The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 54.


Having your boyfriend’s mother, who you’ve recently just met, find you and her own son canoodling together is quite embarrassing. But having Mrs. Thompson find you is a whole other ball game.

Saying it was an embarrassing even would be a complete understatement. Especially since you can automatically see judgement in her eyes. She doesn’t even bother in trying to hide it. If she is disgusted with you, you will definitely know. Whether you like it or not, she forces you to know.

I was beginning to become very accustomed to Mrs. Thompson’s condescending attitude. I’d only known her over this short time period, but her rude comments weren’t even a surprise anymore. So I wasn’t even remotely bothered when she bursted into the room like a big ball of fire. It took her no time at all and she was full of heated comments about our situation and how irresponsible we were.

I wasn’t even awake until I heard her slam the door behind her. she tore into the room and flung open the curtains on the other side of the room. Based on the bright white, winter light that immediately streamed in and the now extinguished fireplace, I’d say it had been hours since we fell asleep.

I winced at the new lighting and attempted to rub the sleep from my eyes. I could hear her heels clacking around the room behind us and she would be in front of us in no time. I re-closed my eyes and groaned at the thought of even being awake. I wish I could just hit the snooze button that was Mrs. Thompson and curl back up with Theo.

But I knew better than to fight her on anything, so I reached behind me and grabbed ahold of Theo’s shoulder. I give him a quick shake, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Theo, get up.” I whispered trying to get him to sit up before his mother was on us.

“Uh-uh.” He grunted as he shook his head, eyelids still sealed shut.

I rolled my eyes.

“Theo, come on. You need to get up!” I whisper shouted.

“Noo. Just come back to sleep with me.” His voice was still husky from sleep as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back so I was laying down next to him.

I chuckled at his actions and playfully struck his arm.

“Theo, seriously your mom is in here and—”

“And you should be up by now, Theodore. If I taught you anything, it’d be that waking up at a decent time was a crucial part of being a grown-up, yet you still act as if you were a little boy.” Her voice had come out of no where.

I swear she had the ears of a fruit bat. She could hear everything no matter how close or far away from the conversation she actually was. I guess you could say that was a skill of hers.

“Oh. Good morning to you too, mother.” He said in the most sarcastic and cheery voice he could muster this early. “Always such a delight, aren’t you?” Theo questioned with a fake grin as he began to sit up beside me. I watched him as he began to adjust to being awake, he ran a hand over his sleepy face and slight stubble that was growing along his jawline.

Theo’s mother matched his sugary sweet smile with one of her own. “It’s a specialty of mine.”

“It’s almost bad enough that I have to spend four days here with you, but now you’re my own personal wake up call?” Theo pointed his hateful comment at her.

I turned to look at Mrs. Thompson in just enough time to catch her small look of hurt, something I had never seen in the short time I knew her, but it wasn’t long before she turned towards the fireplace to distract herself by wiping a critical finger across the top of the mantle, inspecting for dust before crossing her arms and turning back to us.

Her slight frown was immediately replaced it with a spiteful grin. “It always my favorite time of the day hearing your disrespectful remarks.”

“Mine too,” Theo simpered with a smug look. I watched him dramatically look from her to her hands before he tsked. “Aw. No breakfast in bed today, mother?”

I bit my lip to hold back a snicker but all Mrs. Thompson did was scoff before uncrossing her arms and making quick strides across the room to a small cart loaded with what I’m assuming were more expensive liqueurs and crystal glasses. She plucked a piece of glassware before turning it over and filling it halfway with a smooth, brown liquid.

“A little early for scotch isn’t it?” Theo questioned from beside me.

I looked to the clock and noticed it was only eleven in the morning.

“Somehow, I feel like this is going to be the only way for me to get through the day, especially with your smart ass mouth.” She took a long swig of the drink and moved towards the tall window to look over the long driveway. “I’ve got enough going on with the ball tonight, so I’m not exactly in the mood for your shenanigans tonight, Theodore Graham Thompson. You better be on your best behavior. I swear if we have a repeat of three years ago, you will regret it.”

A million questions immediately soared to my brain. Theo’s middle name was Graham? What happened three years ago? What kind of shenanigans could he possibly have pulled that got under the skin of thee one and only Mrs. Thompson?

All my questions were put on the back burner for now, but I would definitely be asking Theo later. I watched as she finished off her drink without so much as a wince, a sign that she had been drinking for a long while, before she set the glass on a nearby table.

“I’ll trust you two to be ready and on your best behavior in time for the party. Theo, I know you won’t take long, but Amaya on the other hand—”

She scanned my outfit with a look of disgust, but I was unbothered. I’d already grown used to her...subtlety.

“Mother.” Theo warned.

