The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 49.


I took a deep breath to try to get some much needed oxygen to my lungs.

Breathe in and out. Keep calm. Relax.

I repeated all these things to myself in attempts of keeping myself sane before boarding the pristine white jet. There wasn’t a single speck that I could see. Knowing the Thompsons, I bet they paid someone specifically just to scrub it clean daily.

With it right in front of me I couldn’t see a single speck of dirt on it’s exterior. I’d bet my favorite pair of fuzzy socks that the interior was just as immaculate.

I stared at the small set of steps that descended from the aircraft, they were almost like a tongue that wanted me to take a step aboard before swallowing me whole.

The pilot stood with greeting smile at the top of the staircase and the flight attendants were currently helping us by taking our luggage aboard.

I kept mumbling “thank you” to each one that took one of my bags, while I stood with my eyes trained on the metal deathtrap that would most likely fly me straight to my doom. My fingers were tightly balled up and slightly clammy while my jaw remained dropped unable to speak.

From beside me I noticed the last attendant pick up Theo’s duffel. Theo thanked him before the guy climbed the black steps and carried the bag into the interior of the Thompson family jet.

It was unfair how he had only packed two bags while I had a whopping five along with my purse, makeup bag, and carryon.

I had said no to purses all together, but damn Tucker was adamant on me having one on my person at all times. So he went out and bought me one to go with each and every outfit, which Theo politely paid for.

I tugged at my clingy jeans and wished I was rather in my cozy pajamas, but Tucker, being the fashionista he is, said it was a total “no-no” to roll out of bed then board a plane.

My fingers gripped the handles of my handbag tightly as I started contemplating running all the way back to the apartment. But I doubted I’d make it far in the feet-killers I was currently sporting. I currently hated the man who invented high heels.

He was preventing me from sprinting away from my likely death in a steel torpedo with wings. What a lovely guy.

All of a sudden an all too familiar voice sounded from behind me. “You might wanna loosen your grip on the purse. Wouldn’t want you to go to jail for murder, now would we?”

“I’d take jail time over flying in a plane.”

“Jet,” Theo corrected in a smart tone.

I threw him a heated glare.

“You really want to start with me right now?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“No...maybe.” He grinned cheekily. “Depends on what we’re starting.”

I let out a huff of annoyance and turned back to watch the plane...ahem sorry. Jet.

I have never really had a fear of planes, but then again I’ve never been in one. And seeing it for the first time must’ve brought this fear on.

“Come on, Mya. It’s extremely safe. We have one of the best pilots in the world. He used to fly fighter jets in the military. I’ve flown with him so many times that I lost track, and I’m still in one piece aren’t I?”

I didn’t turn to look at him. I still kept my eyes trained of the swift flying contraption and thought on his words.

“It was just luck.” I shrugged.

He stepped in front of me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Princess, you’ll be fine. I promise. We’ll close all the blinds so you can’t even see outside, lean back and watch a movie or something. You’ll be fine. I promise.”

I looked into his eyes and saw no glint of mischief in them. He was telling the truth, and I knew deep down that Theo would never break a promise. So I don’t know if it was his slightly comforting words, the way he was holding me, or maybe it was just how amazing he looked in his tight, navy sweater and dark jeans. But I finally broke down and got my ass on the plane...sorry, “jet.”

“The pilot is ready whenever you are, Mr. Thompson.” The flight attendant smiled pleasantly to both of us. Pft, as if that could calm my nerves.

“We’re ready.” Theo nodded more to me than her.

My eyes bugged out of my skull at what he had just done. “Wait! No. We’re not ready!”

I jumped out of my seat and bolted to the now closed door. Damn it!

“Mya, we need to get going. I can’t be late. If I am my parents will have a mental breakdown.”

“I don’t care. I can’t do this. I can’t! I’m gonna..” I was beginning to become anxious and just the thought of being in the air had me nearly hyperventilating.

Theo was out of his seat in a second and pulled me back to my seat before he was knelt down in front of me. He took my hands in his and looked into my eyes.

And right then I felt my heart skip a beat. My eyes locked onto his chocolatey irises and I instantly felt myself being able to breathe again.

“Hey hey hey.” He held one hand on each side of my head as if doing so could steady my thoughts. “It’s okay. I’m right here.”

With one hand he tucked a piece of hair, that had fallen out of my neat ponytail, behind my ear. His hands trailed down the slopes of my face and landed on my cheeks.

