The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 47.


“Oh, come on!” I shout as I honk the horn in irritation.

The two-way street that practically led straight to our apartment building was now down to one lane, and it seemed to be moving slow. There were cones and police officers blocking anyone from driving on the one half of the road. One lane was able to go while the other waited “patiently.” Considering how far back in the lane I was, I couldn’t see a single thing related to why this was happening. Roadwork, maybe?

But who does roadwork when it’s this could and when it had just snowed??

I tapped my fingers impatiently against the wheel as I waited. I promised to take Mya to lunch when she got back from classes and I was already later than I usually am to get back, and I felt bad.

We went back to Blake’s apartment for a little poker game. It got out of hand and I ended up staying there till one in the afternoon.

But she is the one who has been wanting me to hang out with the guys more often lately, isn’t she?

I roll my eyes and ignore my subconscious’ attempts at making me feel better. Mya most likely wouldn’t care if I was a little late, but that doesn’t make me feel like less of a piece of shit. I was just hoping Gracie and Anna were keeping her company.

When I realized the line wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon I picked up my phone to send Mya a text to let her know I’m on my way and how sorry I was.

So sorry I’m late. The guys wanted one poker game, which eventually led to 4 more games...last track of time. I’m on my way though!

I hit the send button, and usually it’s send all the way through and the little ‘Delivered’ would pop up below my message, but not today. It’s odd since Mya was almost always connected to the internet, insuring my messages being received.

I brushed it off and focused on the road ahead. She probably just had her phone off. I tossed my phone to the passenger seat and played with the radio until I found a good song.

After what seemed like eternity, the line finally started to move. I watched as people were gawking at what was holding up the line as we passed by. Looked like a car accident from afar, and being the “nosy” human I am, I had to look for myself.

As I got closer I noticed a tow truck hooking the front of the car to a chain, and realizing how damaged the vehicle really was. And that’s when my breath caught in my throat.

A light blue lei was hanging from the rearview mirror, which was the ultimate indicator. I guess I hadn’t really put all the pieces together at first. I just labelled it as another crash, but seeing the decoration that Amaya always deemed “adorable” let me know that this was definitely her car.

It was her oldie Volkswagen, alright. The color and everything matched. The one side seemed to be in complete ruins and the poor telephone pole nearby looks like the culprit.

The shock of it all resulted in me slamming on my brakes. Horns of the people behind me continued to play rudely behind me and in a dazed state of mind I released my foot off the left pedal and back onto the gas.

I was so zoned out of everything that I was surprised that I actually made it to my usual spot at our apartment. I don’t even remember making all the turns that show the way to my current location.

I shook my head to get myself out of my trance and called Anna. I wanted to make sure Mya wasn’t here.

I know for certain that was Mya’s car, but who knows? Maybe she came home after classes and somebody stole her car. Maybe a ghost took it out for a joy ride. Those both seem ridiculous, but both are better than thinking Mya was in that accident.I don’t even want to think about her being hurt, let alone worse...

“Hello?” She asks slightly confused.

“Anna? It’s Theo.” I said in an urgent tone.

Amaya had given me her number for emergencies. Thankfully she’s always been the responsible one.

“Oh hey! Amaya gave me your number but I haven’t got around to putting you in my phone yet, but I will-”

“Is she there?” I ask not able to hold it in any longer.


“Amaya? Is she there with you?” I question.

“No..I thought she was still in classes. Why? Is she okay?” She starts to sound concerned.

“I got to go. I’ll let you know.” I say before hanging up and chuck my phone to the side not caring where it lands or if it breaks.

“Fuck!” I shout before hit the steering wheel and running a frustrated hand through my already disheveled hair.

I quickly start my car up once again and speed out of the parking lot. I head to the closest hospital from the university, which would also be the closest hospital to the scene of the crash. I rush as fast as I possibly could without getting caught. Even though I’m going 20 miles over the speed limit, it felt like I was going in slow motion to get to my needed destination.