“Right.” She lifted her hands in surrender, but couldn’t help but keep her smile. “Amaya, Theresa is already waiting for you in your room. Leave us. I have matters to discuss with my son. I’m sure you know the way.”

Her eyes referred to the door which she had come in through not all that long ago. I sighed, but looked to Theo, silently asking if he would be okay. He gave me a half-sided smile before giving me a quick nod. I smiled back to him and leaned closer to him before laying a short but sweet kiss on his cheek. But before I pulled away I leaned into his ear and smiled.

“I love you.” I whispered with an undeniable grin on my lips before I pulled away just enough to see his face.

“I love you.” He whispered back, but oddly enough, his facial features weren’t what I had expected.

I had been hoping it would be filled with even the slightest bit of happiness, but instead Theo’s face was filled with nothing but hints of despair mixed in with bits of sorrow. It was almost like all moments of happiness before his mother walked in had been erased from his memory.

I knew deep down there had to have been something wrong that he wasn’t telling me, but to put my mind at ease I just chalked up Theo’s odd behavior to him being in the presence of his mother.

I smiled put to him before I lifted myself from the leather sofa. “I’ll see you tonight, then.”

“That you will.” He chuckled. “I’ll be the one in the tux.”

I laughed at his crappy joke and waved to him before I pushed my way out the fancy doors of the room. No matter how grouchy Mrs. Thompson was, it wasn’t going to bring me down today. Not only did I have an amazing night with Theo, but tomorrow was also the last day I’d be here and that meant today was my last day of dealing with the atrocity that was the rich people life.

It was definitely one for the books. No matter how weird sled-riding that early in the morning was, I still loved every second of it. At the point and time, I’d never felt closer to Theo and I was going to cherish every second with him.

I climbed the million and one stairs all the way to the top, and immediately ran into someone.

“I’m so sorry —” I looked up to see who it was. “Oh. It’s just you, Will.”

“Just me? Excuse you. I’m actually a very important person out in the world. I’d have you know.” He said pompously as he adjusted his suit cuffs.

Being the scheduled guy he was, of course he was already dressed for the party. That’s when he actually had an appropriate amount of time to look over my outfit before a smirk overtook his face.

“Ooh. Looks like someone had a good time last night.”

“Shut it, Thompson.” I rolled my eyes before I crossed my arms. “What do you know anyways?”

“Well I know those aren’t your clothes. They’re way too big on you...looks more like a...Theo outfit.” A smirk appeared of his face as he emphasized his brother’s name.

“What? You been memorizing your brother’s closet lately?” I wondered aloud.

“Nope. I just know women...very well, I might add.”

“Nope. You most certainly didn’t have to add that.”

“No worries, Dawson. You’ll get to see my lady skills up close tonight at the ball.” He winked and started making his way down the stairs. “Oh and by the way! A lady named Theresa passed me on her way to your room...said she needed to see you immediately?” He held up his hands in confusion.

“Yeah I should probably get to her. See you later?”

“You most definitely will. It won’t be hard to miss me. I’ll be the most attractive man there.” He winked before turning around and heading downstairs.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled at his usual flirty behavior before I turned to make my way to my room.

As soon as the first half of my body was in the room, Theresa was already asking questions.

“How did it go last night? Was he absolutely drooling when he saw you? I knew he would be. No one can ever resist my work. Did you two lovebirds make up?” She rambled on and on.

I tried my best to answer all her questions as quickly as she was rattling them off, but it was proven to be a challenge. But by the time her lips finally stopped moving for more than 15 seconds, I told her I needed to get a quick shower and go through my morning routine before we even started our glam session.

After a quick complaint she finally gave in and told me to hurry since we had so much to do. So after I reassured her I’d be in and out I walked in the bathroom, closed the door, and got ready for a much needed shower.

Afterwards, I got dressed and made my way back into the room. Somehow, in the span of the twenty minutes I had been gone, Theresa had been able to transform my room into what looked like the behind the scenes of a catwalk.

The desk had hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers all plugged in and heating up. Why you’d need all three at once was another question but you wouldn’t catch me asking Theresa that. With the styling wands and sorts were brushes and bobby pins along with sprays I had never even heard of.

All of this would be going on top of my head? By the time the hair portion of the beautification was done, I was sure I’d weigh an extra ten pounds.

On the other end of the room was a make-up filled table I had never seen before all set up around a chair. The brushes, and palettes were all out and ready to go.

Just looking at all of this was making me nervous. All of this preparation just for one dance? I don’t think I could live the rich life if this is what it constantly consisted of.

I was so wrapped up in taking everything in that I hadn’t even realized Theresa had been trying to get my attention this whole time.

“You gonna just stand there and gawk all day? Come on! We need to get ready. Sit down. Chop-chop!”