“I’ll be right across the aisle from you. Nothing’s going to go wrong. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. You trust me, right?”

I did. Well, I do!

I bobbed my head up and down to get my answer across. I wasn’t in the mood to speak since I had no idea whether my voice would betray me or not. There was a lump in my throat. Not from fright or terror, but from something more on the happier end of the spectrum.

I couldn’t describe it, but how was it that Theo made me feel safe in such a short amount of time? Even when I was sure I possibly couldn’t be? He was my knight in shining armor. Here to protect me and always succeeded.

He was too good to be true. Too good for me.

A smile stretched across his lips adorably knowing his accomplishment. “Are you ready to go?”

Again, I kept quiet and simply nodded my head. His hands unfortunately left my face and traveled down to buckle my seat belt.

He climbed up from his knees and leaned down to kiss my forehead before sitting back in his seat and clicking on his own safety belt.

“Okay we’re ready.” Theo told the attendant who’d asked earlier before nodding towards the cockpit.

“Alrighty. I’ll let the pilot know.” She smiled politely before walking off.

Within two minutes a man with a gruff but kind voice came over the speakers. “Hello, Mr. Thompson and Ms. Dawson. We will be leaving within the next five minutes, so please keep your seat belt fastened. And one of the flight attendants will show you our other safety precautions. Thank you.”

The flight attendant popped back up, it was like she was everywhere all at once. She directed us to all the safety exits, how to use the safety jackets, oxygen masks and a bunch of other crap to ensure our “safety,” but I didn’t hear the half of it since my breathing was beginning to pick up again and I was staring out the window hoping my feet would touch the ground again after this journey.

“Any questions?” She asked in a peppy tone, snapped me out of my trance. I shook my head without even a second thought. I really just wanted her to sit down and to get this over with. “Okay, captain. We’re ready!”

The pilot must’ve turned on the plane while I was tuned out because within seconds we were off the ground and heading to the doom-filled sky.

As soon as I felt the wheels lift off the ground I instantly felt relief and I sighed before leaning back into my seat.

“See? This isn’t so bad.” Theo said with a reassuring grin in his face.

But with the aircraft constantly ascending into the sky, the random thuds began. They were like godzilla was using us as a punching bag, and wouldn’t stop till there was nothing left of us.

“Yeahhh totally not bad.” I screwed my eyes shut as tightly as I could and gripped the arm rests with all my might.

Then I felt a hand slip under my hand and slip their fingers through mine. Cautiously, I opened one squinting eye lid to see Theo stretched across the aisle as he held onto my hand.

“You’re okay. I’ve got you, baby.” He said in the most calm and positive tone.

I gave him a shaky nod to let him know I understood and believed him.

My eyes shuttered close again before I tried to relax.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale.

I opened my eyes once again and was finally at peace. The thudding had finally come to an end and before I could even look outside to the drop of thousands of feet I quickly snapped the shutter close and let out a sigh of content.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen, you may now take off your seatbelts.” The pilot announced.

I stayed stiff in my seat, not wanting to unstrap my only piece of safety.

“You can take that off now, Mya.” Theo said beside
me before I heard his own unclick.

“I’m totally okay right here.” I told him looking at the now closed window.

“Alright. You want something to drink?” He asked standing up.

“Water, please.”

He nodded and head towards the back to retrieve me a much needed beverage.

He returned with an ice cold glass and handed it to me before sitting on the floor in front of me.

“I’m proud of you.” He admitted before cracking open a bottle of soda.

I looked away from the shutter that separated me from the clouds and turned to him.

“Proud of me? For what?” I couldn’t help but include my confused tone.

“For getting on the plane and getting up in the air. You faced your fears, not a lot of people can do that. ” He said as he rested his arm on my legs and took a nice, long drink from his bottle.

“I only did it for you.” I admitted.

“For me?” Now it was his turn to be confused. He turned to me with scrunched eyebrows and a unknowing eyes.

“Yeah. You said we needed to be at your parents at a certain time and I didn’t want to get you in trouble.” I admitted.

He just laughed and I scrunched my eyebrows together. “Why are you laughing?”

He cleared his throat and mischievously grinned up to me before resting his head against my knees. “Mya, you and I both know how extremely stubborn you are. I didn’t think you’d fall for it. My parents do want me there at a certain time, but do you really think I care what they think or how they’d react if I was late?”