But after so long I finally pull into the hospital and park in the first spot I see. My feet sprint as quickly as they could to the main entrance, and before I could stop myself I push the guy at the receptionist’s desk out of the way.

“Sir! You’re going to have to wait your turn-” She cuts herself off once she realizes who I am, and that’s when I notice it’s the same lady as last time I was here when I brought Mya in for her allergic reaction.

Ole dragon claws herself. As if this day couldn’t get any worse!

She cleared her throat as if she had been mistaken. “Excuse me,” She sits up straight and is sure to lean forward to give me view of her cleavage showing out of her v-neck shirt. “How can I help you?”

I turn my head away, uncomfortable with the situation of seeing her again and her constant flirty ways.

“Is there an Amaya Dawson here?” I question with my eyes still away from her. I continue looking at the doors line the hall ahead. Any of them could be her.

Clawsies (that’s what I’ve decided to call her from now on) lets out a sigh and I hear the clacking of her long fingernails hitting the keyboard.


It takes me some time for my eyes to adjust to the bright, florescent lights above me. But when they do, I blink a few times and sit up before looking around my room.

If you could even call it that. It was barely a room. Just a curtain surrounding a box of space with some supplies in the corner. From all the chatter and all the rush of feet below the skirts of the curtains, I assumed it was a busy day in the hospital.

I let out a sigh. I hated hospitals, yet I’ve been to one twice in less than a week. How could one person be so unlucky?

I sat up slowly and winced at the slight pain in my head. Out of instinct, my hand immediately went to the spot where it was hurting the most.

I could immediately feel the difference between this part of my head compared to the rest of my noggin. It felt like a huge rock was resting under my scalp on top of my skull.

My hand slowly transferred from my head to my nose. It was wrapped in what I’m assuming was gauze and medical tape.

There was also a knowing ache and soreness on my right side. And every time I seemed to breathe in it felt a million times worse. I closed my eyes and gingerly laid back on my pillow, hoping to block out all the discomfort my body was going through right now.

In hopes of going back to sleep I brought my blanket over my chest, got toasty, and eventually drifted off to sleep. I was in the serenity of my dreams until a loud shouting woke me up.

“Ow!! Oh my gosh I think you broke it, you quack of a doctor!” The high pitched yell sounded like it was in the “room” right next to mine and honestly had me very curious, so I listened closely to hopefully get the full story.

What? I might be intruding on someone’s private matters, but she woke me up so I guess this makes us even.

“I assure you I didn’t break it. I just popped it back into place, Ms. Slunders.” I’m assuming a doctor noted.

“Well that was painful.”

“I told you it was going to be before we started.” He sounded like he was getting irritated.

“Yeah yeah. Well thanks I guess for fixing my shoulder. Can I go now?” She questioned sounding very anxious to get out of the hospital.

“If you’d like to. Be sure to see billing before you go.” He told her before I heard the sounds of his footsteps leaving and shutting the curtain before opening mine.

“Oh, Ms. Dawson, you’re awake!” He said surprised as he closed the curtain behind him and picked up the clipboard at the bottom of my bed before he started reviewing it.

“Yeah...I am.” I say as I sit up in my bed.

I immediately regret it, and the doctor is by my side in a second and helping me.

“About that. You’re going to have to learn to take it easy these next few weeks.” He admitted.

“Why? I know I was in a car crash, but I can’t be so bad that I can’t do anything...can I?” I wondered nervously.

I couldn’t just take weeks off. I had exams coming up extremely fast, and without going to classes I would surely fail them all.

The doctor opened his mouth to tell me what was going on when the blue curtain that was giving me my privacy was ripped open and a familiar muscular giant immediately ran towards me.

“Mya! You’re okay! I was so worried that you were hurt or worse. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here sooner-” Theo’s arms immediately went around my waist in attempt to hug me but I couldn’t hide my face from crumpling pain that resided on my side when he did so.

Out of instinct I jumped away and held my side hoping the pain would stop. I turned to Theo and saw he looked concerned and slightly hurt.

“I’m alright.” I reassured him with the best smile I could manage.

