The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 4.


An email from tthompson967 informed me that she’d be willing to grab a coffee with me, and go over details about the apartment. I still haven’t got her name, but that is the last thing on my mind. My rent due date is quickly creeping up on me, and I need her help more than her first name.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to ask for bank statements, letters of recommendation, or any other important matters. The last thing I want to do is scare her away with my “control freak” ways, so I’m running on all trust here.

Let’s just hope that it all doesn’t came back to bite me in the butt like my last encounter.

We plan on meeting for coffee before any of our classes early tomorrow morning. Which should give me all of tonight to prepare myself on what and what not to say. Nervousness is one of my best qualities and I’d be lying right now if I said it wasn’t kicking in.

After a calming, scolding shower I twist my hair up into a towel and dress in my fuzzy, red pajamas. I climb into bed with my glasses on my nose and a book in my hands. My comforter surrounds me and provides me with the essential warmth making me all toasty.

I don’t know when I fell asleep last night, but I woke up to the streams of sunlight burning my eyes and the unfortunate screeching of my alarm clock. My hand automatically reached out and hit the snooze button harder than necessary resulting in the beautiful and peaceful sound of nothing once again.

I shut my eyes once more before digging all around my sheets for my phone. When my hand finally enclosed around the sleek device I brought it up in front of my face as I clicked the top button. The screen came to life, and to my misfortune showed the time.

8:15 am

In many people’s lives this would be considered a decent time to be awake, but for me right now it was the complete opposite. My blankets literally flew off my bed as I jumped down out of it.

My feet rushed to the bathroom where the cold tiles greeted my toes. I didn’t even have time to shiver since I only had ten minutes to get ready and be at the coffee shop.

There’s no way I’d be able to take a full shower, do my makeup and hair then make it on time. It was completely impossible.

My normal showers sometimes take up to an hour, so I guess a quick wash was all I had time for.

The hot water hitting my skin was always one of my favorites. It was calming and made you feel refreshed once you got out.

I hastily scrubbed my body until I felt clean enough. My hair would have to stay the way it is since I’m now down to five minutes, so I threw it up into a sloppy bun on top of my head.

After a quick skim over my closet I chose a pair of black leggings and a burgundy long-sleeved shirt before shoving my feet into a pair of old, white Converse.

Since I’m going to be living with this person for who knows how long I decided to just leave my face bare. She’d be seeing it all too soon, so why not just let her get used to it now.

I hustled out the door making sure to lock it with my key, and made my way out to my car.

I drove as quickly as I could without getting pulled over, and somehow made it to the coffee shop with a minute to spare. An empty parking spot caught my eye immediately and made me feel relieved.

Just as I was about to take the white-lined area some jerk swerved in and took it right away from me.

I honked my horn at the person who had just opened their car door. It wasn’t just a person that exited the car, but it was a beautiful, tan, and muscled creation.

I must’ve been staring for awhile because I could see him laughing while looking in my direction. His one eye shut to send me a wink, and a thousand butterflies began to flutter in my stomach.

He waved his large hand to me before turning on his heel to walk inside “The Grind.” He may be a gorgeous human being, but he still took my spot which made him an asshole.

A scoff left my mouth and I rolled my eyes at how ignorant I was being. With what little patience I had left I let my eyes roam to try and find a new place to park.

I eventually found one that was much farther from the establishment than I would’ve liked, but I took it anyways.

I moved the gear into park and shut my car off before taking my keys out of the ignition. The car started cooling off and I grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and walked as fast as possible into the coffee house.

Warmth trapped me in a flash of opening the door, and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans captured my senses.

Coffee was such a beautiful thing. Not enough sleep could easily be cured with a nice cup of joe. Plus the taste of the brown-colored caffeine was absolutely unique and exploded against your taste buds.

If I could drink coffee for the rest of my lifetime, I would.

Although the parking lot was packed, the little cafe wasn’t too busy. Before I could even look around at people I walked up and ordered myself a nice cup of hot mocha.

The smell spread throughout the place almost instantly, and I already knew it was going to be one good drink.

The girl working handed me the cup after I paid her the money which I found in a long-lost duffel bag last night. Steam from the cup made my mouth water and I hurriedly found somewhere to sit to start sipping this deliciousness.

Amazing would be an understatement. This mocha was probably the bet I’d ever tasted. I would definitely be coming back to “The Grind” more often.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the guy from earlier. The jerk that took my parking spot is diagonally behind me.

He’s quietly sipping out of a white mug while staring out the window. Almost as if he’s waiting on something.

Or someone.

From here you can see his jawline which looks sharper than a brand new kitchen knife. As his head begins to turn away from the window and I quickly focus on something else so he doesn’t catch me staring.

Getting caught staring by the person you were staring at is probably one of the most embarrassing things to happen.

I pull my phone out of my bag to check the email that tthompson967 sent me not too long ago.

“I’ll be wearing a black shirt with white lettering. Advertising a football camp from 2009.”

I clicked the power button again and tucked it back into the front pocket of my backpack.