I thought about it for a second and knew he was being completely candor now.

“You’re such an ass, you know that?” I chuckled before playfully punching his arm.

“Well I had already called the driver to keep my car here an extra few hours just in case you wouldn’t get on the jet. You really exceeded my expectations.” He chuckled.

“Oh, Theo. Your words are so kind.” I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help the corners of my lips that were upturned.

“I know, baby. I’m a true artist in winning over girls’ hearts, especially yours.” He winked before climbing back up and laying a quick, sweet kiss on my lips.

It didn’t take long before we were descending onto another landing strip of concrete. The distance from the university and New York was only a couple hours, but in a jet it took only a fraction of the time.

The moment we got off the jet there was already two black Cadillac Escalades of the newest model waiting for us.

Why two? I’m sure one would’ve done the trick. Ah, rich people.

Within a minute of stepping onto the landing strip the crew of the jet was already hauling all of our luggage out of the plane.

About five men retreated out of the two cars and four of the five, big and burly, quickly started to pick up our baggage before stacking it all in the back of one of the SUVs.

I watched on with amazement of how this all was happening. It was weird for people to be doing everything for me. Especially easy tasks like moving my own bags.

I was just about to let Theo know how I thought his was absolutely ridiculous, but before a single word could even leave my mouth the fifth man was standing right in front of us.

“Hello, Mr. Thompson.” His fancy, english accent had surprised me.

“Bernie, cut the crap old man. Bring it on in!” Theo exclaimed in an elated tune before gathering the average-sized, graying-haired man into a big hug.

I watched as the man—apparently his name was Bernie—hugged Theo back. I couldn’t help but smile at the scene displayed before me. I had never seen Theo react with such excitement in seeing someone of his past, especially his parents, but with Bernie it was like he was greeting an old grandparent that he hadn’t seen in centuries.

“My dear, little Theo. It feels like it’s been forever since I saw you. We’ve all missed you, especially Miss Ethel.”

“I’ve missed everyone too. I can’t wait to see them all, but for now, let me introduce you to Mya.” He grinned like the cheshire cat before turning both of their attention to me.

“Amaya Dawson, meet Bernard Chadwick. Bernie, Amaya. Amaya, Bernie.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said reaching my hand out for a polite shake which he heartily took.

“Ah, so this is the girl, huh?” Bernie lifted his eyebrows and poked Theo in the ribs with his elbow.

I immediately blushed at the thought of Theo talking to other people about me. I wonder what he told them about me.

“Bernie!” Theo chuckled before returning to my side and lacing his fingers through mine.

“Fine, but I can’t say Ms. Ethel will let things go as quickly.” The old man’s kind laugh echoed making me instantly smile. He just had such a sweet and thoughtful vibe about him. “You know how much she loves to embarrass you.”

Theo just smiled and looked at the ground, like he was reminiscing of a different time. It made me kind of sad he never told me about all the good people he had in his life. All the stories and memories he’d had with them, but I’m sure he had a proper reason for keeping them to himself.

“But since you’re both here, I guess we should get back, huh?” He suggested. “I brought one car for just you two, in case you’d like to drive yourself. I know how much you don’t like being chauffeured around.”

He pointed at the empty Caddy and lifted a questioning brow as if to silently ask the question he didn’t.

“Sure. I’ll drive. You can ride with us if you want, Bernie.” Theo suggested.

“No that’s quite alright. I know you two will probably want your alone time. You’ll be surrounded by people the whole time you’re here, so I’ll just hitch a ride back with the others.” He pointed to the vehicle that the scary looking, buff guys were now climbing in to.

“If that’s what you want.” Theo shrugged.

Bernie smiled before pointing to the car we’d be taking and beginning to walk off. “Keys are already in the ignition. See you back at the house!”

We watched the first car drive off before we climbed into ours. I don’t think I’d ever get used to the luxury that came along with Theo. This car, just like his Mercedes, had everything at the touch of a finger.

Heated leather seats, a touchscreen radio, hell! There were so many buttons, it looked like we were on the interior of a fricking spaceship.

The ride to Theo’s house was pleasant. We had to go down so many country roads before we had even made it to the main gate. The man at the box immediately knew Theo and clicked a buzzer letting us in.