Unsure if he should, he stepped closer and barely wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He must’ve been afraid he’d hurt me again.

“I’m so sorry, princess.” He whispered in my ear before leaving a kiss on my forehead.

“It’s alright. I’m just glad you’re here.” I whispered back.

“I’m gonna give you guys some time. I’ll be back.” The doctor said before heading for the curtain.

I kinda forgot he was there to be honest.

“No. Wait, doc! Can you tell us exactly what happened to her and how to get her better. Any medications she’ll need to take? What’ll her recovery time be?”

“Theo! Let the doctor have time to breathe why don’t ya?” I cut him off before he could ask another question.

“Boyfriend, I’m assuming?” The doctor chuckled before looking through the papers attached to the clipboard once more and looked to us both.

“Unfortunately.” I joked before patting Theo’s arm only to have him roll his eyes with an small but undeniable grin on his lips.

“Well, Amaya, you were extremely lucky. You came out of the accident with only a broken nose and a concussion. We also had you in for a CT scan already and there seems to be not brain damage! But unfortunately you’ve also broken about three of your ribs from the crash. Fortunately the breaks were minor, so you won’t have to stay at the hospital overnight. But with broken ribs I can’t really splint them like regular bones so they’ll have to heal naturally.”

“How long do you think that will take?” I ask.

“I’m gonna need you to take it easy these next four weeks and ice them. I’ll send a nurse in to give you instructions. I’m also going to give you a prescription for the pain. We’ll set up an appointment a month from now to see how your ribs are healing.”

“Okay. She’ll be here. I’ll make sure of it.” Theo said before I could even think to say anything.

“Good. Any questions, Amaya?” The doctor asked me.

“Nope. I think I’m good, Dr. uh...I don’t think I ever caught you name.” I admitted.

“Kimble.” He smiled before leaving out the curtain again.

"She’ll be here? I’ll make sure of it?” I quirked an eyebrow as I turned to look at Theo.

“Yeah. I will. From now on I’m keeping an eye on you.” He said as he sat on the bed with me and took my face in his hands.

“Oh really? And what if I say no?” I asked getting kind of annoyed. I could take care of myself.

“Then I’ll keep bothering you. Princess, you were in a car accident. I could’ve lost you today, and just thinking about! I don’t want to even imagine it!” He said dropping his hands from my face and getting off the bed.

I frowned at the loss of warmth and watched as he paced around.

“They said that you were speeding a bit when you hit the black ice. Said you probably weren’t paying attention.” He told me from across the room with a not so happy look on his face.

I don’t know how he obtained all this information and I wasn’t worried about that at the moment.

“Maybe I was. It wasn’t on purpose, you know that.” I told him.

“How could you be so careless, Mya? How could you just put your life in jeopardy like that?” His voice was beginning to rise and I could feel a blush taking over my cheeks and neck.

“Theo I just-”

“It’s not like you. You’re supposed to be smart! Why the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Theo, people are going to hear you.” I said in attempts to shut him up.

“Let them hear! I don’t care! I could’ve lost you for good, and you think I care about people hearing our conversation?! I don’t!” He said yelling.

I sniffled. “I’m fine. You see! You don’t get to yell at me like that. I don’t care what the circumstances are.” I said as I shut my eyes. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep the tears from flowing down my face. So much for looking tough.

“Shit, honey. Don’t cry.” I heard as he hurried to my side and brushed away my tears with his thumbs.

“I’ll cry if I want to. Leave me alone.” I said before I pushed him away and a small sob left my lips.

He didn’t move, but let out a saddened sigh. “I’m sorry for losing my temper. The anger was directed at you, despite what I said. I was just upset that I could’ve lost you. You’re all I have princess.”

I turned to look at him and he was staring at the ground with a few lingering tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

He looked up to me and shook his head. “There’s nothing to be sorry for. It was an accident, baby. We all make mistakes. I’m sorry for lashing out at you.”

“It’s alright. I forgive you. Now come sit with me.” I said as I patted the spot beside me.

