimming despite the cold night. The hot tub off to the side was also full to the brim with students in bathing suits.

But all of this isn’t what first caught my eye or what was making all the noise. It was the large circle of people surrounding a one singular person.

Theo to be exact.

I stepped closer to the circle unnoticed by the majority of people cheering Theo on. I couldn’t exactly see what he was doing since there were so many people around him, but I was determined to find out.

Just as I was about to start pushing my way through the tons of people, someone snatched my arm and pulled me away.

“I tried to stop him, but he completely ignored me.” Mark, who was suddenly right beside me, sighed.

“He wouldn’t listen to me either.” I told him truthfully remembering how rude he was to me earlier.

“What’s up with him? He hasn’t drank in half a year.”

I didn’t know if Mark knew of Theo’s parent troubles, so I kept to the basic answer.

“Family issues.” I shrugged as I watched the crowd somehow get even larger.

“Oh. I thought he was doing good.”

“He was.” I said emphasizing the second word.

The crowd somehow got even bigger. Where were all these people coming from? It’s like a whole new population was swooping in out of nowhere, and I knew it was time to step in.

I shoved all my anxiety about the party and so many people being around off to the side. Despite Mark’s opposition, I left him behind and started pushing my way into the center of the circle.

When I finally made my way to the front row of the circle I could see what had been causing so much commotion.

Theo and some random guy were standing on top of a picnic table side by side. He had a tube in his mouth with a funnel of alcohol pouring down his throat.

I quickly picked up on what was happening. They were being cheered on to see who would complete the task first. I don’t know who was in the lead, but I just wanted it to end.

I wanted this whole party to be over and to get out of here with Theo. But I knew disrupting this whole event was near impossible, and dragging Theo out of here was wrong. I couldn’t force him around like a parent.

So I waited on the conclusion of the funneling competition and once everyone had dispersed I lost track of Theo.

I finally caught up to him and found him with a beer in his hand and socializing with a bunch of other guys. I immediately felt nervous since I had to get his attention around so many others.

“Hey.” I said walking up beside Theo while touching his arm to let him know I was there.

He whipped his head around to see me and immediately turned away.

“And who is this fine piece you have here, Thompson?” One extremely tall guy asked looking at me from head to toe.

I watched as Theo’s eyes darkened, but he covered it with a chuckle. “That’s my girl, Amaya.”

He brushed me off a bit and left me standing beside him. I felt invisible to him, and the fact that he was treating me so differently in front of these guys was really upsetting.

Would he always do this while introducing me in public? Or was this just a one time thing because of his stressful day?

“Too bad. She’s so hot, dude.” The guy said as he continued to look me over.

Theo continued to look rage-filled, but kept it contained. It saddened me he wasn’t even defending me let alone glancing in my direction.

“Yo, man. Maybe we can share sometime?” A different guy questioned Theo as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his side. His grip was tight and he even let one hand glide down to my butt.

I immediately flinched and froze not knowing what to do. I looked over to Theo hoping to catch his eye and telepathically beg for help.

He must’ve got the message because he was looking straight at the guy before his calm exterior was thrown out the window.

He chucked his beer bottle on the ground, not caring the whole beverage was now soaking into the grass. In four quick strides, Theo was right in front of me.

He ripped the guy’s hand off my ass and twisted it until the guy fell on the ground in pain and was...crying?

“Why would I share with you?? When I directly told you she was mine?” He said possessively.

“I...I...don’t know. I’m so sorry, dude. It won’t happen again.” The guy blubbered already scared.

“You bet your sorry ass it will never happen again.” Theo said as he grabbed the guy by his collar and lifted him off the ground. “Now tell my princess you’re sorry for being such a perverted creep!”

“I’m sorry, prin-”

Theo slapped the guy. “No! Only I get to call her that. You call her by her name, you piece of shit.”

“Okay. I’m sorry, Amaya. It will never happen again. I promise.” He said in a hurried and scared voice.

As soon as the last word was out of his mouth, Theo had already threw the guy onto the ground and was walking toward me.

“I’m so sorry, Mya.” He said as his one large hand cupped my cheek.

“It’s okay.” I told him as I pressed my hand on the back of his and leaned into it.

“I didn’t know he was going to do that. Did he hurt you?”

“No, Theo. I’m fine.”

“Good. Because I swear if he had hurt you, I would’ve killed him.” He gritted out loud enough for him to hear and looked back at the guy with a snarl.

I watched as the guy who was still trying to recollect himself, become even more bewildered and ran away out of fright.

“I’m just glad I have you back...somewhat.” I said.


“Yeah you’re really huffy right now.”


“Yeah. You’re that.”

“Sorry. Defending you against trolls like that guy is tiring and wears me out.”

“Well since you’re tired and all wore out, you can let me drive home.” I smirked knowing he’d probably never let anyone else ever drive his car.

He acted as if he was thinking about it before digging into his pocket and handing me the keys. “I also drank a bit and I would never put your life in danger, Mya, so take the keys.” He jangled them in front of my face.