“Sorry. I must’ve zoned out there a little but.”

“No apologies here. Let’s just get started! It’s time for you to shine, my darling!”

After blow drying, brushing, straightening, spraying, AND curling my hair, Theresa began to pin it all up on top of my head. What she was doing with my mop I had no idea, but I already knew that taking all of these wretched metal sticks off my scalp would be such a relief.

It took her almost an hour and a half to finish up my hair and move me to makeup. I still had no idea what I looked like since she insisted on covering up all the mirrors. She wanted me to have some big reveal, for some reason. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but Theresa being Theresa wanted to put on a show. Even if it was just between the two of us.

I noticed her use a lot of brown and black eyeshadows and red lipstick. I had no idea what she was up to so I just kept my mouth shut and waited silently while she worked her magic.


Amaya turned to me with a small smile, but you could still see the sleep in her eyes. I smiled back to her before she sent me wave and slipped out the door.

As soon as the tall hardwood door had closed behind her, I had already missed her presence. Now I was trapped within these four walls with none other than my own mother. Saying “I’d like to be with anyone else in the whole wide world” might sound overly dramatic, but it would still be the truth.

I once again tried to wipe the slumber from my eyes and looked up to my mother. It didn’t surprise me to see her dressed in a green and elegant knee-length dress, black pumps, and her makeup done perfect and precisely. I knew this was just another one of her average outfits. Something for around the house since she’d rather be caught dead than in a pair of jeans.

I also knew for a fact that this wasn’t going to be her outfit for the ball either. In her mind, if you weren’t wearing a floor-length ball gown by some expensive designer you might as well just stay home.

This was one of her busiest days of the year, so for her to cut out some time just to find Mya and me sent up a red flag in my mind. What could possibly be more important than her precious benefit ball at the moment?

“So what is it that you want from me now, mother?” I asked as I leaned back into the leather of the furniture. Whatever was going on I was already bored with this conversation and I made sure she knew that by letting out a long and obnoxious yawn.

She rolled her eyes at my actions and took two long strides to the couch. I watched as she cleared a space for herself on the opposite side of the sofa. She picked the blanket that Amaya and I had been curled up in not even five minutes ago up between her index finger and thumb and tossed it to me as if it was a diseased with the bubonic plague.

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. “Dramatic enough?”

“I have no idea what went on in here. I’m just being cautious.” She said with her nose raised to the ceiling as she leaned into the couch and made herself comfortable.

“Whatever.” I scoffed. “Why did you have to get Amaya out of here so quickly? I know you didn’t go through all the trouble to find me when you could’ve easily sent Ethel. What do you want?”

She leaned back into the couch and took her time in asking her question. I watched as she brought her hand up to examine her nails, exaggerating the fact that she was taking her sweet ole time.

“Hello?” I was becoming more and more aggravated with every passing second.

She looked up from her nails and sent me an innocent and almost motherly smile. If I hadn’t known her so long I’d believe it to be genuine, but I remained silent wanting to know what it is she wanted this time.

“My dearest Theo,” Her grin went from innocent to devilish within the snap of a finger. I immediately knew she was up to something. Possibly something worse than usual. “I have a proposition for you.”

I sighed, knowing this could only mean trouble.


I watched as Theresa put on her finishing touches of makeup, and I was slightly excited to see what she had done. Usually I wouldn’t care what I looked like, but this party had me anxious already and it hadn’t even started.

Deep down I knew it didn’t matter what people thought of me. The only opinion that should matter to you is your own, but at the same time I wanted to make a good and lasting impression on the classy and rich people of New York so I knew I had to look marvelous.

“All done!” Theresa declared with a grin as she excitedly pranced over to one of the mirrors.

Her long and manicured fingers gripped onto the sheet so tightly it left creases. She let out an excited squeal before finally ripping the cover off.

The moment was just like the ones they have in those overly praised, but oddly addicting makeover shows. My eyes immediately locked with my own reflection, and my jaw dropped shortly after, not believing it was me I was looking at.

To make sure this all was a trick, I did a few movements in the mirror and the figure repeated them perfectly and on time. It really was me.

Theresa had done my hair and makeup beautifully twice before this, but for some reason this time just seemed...better.

Maybe it was the bold eye makeup she had done, but had somehow made it soft at the same time. She had pulled it all together with a ruby red lipstick, and just the right amount of highlight. The whole ensemble was done exquisitely. Not even a single eyelash was out of place.

Same went for my hair. All pieces of my brunette hair was swept up into the most stunning updo I had ever seen on a person. She had curled it with such ease before pinning it up, leaving just a few ringlets out to frame my face.

“You did amazing, Theresa.“I turned to see her face dawning a proud a gleeful grin. “Thank you!”