He did as he was told and I laid my head on his shoulder. “I love you, Theo.”

“I love you too, princess.” He said before kissing the top of my head and running a hand through my hair. Unfortunately while brushing through my dark locks his fingers found the bump on the side of my head.

“What’s this?” He asked concerned and already pulling my hair out of the way to take a look at it.

“Theo. You heard the doctor.” He stood up from the bed.

“Yeah but he didn’t say anything about a bump!” He started to leave out the curtain.

“There’s not brain damage, so we don’t need to worry about this.” I tried to convince him to stay.

“Be back in a minute!”

“Theo! I’m,” I let out a sigh knowing he was already halfway down the hall. “...fine.”

As expected, my head was fine. Theo unfortunately made the poor doctor check again. He had to reassure him and show him my scans just to prove to him.

The nurse came in shortly after and taught me how to take care of my ribs while at home and afterwards we got my prescription. Theo had to have asked half a million questions before we left and I’m 99.9% sure the staff was happy to get rid of him.

As we were walking to the car it finally hit me. What about mine??

“Shit. We gotta go see about my car!” I yelled rushing to get to the passenger side even though it only made my ribs hurt more.

“Seriously? Do you need to go see it right now? You literally just got out of the hospital.”

I paused a moment and turned around to look at him. “Your point?”

He let out a groan of irritation before running a hand over his face. “You’re not going to let this go, are you?”


“You have to eat something first. You probably haven’t eaten since breakfast.” He said as he walked past me to the car and unlocked it.

“No we gotta go see my car. Who knows what-”

“Food first. Car second.” He said sternly before opening my door for me and taking hold of my hand.

“Fine, but I can get in on my own, ya know?” I rolled my eyes and attempted to climb in my own seat but stopped with a wince.

“You were saying?” He said with a growing smirk.

“Shut it.” I snapped.

“Fine. Just go slow and you’ll be okay.” He instructed.

I lowered myself slowly into the seat with Theo still holding my hand. He buckled me in and rushed to the driver’s side.

How did I get so lucky?

“So what you want to eat?” He asked as he clicked on his own seat belt.

“Just something fast.” I smiled to him.

“You got it.” He said as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“And Theo?”

“Yeah?” He questioned to turned and looked at me.

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you. I’m going to take care of you as long as you need me to.”

“What do you mean? It can’t possibly be unfixable!” I yelled at the guy.

“It’s totaled, girlie. There’s really no point in fixing it. You’d practically have to replace everything. It’d cost less just to buy a new car.” The guy in the grease-stained uniform admitted.

“But this is my car! I’ve had it forever. I need it fixed!”

“Well I’m not going to waste my time on a car that probably has no chance of seeing the road again. I’m going to go get your receipt for towing it here.” The guy walked away, but not before yelling after him.

“I’m a customer! Aren’t you supposed to help

“It’s my shop, girl! I can do whatever I please.” He shouted back without even turning around.

I let out a huff and there was no doubt in my mind that there was the angriest expression on my face, but despite it all Theo stood there laughing.

“Why the hell are you laughing? He won’t fix my car!” I took a deep breath which resulted in a sharp stab of pain to the ribs. In my moment of rage I completely forgot the nurse instructed me to only take shallow breaths to avoid this very situation.

“You alright?” Theo asked as he held my arm.

I held my side and nodded. “Yeah. Now...why were you laughing at me?”

The concerned look was replaced with one of amusement again. “You’re such a spitfire when you want something and seeing that, well it made me laugh.”

“I’m mad. The guy won’t even consider fixing my car.”

“It’ll be alright. Besides, you don’t even need a car right now. I’ll drive you wherever you need to be.” He crossed his arms.

“Um what about practice? You won’t have time.”

“I’ll make time.” He said as he laid a kiss on my cheek.

As soon as we got home Annalee was right beside us.

“Oh my gosh! Amaya! Thank god you’re okay! Theo was supposed to let me know, and I’ve been here worried this whole time.” She said and wrapped her around me in a hug.