The “driveway”, if you could even call it went on forever, had bare trees which had already lost all their leaves in preparation for the cold, harsh winter were planted the whole way. Each one planted a certain amount of space from each other. It must’ve taken them weeks just to measure where each tree would have to be planted.

The lengthy driveway eventually came to an circular end. It surrounded a lavish and definitely expensive stone fountain. And I couldn’t help but stare.

I got caught up staring at a fountain. A fountain! Imagine the look on my face when I saw the actual house.

We parked and in front of us was the most astounding mansion I had ever seen. Well, technically, it was the only mansion I had ever seen, but there was a part of me that knew it was one of the greatest.

The brick home stood gorgeously in the sunset. By the chimneys that sprouted from the roof, you knew it was an old home. It had probably been in Theo’s family for generations. I couldn’t help but gawk at all the different outer extravagances it held.

The house’s face had a symmetrical view. The perfectly equal amount of black-shuttered and rectangular windows laid on each side of the four cream colored pillars that upheld the vestibule. Even the doorways were elaborate. A large chandelier extended from the roof to enlighten the large stairway which led to a giant, front door. I could see from where I stood multiple balconies from different rooms decorated in the most beautiful ivy and lattice which only added to its character. The mansion was downright breathtaking, but who knows what the inside held for is.

“Done staring?” Theo questioned.

I blinked once, twice before I looked over to him. “It’s so...”

I waved my hands around trying to grasp a particular term, but came up with nothing. I couldn’t even think of one word to describe the place. It was too astounding to only be described in one compliment.

“Yeah, I know.” Theo chuckled before he grabbed my hand. “Let’s get inside before we freeze to death.”

I nodded in agreement. It felt like the temperature had dropped since we got in the car and the sky was already beginning to darken with night. That’s winter for ya.

“Wait. What about our bags?” I pulled Theo to a halt.

“They probably already took them inside for us.” He told me before pulling me along.

“Oh. Wait, hey.” I pulled him back once again.

“What, Mya? I’m gonna die of hypothermia out here.” He complained which made me silently chuckle.

“I’m not sure if I’m ready. I’m afraid I’m going to embarrass you.” I said as I slipped my hand out of his before stuffing them in the pockets of my coat.

It’s truly sad that just by looking at the exterior of the lavish Thompson home, I was already intimidated. Intimidated by the wealth and power that resided in the walls of the great family.

I was just a Louisiana girl with absolutely no power and no wealth. I was average and in the eyes of the strong, that was definitely a weakness.

Theo stood there quietly before taking a step closer to me. He took my hands from my pockets and interlaced them with his. He leaned down before placing his forehead against my own.

“You could never embarrass me. It’s impossible.”

“But I just–”

“Nope. Shh.” He whispered to me before pressing his lips to mine and I immediately responded.

Our mouths moved in perfect sync and I felt Theo’s fingers loosen from mine before entrapping around my waist. I took that as a sign to wrap my arms around his neck, pulling us closer.

I heard something creak beside me, and I jumped away from Theo looking to see a sweet looking old woman standing there with a huge smirk on her face. My face immediately went up in flames and I immediately wished the ground would swallow me whole.

“Well this wasn’t exactly how I thought I’d meet your girl, Theo.” She snickered before walking away from the doorway and heading off to a separate room, leaving it wide open.

“Welp. Glad you met Ethel.” Theo smiled nervously at me.

“Yeah having her see me for the first time ever with you sucking my face off was just perfect.” I huffed before I rolled my eyes.

Theo just chuckled before slipping his arm around my back and leading me inside.

The interior was just as lavish as the outside, if not more. Standing in the foyer, your eyes immediately see two large sets of stairs. Both leading to an unknown upper floors. According to Theo, there’s four.

In the center of the foyer looked up and see a grand, fancy chandelier hanging from the ceiling. With the way it’s sparkling, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was made of pure diamonds.

“Not diamonds. Just crystals.” Theo uttered beside me.

“Huh?” I asked confused. I was too wrapped up in taking in my surroundings that the rest of the world just seemed to fade away.

“You said it looked like diamonds. They’re actually just crystals. Taafeite, to be exact.” He said pointing at the chandelier.

“I’m surprised you know so much about them.” I admit surprised.

“My mother made me and Will take a geology lessons once when we were younger. She insisted on us being involved in the meeting with some hoity-toity jewelry CEO and didn’t want us to embarrass her if he asked us anything. He’s the one that actually pointed it out.” Theo told me.