I happily grabbed for them but he swung them away just as my hand was about to enclose around them. “But if you get one scratch on my car, I will be unable to forgive you.”

“Theo, I aced my driving test and am an excellent driver!” I told him proudly with my hand still out and ready to receive the keys.

He sighed and handed them over.

“That’s what I thought.” I chuckled before getting the heck out of that party and heading to the car.

“I’m sorry for everything I did and said to you, Mya. You have to know I didn’t mean it.” He told me as he took my free hand.

“I know, Theo. I forgive you. We can talk about everything tomorrow, but for know just rest. You need it.” I tell him.

“Okay.” He tiredly says before sleep engulfs him.

We’d been literally gone all day. I’m so glad Theo asked a neighbor to let Gracie out every few hours, or else she probably would’ve went all over the apartment. Then again the guy probably wouldn’t have refused since Theo literally gave him a hundred dollar bill to do it.

We were in such a rush to the hospital that Theo didn’t even bother to see how much he gave the guy. I chuckled at his actions this morning, but remembered back to present time.

It had been such a long day.

“Hey, we’re home.” I told Theo as I was trying to shake him awake.

Theo sat up before he rubbed his tired eyes and stretched like a cat. He took in his surroundings and looked over to me confused.

“I don’t even remember falling asleep.”

“Oh, I do. You wouldn’t stop snoring!” I laughed as I climbed out of the car and went over to the passenger side where he was.

I opened the door for him and he glared up at me.

“I’m not so drunk I need assistance, ya know?” He complained as he tried getting out of the car and tumbled onto the pavement.

“You’re not?” I couldn’t help but humorously grin at the whole scenario.

“Shush it, Mya. Just help a guy out by plucking me off the ground and dragging me to the elevator, please.”

“I can’t drag you. You’re too heavy.” I chuckled as I helped him off the ground.

“Heavy?? Baby, it’s all muscle!” He grinned as he flexed his biceps for me.

“Mmhm.” I said as I wrapped his arm around the back of my neck so he could lean into me a little bit as we went to the elevator.

“It’s true, and you know it is.” He smirked.

“Yeah yeah. You’ve got a body of a Greek god.” I agreed with him to calm him down.

“Yeah I do, and it’s all yours.” He winked down to me.

I laughed at that line. Apparently alcohol makes Theo flirty along with many other things.

“Alright, babe. Let’s just get you up to bed. You’ve had a long day.” I tell him as I pat his chest.

“Or we can get a shower...I am kind of dirty from being your knight in shining armor back at the party.” He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh, maybe another time.” I chuckled at the rather tempting idea.

“You’re no fun.” He whined.

“Maybe another time...when you’re SOBER.” I said clearly as we arrived at our floor and the doors flung open.

“I can sober up in a heartbeat, if needed.” Theo said in a serious tone.

“Let’s just get you to bed.” I sighed already sorry for saying the whole sober comment.

I unlocked the door and the apartment was eerily dark and quiet. I flicked the closest light on and started towards Theo’s room. As soon as we made it to his room, I flopped him on the bed and he pulled me down with him.

“Come on, Theo. Stop being childish and just go to sleep.” I complained trying to get out of his hold.

“Or we could do other things.” Theo winked. “Might as well, we’re already in position.”

“Theo, no.”

“Why not?” He whined.

“Number one: you’re not completely sober, so how am I supposed to know if this is what you really want or if it’s just your drunk self?” I asked.

He opened his mouth to talk, but I silenced him.

“Uh-huh. Let me finish talking, jabber jaws. And number two: I’m not ready for that stuff.”

“What stuff?” Theo asked sitting up and moving me off of his lap and onto hid bed beside him.

“Ya know, sex and everything.” I told him truthfully.

“Sex and everything.” He chuckled.

“Is that a problem?” I asked sassily ready to leave if it was.

“Not a problem at all,” He smiled. “I’d wait for you for a million years if I had to.”

That made me smile and honestly made me want to break my rules and just take him right here and now.

But again he was drunk and I didn’t want to have the chance of him forgetting our first time.

“I love you.” I told him

“I love you too.” He said as I laid him back down on the bed and leaned down to kiss him.

The kiss was passionate and lured me in even more. It was becoming more and more heated as time passed.

My rules immediately went in the trash. In this moment I didn’t care. I just wanted to make love to my boyfriend and do all the worrying later.

But just as I was about to pull my shirt off, the phone rang.

I looked to Theo with a questioning eyebrow. Our land phone never rang since we only used out cell phones.

I didn’t even know the thing was hooked up let alone somebody had our number.

“Just let it go.” Theo said as he tried to pull me back down for another kiss.

“No it could be an emergency.” Thinking of my dad and running for the phone.

“Amaya!” Theo whined from behind me.

As soon as the phone was in my sights I quickly picked it up.

“Hello?” I said breathlessly.

My eyes widened after hearing the other voice on the other end.

I turned to Theo who was now right beside me.

“Who is it?” He mouthed.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just handed the phone over to Theo and his features automatically turned dark again.

“What do you want, mother?”

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