The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 46.


“Nice to meet you, Annalee.” Theo quickly said before giving her a half-hearted wave.

“Same to you.” She gave a polite nod before Theo grasped my wrist and was already dragging me to his room.

While he was pulling me away I shot my index finger up to tell her we’d just be a minute.

“Theo! What are you doing?!” I whisper-yelled as he successfully pulled me into his dark room. He set me on his bed and even though he couldn’t see me I was still obliged to give him an annoyed glare.

He didn’t speak. He just closed the door behind us, flicked on the light and stood in front of me with his hands on his hips. His gorgeous face was being ruined by the frown lines sinking towards the floor and his perfect chocolate eyes were now holding a anguish-filled glare.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest with my eyebrows up in a “what-do-you-want” kind of manner.

When the silence could no longer be tolerated, I finally gave up. “You know if you hold that face any longer, you’ll be stuck like that forever.”

He scoffed, but it was hard to miss the one half of his face had tilted up in a humorous grin. “No it won’t! Stop trying to get me off topic. Amaya! I can’t believe you invited someone else to stay with us without even asking me first.” He threw his hands in the air in disbelief.

“I’m sorry. It’s just-”

“No. First it was the dog, now it’s a person. I wonder what’s next! Probably a small family, then we’ll move onto a big family and then you’ll just start taking every single person you meet in!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his overdramatic rant which only resulted in him becoming more annoyed.

“It’s not funny, Mya.” Theo grumbled crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“I thought it was.” I chuckled with a shrug before stretching out on the bed.

“Didn’t she pretty much screw you over? Left you to deal with rent and everything all on your own? She ditched you. Now you’re just going to let her swoop back in and stay here? She’s just taking advantage of you and you’re just letting it happen.” He stated in an irritated tone.

“Sometimes it’s just better to forgive and forget, Theo. Anna was in love. She thought she was going to be with her boyfriend forever, but she realized he was only with her for her inheritance and even had the audacity to cheat on her.” I tried to explain but Theo’s face just remained stony.

“She’ll only be here till she finds out about her application. I’ll even help her find a new place for after. She’s a really good person, just got caught up in the moment.” I tell him.

Even though I told him the whole story, he still remained unmoving.

With a sigh, I lifted myself off the bed, and walked over to him taking his tightly wrapped arms away from his chest and wrapping them around myself. His body seemed surprised at first, but soon he melted into the embrace and tightened his limbs around me. I rested the side of my face onto his chest resulting in him laying his head on my own.

I couldn’t help but inhale his scent. It had become all too familiar to me now, and was now a favorite of mine. It smelled like home.

“Where’s she even going to sleep?” He sighed making me smirk.

“Finally caving, huh?” I chuckled into his chest.

“You always seem to get your way don’t you, princess?” His laugh echoed around his room making me only smile more.

“Can’t help it. Not my fault you seem to always do what I ask. It’s like I’m just too irresistible.” I said over confidently but with an undeniable grin on my face.

“Or maybe it’s just because I spoil your ass too much.” Theo suggested with a shrug.

I pulled back immediately and gasped. “Excuse me?”

I acted as dramatic as I possibly could because I absolutely love being extra. I mean...who doesn’t?

“You heard me, Amaya Dawson. But I spoil you too much because you are irresistable.” He said as he forced me back into a hug despite my attempts to get out of it.

“You love me.” He said as he squeezed me tighter.

“Yeah, yeah.” I muttered under my breath still with A smile plastered on my face.

He just chuckled and continued to squish me in his overly muscled arms.

“Let’s go talk to Anna.” I said suddenly before ducking out of Theo’s embrace.

“Can’t we do that later??” He whined as I opened the door.

“No! It’s already late, so come on.”

With a pout he obeyed and followed me to the living room where Annalee was sitting on the couch playing with Gracie.

“Oh hey, guys!” She said standing up.

“Hey, Anna. You should probably meet Theo properly.” I chuckled as he came up from behind me and wrapped an arm around my waist.

“Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you, Anna.” Theo said politely before reaching a hand out to her.

“You too, Theo.” She said before taking his hand in hers to shake. “So you guys together together?”

She sent me a wink which only caused a slight crimson to take over my cheeks.

“You bet.” Theo smirked down at me as he pulled me even closer.

“Good!” She exclaimed in kind of an excited squeal. “You guys make such a cute couple.”

“Thanks.” I smile shyly.

“Anytime.” She smiled back. “While I got you both here. I just want to thank you for letting me stay here. It really means a lot to me.”

I could’ve sworn I heard a sniffle come from her, but she quickly recovered. “But anyways. It’s been a long day, and you guys probably want to finish what you started.”

I covered my face with my hands to hide the undeniable blush taking over.

I heard her pick up Gracie from the couch and head down the hall to my room.