“Anytime, darling. You earned it.” She smiled before pulling me into a hug. “Now let’s get you into that dress!”

The whole ensemble was free from any flaws, and all that was left was the dress. I had been too nervous to peek in its bag, but today was the day.

I would be okay if the dress was just boring, it’d be a better theory than the one of Mrs. Thompson leaving me nothing else besides a clown suit. Imagining myself walking down the extravagant staircase in polka-dotted yellow pants and oversized red shoes made me want to curl up and hide for the rest of my life.

So as Theresa pulled the bulky and human-sized bag out of the closet and laid it across the bed, my nerves reached an all time high. Was it going to be too gaudy? Too ugly? Would Mrs. Thompson risk me looking bad just for her own personal gain?

I had no idea, so I closed my eyes. “You open it, Theresa. I’m too nervous!”

“Will do! I’ve been dying to see this since I first got here.” She chuckled and I could hear her excitedly rub her hands together before I heard her slowly pull the zipper.

As soon as the zipper went to its stopper there was nothing but silence.

“Theresa?” I asked slightly worried.

When there was still no response I became even more so. “Well what’s it like?”


“Theresa! I’m dying here. Forget it! I’ll just look!” I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped yet again. Not believing my own eyesight, I took a step closer.

Mentally, I sent Mrs. Thompson a thank you...but if anyone ever asked I’d deny that.

Was this really my dress? It was beautiful...more than beautiful. The dress was elegant, charming, and definitely unrivaled against anything I’d ever worn. The perfect red ballgown was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and by the looks of it I knew why. Most of my clothes had always come from the clearance rack at whatever store I could fine, but this dress on the other hand would’ve probably been placed on a rack that only the richest of the rich could touch.

It had to have been extremely high-priced, and for that reason I would be staying away from all things that stained. My accident-prone self had a habit of spilling drinks and dropping foods, and I don’t think a dress like this deserved that.

When my gawking phase finally ended Theresa helped me into the magnificent (and quite massive) dress. The gown instantly flowed all around me, making me feel like Cinderella with the dress her fairy godmother granted her. As soon as Theresa had me all zipped up, she was already in front of me and helping me into heels giving me an automatic boost of height.

Lastly, came the jewelry. Theresa appeared with a matching set of necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. All of which I assumed cost more than my life.

“Be careful with these, they’re diamonds.”

I gave her a nervous laugh. “I’ll try my best.”

As if I wasn’t anxious I had the jewelry’s lively hood depending on me!

I looked over at the clock and swore under my breath. I was nearly late. But what’s an entrance without being slightly, nut fashionably, late?

I thanked Theresa one more time for all her hard work, and gave her a long hug. Sadly, this would probably be the last time I would see her, considering I’d be leaving tomorrow. I held her as long as I could. Over such a short amount of time, I had grown to really enjoy her company. But before I could give any sappy farewells, she pushed me out the door.

“Go get you Cinderella moment, darling.” She winked slamming my door shut and locking it.

Feeling slightly out of placed I suddenly pulled myself together and straightened up. It was go time. I could hear faint chatter along with soft music already coming from downstairs.

The closer I came to the steps, the louder the talking and instrumentals were. This only proved how truly late I was and how much I wanted to retreat to my room to hide for the night.

I’m sure Mrs. Thompson would love that, but I knew this was the whole reason Theo had asked me to accompany him. The whole reason he had asked me to New York.

He wanted me by his side through this whole night of hell. And since he’d been there for me time and time again, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I ditched him in his time of need?

A survivor?

No...okay maybe slightly, but overall I’d just be a selfish bitch who couldn’t put someone else’s needs above her own which Theo had done numerous times for me.

I could do this.

I took a deep breath in before I took the last few steps. As soon as I did, everyone would be able to see me and there’d be no turning back.

So, for Theo, I let my high heeled feet take six even steps on the plush red carpet until I was at the direct top of the staircase. The breath I had been holding immediately released from my grasp as soon as I saw exactly how many people were waiting at the bottom of these steps.

There had to at least be a hundred, but more were filing in by the second. And it seemed like I was the sole center of attention. Almost like everyone had dropped whatever they were doing just to look up and watch me potentially tumble the whole way down.

I shakily took a deep breath and looked around the room of tuxedoed men, hoping I’d find the right one.

At my last minute of hope Theo turned and glanced to see what everyone was staring at before turning back around. But then, almost comically, his head whipped back around to lock eyes with me. His eyes were wide with surprise and I chuckled at his actions.

In that moment, it was like all my worries and insecurities went down the drain. I smiled down to him and with his jaw dropped he quickly made his way to the bottom of the steps to wait for me.

As gracefully as I could I reached out to grab ahold on the bannister and took the first step down the never ending staircase.

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