It was tight, let me tell you.

“Hey take it easy!” Theo said as he separated us.

“Theo.” I glared at him even though my ribs were killing me.

“You’ve got broken ribs, Mya. I’ll do what I have to.”

“Broken ribs? Oh, Amaya! I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you?” She backed up and looked extremely guilty.

“No! I’m fine.” I lied with a smile even though the pain resided.

“Oh good. I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“It’s okay, Anna. I’d really just like to get a bath and get to bed. It’s been a really long day.” I admitted.

“Yeah of course! You want me to help with anything?” She asked with folded hands.

“Um...has Gracie been out for the night? We usually take her out right before we go to sleep.” I said.

“Not yet, but I can do just that!” She said as she ran down the hall and came back all bundled up.

“Thank you, Anna.” I said with a genuine smile.

“Anytime.” She nodded and went to get Gracie ready for her walk.

As soon as she was out the door, Theo turned to me.

“Why you always gotta protect people’s feelings? She hurt you, and you should’ve let her know it.” Theo said in an annoyed voice.

“Because I’m a good person. Let it go.” I said as I started to walk towards the bathroom.

“Fine, but here let me help you.” He said as he wrapped an arm around my waist and held my hand.

“I’m going to get a bath. How are you going to help
me?” I asked.

“I’ll get the water ready, I’ll hand you your towel, help you get dressed, anything you need.” He said as we continued to walk.

“Fine. I need to get some clothes first though.” I said pointing towards my bedroom door.

We went and collected my pajamas and Theo went ahead to get my water ready as I sat and waited on my bed.

“It’s all ready for you.” Theo said after about ten minutes of me waiting. He took my hand and walked me to the bathroom.

“Alright I can take it from here. I need to get undressed.” I said and he stayed where he was. “Theo. Come on. No looking.”

“Not even a peek?” He asked innocently but his sly grin contradicted it.


“Bummer, but fine.” He turned around.

“Seriously?” I asked with squinted eyes.

“What?” He questioned.

“You can go now. I have broken ribs. I’m not paralyzed, so stop acting like I don’t have the ability to do anything on my own.” I said shooing him out.

“Fine. I’ll wait out on your bed.” He said as I shut the door on him. I practically had to push him out. “Yell if you need me.”

Just like I had told him, I was able to bathe myself easily, but the unfortunate part was dressing myself.

I had made the smart choice of bring my clothes in with me and wearing a sports bra, but it had hurt so much lifting my arms to put it on. I was sure to pull my underwear on before yelling for Theo.


Within an instant he was at the door, and flinging it open. “What’s the matter?”

“Can you help me get dressed?” I asked in a defeated voice.

“Of course, princess.” He stepped in and closed the door.

He picked up my shirt and just as he was about to put it over my head, his eyes landed on my chest and I rolled my eyes. “My face is up here.”


“Theo!” I chuckled.

“Sorry.” He shook his head and put the shirt over my head and helped to slowly put my arms through the holes.

After he helped me get all dressed he carried me back to me bed and tucked me in. He left for a minute and came back with some bandages, my prescription, a glass of water, and a hairbrush.

“We need to re-bandage everything.” He said.

Thankfully the nurse had taught him how, so I let him re-do my ribs and nose bandaging. We were told we’d only have to do this for a few days for my nose. Thank god. I didn’t want to walk around with gauze on my nose forever. At least I could cover my stomach.

He tucked me in and climbed in with me as he handed me my water and pills.

“Theo. You can’t sleep in here. Anna sleeps in here and I don’t want her to be uncomfortable.”

“Actually, she offered to take the couch. Said she wanted me to be in here just in case you needed help in the middle of the night.”

“Oh that’s nice of her.” I admitted.

“Yeah. Now lay down and shut your eyes. Try to sleep. I’m gonna brush your hair.” He said as he finished up the job on my nose.

I laid down and got all cuddled in. I was exhausted.

“Goodnight, princess.” He said as he started to run the brush through my wet hair. My eyes immediately shut and within minutes I was asleep.

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