“Goodnight, lovebirds!”

I heard Theo laugh beside me. “Better start what we finished I guess. It’s rude not to listen to your guests, right?”

“In your dreams, mister.” I chuckled before slipping out of his hold.

I’ll admit. As soon as I left his arms I had already missed the warmth, but we both needed sleep.

“We should both get to bed too. You’ve got practice and I’ve got classes.” I tried to convince him.

“Yeah, yeah. Mya’s always gotta follow the rules, doesn’t she?” He chuckled before taking a step to stand in front of me.

“Someone has to.” I shrugged trying my best to seem nonchalant.

“Well I’m glad to have you.” He leaned in and left a sweet kiss on my lips. “Good night, princess.”

And then he was off. He went directly to his room and shut the door behind him. Now it was just me in the dimly lit living room, all alone.

I stayed there for a minute before shuffling my way to my room. Exhausted after the long day, I climbed into my bed with a sigh of relief.

I tried to fall asleep. Keyword here being tried. But after about an hour of not being able to drift to a peaceful slumber I’d had enough.

“Anna?” I whispered the nickname she had given me permission to use, but received no response.

I asked once more, but when she didn’t respond a second time I assumed she was asleep before I tiptoed out of my room. I rubbed my hands up and down my arms. The immediate cold of the apartment was a complete contrast to my cozy bed that I was just in a minute ago. Hopefully I’ll be back to warmth very soon.

I knocked on the door as quietly as I could before I heard some rustling beyond as if he was struggling to get out of bed.

“Yes?” Theo asked huskily without opening the door. It took me off-guard that he didn’t immediately open the door, but this must be him worried that Anna was outside his door.

“Theo? It’s me. Open the door! It’s freezing out here.” I shivered feeling the cool wood under my feet. Curse myself for not wearing socks to bed.

He opened it a second later to reveal him only in a pair of boxer shorts. His tan, which never seemed to fade, was practically glistening under the light of the moon that was fortunately shining through his bedroom window. And his hair was an absolute gorgeous and tousled mess. How on earth did I wind up with such a beautiful specimen for a boyfriend?

“Done checking me out?” He smirked sleepily.

“Don’t be so full of yourself. I was NOT checking you out.” I muttered having my own blush contradict me.

“Uh-huh. Sure thing, sweetheart. Is there something you need? Because I gotta be up for practice in a few hours.” He admitted while running an exhausted hand over his perfect face and ending at his stubbled chin.

“Um...I was kind of wondering if I could sleep with you. I can’t fall asleep tonight, for some reason.” I admitted with a slight shrug of my shoulders.

Theo chuckled quietly, and without even questioning me, he opened the door enough to let me slip in. I made a bee-line for the bed before he had even had the chance to close the door again. I curled up in the blankets and made myself all snug before I glanced up to see him watching me with an amused look on his face.

“Comfortable?” He questioned.

“Very.” I grinned up to him.

He crawled in behind me and his arm immediately went around my waist in a steely lock. I leaned in to his hard body and sighed in content before my eyes fluttered shut.

“Good night, Mya.” He whispered into my ear.

“Night, Theodore.” That received a small laugh from him.

“Love you.” He said before leaving a kiss on my cheek.

I flipped back around so I was facing him once again with a smile.

“I love you too.” I whispered before cuddling into his chest and letting my eyes flutter close once again.

I ended up being shaken awake way too early for comfort. I’d wanted to sleep as late as I possibly could and here somebody was making me leave my slumber at way too early o’clock?

“What?” I muttered grouchily without even bothering to open my eyes.

“Mya, wake up princess! There’s something I need to show you!” Theo whispered excitedly.

I groaned in refusal only to have him lift me out of bed and set me on my feet.

“Theo,” I whined. “Let me go back to sleep.”

I had already turned back to the bed and was preparing to climb back in when Theo wrapped his arms around my waist and forced me away from the toastiness that was his bed.

“What time is it?” I questioned as I rubbed a hand over my eyes before opening them slowly.

The shutters were closed now unlike last night, making the room even darker than it was meant to be. Which made me only want to go back into a mini hibernation even more.

“About six in the morning. Why?” He asked innocently as if he wasn’t guilty for disturbing my beauty sleep.

“Six AM?? Theo, what the hell? I love you, but damn it I’m tired. Please let me go back to sleep.” I begged.

He sighed. “You can go back to sleep...”

I tried to return to the bed, but his grip remained firm, keeping me in place.

"After I show you the surprise.” I could hear his lips tilting up into a sly smirk.


He held onto me as he opened his closet and grabbed a coat before wrapping it around my shoulders and slipping my feet into a pair of big, but extremely fuzzy slippers.

“Theo, I have my own clothes and shoes, you know?” I admitted tiredly.