I look around for a girl in a black t-shirt, but there isn’t a single one.

I email tthompson967 one more time asking if she’s here, and she replies almost immediately.

“Yes. I haven’t been here too long. I just came in not too long ago.”

I glance around again and still don’t see anyone that meets the description that was told.

“You sure you have the right coffee shop?” I laugh a little bit before hitting send.

Out of my right ear I hear someone’s phone sound like a doorbell. Since I’m a curious person I turned to see who it was, and it was only the parking spot thief.

I rolled my eyes and turned back around before taking small drinks out of my cup.

Very coincidental that his phone went off nearly right after my email sent.

My phone buzzes, and I look down to see what new notification awaits me.

Mail (1)

I open it, and learn that tthompson967 had sent me another message.

“The Grind, right?” She asks.

“Yeah that’s the one. Did you forget to wear the shirt?”

Another sound comes from behind me.

“Nope. Black, football camp 2009.”

“Huh. Let me take another look around.”


Okay. That’s starting to get annoying.

“Could you turn that phone on silent, ple..-”

He’s smirking to me since he knows I’m getting annoyed, but that’s the last thing I’m worried about.

Underneath his gray Nike sport jacket is a black shirt. To make matters worst is that the white font spell out “Clayden Football Camp 2009.”

My mouth drops open and I want to punch myself for being so stupid. I never even thought to ask if the person wanting to rent half my apartment was the same gender as me.

If my mother knew that I’d be sharing am apartment with a guy she’d have a heart attack.

I close my mouth and take one more delicious drink from my cup before standing up and speeding out of the place.

As I’m about to open the driver’s door to my car someone clears their throat to get my attention.

Hoping that it’s not a mugger I turn to see who it is.

Of course it’s him. Freaking thief.

“What do you want?” I ask irritated.

“Whoa. Calm down there,” He chuckles. “I just wanted to apologize for stealing your spot earlier and for my annoying ring tone.”

He sounded so apologetic and genuine which made me smile.


“No.” He burst out laughing.

I rolled my eyes. I knew I shouldn’t have fallen for that.

“Whatever I’ve got better things to do with my life.” I started unlocking my car and opened the door.

“Like what?” He snorted. Somehow when he did it he pulled it off.

“Classes, and now I need to find someone else to rent out the other half to my apartment to, tthompson967.” I climbed into the car but watched what he did closely.

His smirk instantly slid off his face, and he was swiftly pulling me out of my car.

“Wait. You’re the person I was supposed to be meeting? You’re A Dawson??” He sounded shocked.

“Why does that amaze you?” I crossed my arms across my chest.

“You write like a dude, so I just figured you were one.” He snickered.

“How can someone even “write like a dude?” I asked annoyed.

“Because when I talk to girls they’re usually filled with winky faces, lol’s, some haha’s and even,” He lifted his eyebrows suggestively while I kept the same disgusted face. “I’m a pretty big ladies man on campus.”

He stretched his arms behind his head as if it was something that came to him naturally.

“Alright, “Ladies Man,” He grinned widely at that showing off his perfectly straight, pearly whites. “I need to go and find someone to rent my apartment to because it definitely isn’t going to work out with you.”

I got into my vehicle and started the engine ready to back up and leave. But before you know it this drama queen jumped behind my car.

I hit my brakes quickly, and parked the car again. After throwing open the door and seeing that I didn’t kill him (although I kind of wanted to right now.)

“Are you crazy?! I could’ve ran you over!”

“Aw. She cares about me.” He put his hand over his heart and pretending to wipe a tear.

“Shut up. I just didn’t want to go to jail or be responsible for the death of someone.”

“Sure.” He smirked.

“I’m going home now. Step in the way of my car again and I’ll be sure to run you over.” I sighed.

“Just wait. Please?” He caught my wrist before I climbed back into the car.

“Why?” I was going to be late for my first class of the day because of this shithead.

“I was serious about renting out half of your apartment. I don’t care about you being a girl. Like I said in the email I’d usually only be there to get showers and sleep. I wouldn’t even bother you.”

He looked sincere, and it made me wonder why he wanted to live in an apartment of someone he had never even met before so badly.

Then there’s the issue that no matter how much I already don’t like this guy, I still need help with the rent and he is more than willing to move in and pay half.

I may just have to get over my dislike for this guy and deal with him. He’s really my only chance on not getting evicted.

“Alright. I’ll let you rent the other half, but screw up and you’re out on your ass.” I glared at him.

“Got it.” He did a mock salute.

“I’m Amaya Dawson.” I held out my hand so he could shake it.

He held lightly grabbed my hand, bowed and kissed the back of my hand. “My lady.”

My cheeks went pink, and he laughed a little bit.

“Theodore Thompson, but me Theo.” He pleaded.

“Okay. Theodore, we’ll be in touch.” I promised and caught an eye roll from a smirking Theo before I got in my car.

Now my only issue is learning how to deal with a cocky, testosterone-filled guy roaming around my apartment and somehow make it through everyday without stabbing one of his eyes out.

Maybe anger management?

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