“You’ve definitely had a unique childhood.” I chuckled.

“Yeah tell me about it.” He laughed along with me.

Our laughs were silences when we heard someone yelling for Theo.

“Theo get in here. And bring that young lady with you!” It was definitely the voice of the older lady who had caught us making out and I immediately blushed at the thought of properly meeting her.

“Coming!” He walked us to the sound of Ethel’s voice and the closer we got, the more clatter you’d hear.

But as soon as we entered the room I figured out why. There were tons of people running from place to place trying to get everything done all at once. We were in the kitchen I looked around and saw multiple chefs preparing a meal. One was boiling something over a tall pot, another was chopping up vegetables, and the one farthest from us was placing food elegantly on plates.

“Oh, there you two are!” Ethel emerged from what I guessed was a pantry with food she handed off to a young stewardess.

She corralled us over to a side table and made us sit across from her. She placed a platter of cookies in front of us along with two cups of hot chocolate. I immediately began to drink, hoping to rid myself of the chill of the winter air.

“I’ve missed you, Ethel.” Theo smiled to her genuinely.

“I’ve missed you too, honey. Catching you two canoodling outside was the last way I thought I’d see you after all this time, and how I’d meet your new girlfriend.” She admitted in a closed lipped smile.

“Yeah. That isn’t how I thought you two would meet either.” Theo chuckled. “So let’s put that in the past. Ethel, this is Amaya Dawson. Mya, this is Ethel Montgomery. The woman who practically raised me.”

“Oh, I can’t take all the credit.” She waved off his remarks. “You always were always such a good boy. It’s like you raised yourself almost.”

“Well, it’s so nice to meet you.” I said as I reached over, offering my hand.

She looked at my hand like it was from a different planet and got up from her seat before standing in front of me. “We don’t shake hands around here, we hug!”

I immediately stood up and her arms immediately snuggled around me in a big bear hug. She was slightly shorter than me, but definitely stronger. I could already tell she was a tough old woman, but had a heart of gold.

When she released me, we both sat down again.

“I would ask you to tell me all about yourself, but I’m afraid we don’t have time. Mrs. Thompson has someone coming over in an hour, and you two need to get ready.” She said as she took a long drink from her own mug.

“Ah. So that’s why there’s so many chefs and such. Some big millionaire, again?” Theo asked as if this happened regularly around here.

“Car manufacturer, or something along those lines.” Ethel shrugged unknowingly.

“Well I guess we’ll go get ready. Wanna have lunch tomorrow with us?” Theo proposed.

“Sounds lovely. I’ll make your favorite, and a special dessert for you, Ms. Amaya.” She winked before retreating back into the chaotic kitchen.

We both left the kitchen and treaded up the stairs. It felt like there were a million of them. By the time I made it to the top I thought I was gonna die, but Theo on the other hand acted like it was nothing. Freaking athletes and their amazing lung capacity.

But at the top of the stairs was someone who made my breath hitch even more than climbing the mountain of stairs. Mrs. Thompson.

“Theo, glad you could make it. We all know how you love being late.” She said conceitedly.

“Well we couldn’t have that this time, now could we mother?” Theo gasped sarcastically.

His mother squinted at us both maliciously before slapping on a fake smile. “Theo, your room is already ready. I had the maids leave a suit in there for you.”

“Thank you, mother. It’s always such a pleasure to be home.” Theo grinned superficially before grabbing my hand and leading me down the right hallway.

Before we could make it very far we heard a throat clear. “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”

Theo sighed before turning us both back around to become face-to-face with his mom. “Taking Amaya to my room.”

His mother’s mocking laugh erupted from her perfectly done-up lips before she smoothed back her already pristine hair into her business-like bun. “Yeah. That’s not happening. Amaya will be staying in a different room than you.”

“That’s ridiculous-”

“Go get ready, Theo.” She said before her cold hand locked on my wrist and pulled me down the opposite hallway. I looked behind me to see Theo just standing there fuming with anger.

I sent him a sympathetic smile before facing front along with Theo’s mother, who was now bolting down the hallway with me in hand. I knew not to fight her. There was only one way to get through the time I had to stay here, and that was by cooperating.

Eventually her perfectly manicured hand released me when we stopped at a door. It was tall and cream, with a golden knob.