“I know, but Annalee is in there.” He paused a moment to shove my hands into a pair of gloves. “Plus, I never get tired of seeing you in my clothes.”

I turned to look at him with an unmistakable grin on my face only to receive a flirty wink.

“Where exactly are you taking me?” I wondered aloud with a slight chuckle at how excited he seemed to take me to this mysterious place.

“It’s a secret. Have patience for once.” He laughed which resulted in me throwing an annoyed glare his way.

“I do have patience.” I replied with a slight pout starting on my mouth.

“Whatever you say, princess.” He laughed before making sure I was all zipped up and ready to go.

‘Where?’ you may ask, but I guess that’s something we’d both like to know. But I knew better than to ask again because Theo would just reply with something clever about how I just needed to wait.

So I waited, patiently, despite how Theo told me I was the exact opposite of the word. There was a bubbling of excitement in me for this surprise Theo had worked me up for. I had no idea what it could be, but no matter it was I knew I would be grateful for it.

Just as the elevator was about to hit the first floor, Theo’s giant hands came up and rested over my eyes.

“Um, excuse me. I never agreed to being blindfolded.” I said as I tried to pry his fingers off my face.

He took them off and turned me towards him.

“You trust me, don’t you?” He questioned as he took hold of my shoulders.

I bit my lip and smiled. “You know I do.”

“Then trust me on this. It’s not like I’m delivering you to a mass murderer. I just simply want this to be a big surprise, but it won’t be if you walk out there with your eyes open.” He admitted in a pleading voice.

I turned back around and waited for his hands to be placed back over my eyes, blocking my vision entirely.

“Shut your eyes, so I know you can’t see.”

I roll my eyes but do as I’m told, and wait until I hear the ding of the elevator revealing we’ve made it to the ground floor.

“Alright. Let’s go.” Theo says directing me out into the lobby.

He leads me me until he tells me to open the door in front of me. Since I’ve lived here for months now I’m assuming we’re heading outside. Sure enough, a cold gust of wind hits me in the face as soon as the door swings out, causing me to chatter and goosebumps to immediately to rise on my arms underneath Theo’s coat.

“Holy shit it’s cold!” I exclaim before I can stop myself.

I hear Theo chuckle before leaning in to whisper in my ear. “Okay. We’ve arrived to our destination.”

He slowly removes his hands and I gently open my eyes, nowhere near ready for what was waiting for me.

The ground was covered in a layer of perfectly untouched white snow. The sky continued to shower the earth with gorgeous flakes of the cold material in a quiet, peaceful manner. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

The whole time I lived in Louisiana, I had never seen something as remarkable as this. I’m sure I had seen it in the short time I lived in New York, but I never remembered it. I never remembered it being this breath-taking or miraculous. I never remembered it feeling this...well magical.

“Do you like it?” Theo asked before wrapping his arms around my hips and resting his chin on my shoulder.

“I...It’’s beautiful.” I smile as I watched thousands upon thousands of snowflakes fall around us.

“This is the first snow of the year up here. I figured you hadn’t seen a snow fall in a long time so when I woke up and saw it I knew you’d want to witness this.” He said before leaving a delicate kiss on my temple.

I snuggled into him and with a happy grin I continued to watch the snowfall. Never in my life did I think I’d have someone to care for me as much as Theo, and I’m so thankful to have him.

“It’s amazing. Thank you. This means so much to me.”

“Glad you like it. Maybe I should get you weather as a surprise all the time.” He chuckled.

“I love you, Theo.” I said with an undeniable grin on my face.

“I love you too, princess.”

The drive on the way to class was odd. I’d never driven through snow before, so I was constantly speeding up and slowing down in an effort to try and stay safe all while trying to admire the beautiful snow around me.

I knew that I should just focus on the road to class, but it was almost impossible for me since I had immediately fallen in love with snow.

I had always heard stories about black ice and how it’s almost impossible to notice it, which I suppose is the reason why I hit it.

One minute I’m cruising along, and the next my car is spinning out of control into the wrong lane. I tried with all my might to keep control of the vehicle, but my brakes weren’t the best and seemed to disagree with me. I guess luck just wasn’t on my side. My car had crashed into a telephone pole and smoke was now seeping out of the hood of my car.

I don’t know how long it had been before the sound of emergency sirens erupted all around me. To be honest they didn’t cause me relief, they only made me more nervous.

I was nervous. So nervous in fact that I didn’t even have time to assess all my injuries. My head was now pounding...probably from it’s impact of hitting against the window. My nose seemed to be leaking of some fluid. With a swipe under it I soon realized it was blood.

God I was a mess. My vision began to blur and I blinked a few times in hopes that it’d go back to normal, but nothing happened. The sirens were closer now and I felt my headache only worsened. Eventually the edges of my eyesight began to get black, and it wasn’t long before I passed out.

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