The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 5.


Theo and I decided he’d move in by the beginning of next week. He already paid his half of the rent for this coming month, so I guess there was no going back on my part.

I was honestly so thankful he came along, but you would never hear me admitting that to him.

Whether I liked it or not, Theo was barging into my life within the next seven days. And when he does I’m losing some of my freedoms. I wouldn’t be able to walk around in nothing but my underwear and a big t-shirt, sing at the top of my lungs while I was in the shower, or dance like a weirdo to my favorite tunes.

It was going to be a tough transition, believe me, but I was going to have to get through it because without Theo I’d probably be living in a danky little dorm.

I remember seeing the living areas for students during my college visit back in December. They weren’t the nicest of places, and gave off the sketchiest vibes. To put it simply, you’d have to pay me to live in one.

Thankfully our college gave us the option to live in an apartment if we could find one, and I did. As soon as I got home from visiting the campus, I was on my laptop searching nearby apartment buildings.

I found the complex I’m living in right now, and it was my favorite choice right off the bat...well until I saw the price.

Instantly I knew it was too much for me which set me off on the search of a roommate. I found one, but we all know how that tale ended.

It ended with her ditching me and having to replace her with an insanely gorge-...attractive-ish, conceited fellow.

Theo had already seen the apartment from photos, but he was coming over tonight to get a “closer look.” I would rather him not, but who am I to say no? This apartment is already half his.

While I was wait for him I studied for an upcoming test on the couch until I hear the terrible sound of someone knocking. A huff escapes my mouth without thinking and I go to the door.

My tiptoes help me reach to see through the little peephole in the door, and with that peek I can see clearly that it’s Theo.

I roll my eyes before unlocking and opening the door. My feet scoot backward a little bit to give him enough room to step inside. I close the door behind him as his eyes skim around the whole apartment and he nods before he turns to look at me.

“Always dress up that nice to see your new roommates?” He smirks as my cheeks turn a deep crimson.

I look down at my outfit. My old hoodie reaches my thighs and I’m wearing a pair of fuzzy, pink socks, and some black sweatpants that advertised my old high school’s basketball team.

My hair was in a knot on top of my head and I was wearing my extremely nerdy glasses.

It was official. I looked like a complete bum. Part of me wished I had actually tried today, but another part of me could care less what Theo thought of my appearance right now. He might as well get used to it since he’s going to have to see more of me like this.

I mutter a whatever, and he shrugs before pushing past me and moving to my fridgerator. I follow him into the kitchen, but he’s moved on to digging through my cabinets.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like, twinkle-toes?” His frown deepens about his discovery as he strokes his imaginary beard to think harder, and I roll my eyes at his new nickname for me. “You literally have no food.”

“I have plenty of food.” I growled before walking back over to the couch to study some more.

“No you don’t. We need to go shopping. Like ASAP.” He says as he sits on the love seat diagonally from me while he propped his feet on the coffee table.

Without even looking up to him I said, “Get your feet off my table.”

“Fine, grouch.” He chuckled before moving over to the couch to sit beside me.

“I’m trying to study.”

“And I’m one-sixteenth Brazilian.”

I squinted my eyes before I took my glasses off and turned towards him now irritated. “What are you even talking about?”

“Oh. I thought we were just stating facts.” He grinned as I deeply exhaled annoyed.

“You’re an idiot.” I went back to my work with a quick roll of my eyes.

“Could say the same thing about you.” He leaned back with hands folded behind his head as if he just was talking about the weather.

I throw my homework onto the table angrily and turn towards him.

“Excuse me?” I ask with my arms across my chest.

“Don’t get all girl angry on me,” He says before unzipping his jacket and digging into the interior pocket. He pulls out a small stack of papers. “This is why you’re an idiot.”

He chucks the papers onto the table and I grab them before another look of disapproval is thrown Theo’s way.

“What are these, Theodore?” I smirk a little since I used his full name before taking a closer look at the papers.

My smirk fell and I flipped through the pages. They were all my fliers that I had hung up when trying to find a new roommate.

“Why do you have these?” I ask confused.

“Well let’s see,” He took one paper from the stack. “This has your address and number on it. You know how many creeps would love to have this info??”

Hate to say it, but he did have a very good point. I never even thought about those situations before I posted the paper. I was too focused on trying to find someone to help with my finances to realize I gave away important personal information that easily.

“Wow. I never even thought about that.” I admitted before staring into my lap embarrassed.

“Hey. It’s okay. I took them all down. Nothing to worry about anymore.” He punched my shoulder in a playful way.

I gave him a genuine smile in return, and went to put on my worn out Converse.

“What are you putting your shoes on for?” He wondered aloud.

“In a few days this place will be as much yours as mine,” He looked a little confused. I let out a sigh before I elaborated. “Thought you said we needed food.”

With the last word Theo was already off the couch with his shoes and jacket on and already out the door before I even had the chance to tie my laces.

Guess someone is hungry.

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