“I’ve arranged for you to sleep in this room. Everything is inside for you already. I Had the maids bring you an outfit for every day you’ll be here. I knew you didn’t have anything nice enough, so I took it on myself.”

Wow. Thanks.

“Thank you, Mrs. Thompson.” I gave her a fake smile.

“Unfortunately we don’t have time for you to get your wretched nails done, but I am having someone come fix that mop you call hair. And she’ll work some magic on that face of yours. She should be here soon.” She said as she straightened the giant rock on her ring finger.

I bit my lip so I didn’t say anything I’d regret, so I just simply nodded.

“You have an hour.” She said before she stalked off.

With that I walked inside my room and immediately was in awe. It was beautiful. It was decorated his neutral, gray tones and there were big windows planted on the walls. I’m sure when it was light out and when the natural light that flowed in here was absolutely breath taking.

I noticed that my suitcases were unloaded right in front of the bed and I didn’t even bother to look in them because I knew I’d be shunned if I wore anything that I’d brought with me to meet some hotshot millionaire.

So I guided myself to the walk-in closet instead. And a gasp immediately left my mouth when I opened the door and saw all the beautiful outfits that were brought in for me. They each had a label to tell me which pieces of clothing were for which day and what event. And they were all in order.

I plucked the hanger that was meant for today out and laid it on the bed. I stood back and admired the beauty of it.

It was a long sleeved laced, elegant blue dress. The trim were classically chic designs. I immediately wanted to try it on and see how it’d look.

I took off my casual clothes and slipped in the dress. It stopped at the knees and I smoothed it out before standing to look in the mirror.

It was perfect. Not too fancy but not too dull. They’d really out done themselves.

I looked at the note once again and it said this outfit was to go with the white peep toed heels and the fancy diamond studs in the jewelry box.

It was an amazing outfit. Probably the most expensive one I’d ever wear, so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. I walked and twirled around and around, feeing like a princess. I laughed at my movements of almost falling down in the heels that were now on my feet, but it all ended when there was a quick and curt knock on my door.

I immediately stopped, looked over myself
in the mirror, and straightened myself out before answering.

“Hello.” She smiled before pushing past me into my room. “Grab that chair from the desk. We don’t have a lot of time darling.”

So this was the lady who Mrs. Thompson had sent to take care of my monstrosity of hair and face. Such a sweet sweet woman.

I grabbed the chair for her and stood there waiting for my next command. Almost like I was her dog, but I knew not to get on anyone’s bad side. The less drama these few days, the better.

She sighed as she walked around me in a circle inspecting each and every detail of me. This feeling of scrutiny mad me want to squirm, but as quickly as it started it ended.

“Sit down, honey. We have a lot of work to do!”

The woman who had come here specifically to repair my image had taken exactly 43 minutes to finish. I know the exact amount of time since I literally watched the clock the whole time, waiting for it to come to a reliving end.

She left and that’s when I remembered I hadn’t even caught her name. All I knew was dressed crazily and she had a personality to match.

I looked in the mirror at all the improvements she had made to me. She took my untidy hair and swept it all into a graceful bun. But she left one mischievous piece out to “frame my face.” For makeup, she went the whole nine yards. Every section of my face was beautifully done.

I looked different and more sophisticated than usual. Whether I liked it or not, was something I’d have to determine later.

Before I could give it more thought there was another knock on the door. But thankfully it wasn’t some stranger this time. It was Theo.

When I swung it open I nearly swooned. He looked hot as hell. His crisp navy blue suit fit him perfectly and was topped off with a light blue tie. It was now obvious his mother had meant for us to match. I personally hated when that happened. It looked like we were trying to hard.

I looked up and his hair was suavely gelled back. His face looked perfect as usual and his smile was unforgettable.

“Well don’t you look handsome.” I said as I crossed my arms and leaned against my doorway.

“And you look beautiful. What did my mother do to you?” He chuckled before offering me his arm which I gladly took.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.” I said while walking alongside him.

“She say anything rude to you?” He questioned as we made it to the long and red-carpeted staircase.

“Nope. She was nothing but kind to me.” I hated lying to Theo, but I knew that if I started something right before this important dinner all hell would most likely break loose. And I for one, did not want to eat my dinner while a chaotic battle commenced.

“Good. Are you ready for this shit show?” He asked as we arrived a set of double doors. I’m assuming a dining hall.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

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