The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 7.


“Honey, I’m home!!” I hear an obnoxious voice that I am slowly becoming familiar with echo from the front door.

I toss my book onto the couch beside me and walk to see Theo with the few remaining boxes resting within his arms. His bulging muscles under his white, long-sleeved t-shirt were practically begging to be seen.

“That everything?” I ask looking around the room at about twenty cardboard boxes sitting around my living room.

I’m almost certain that he had more crap in the apartment right now than I’ve had in my whole life.

“Yep,” He walked over to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I wasn’t used to people being this near me, and I could feel my cheeks burning at this very moment. “I left most of my stuff at home though.” How the hell could he have more?!

I could see his lips tilt downwards as if he was sad about it, but they lifted within ten seconds to transform to a completely new expression.

“Well I should probably start unpacking.” He rubbed his hands together excitedly.

He went into the kitchen and I could almost immediately hear him digging through drawers. Items were falling and hitting the floor, and I could feel my irritation rising.

“Third drawer over from the right under the counter!” I shout.

He comes back looking prouder than ever with a triumphant smile on his face with one hand wrapped around a shiny new pair of scissors.

“Found ’em all on my own.” He smirked.

“I’m so sure you did.” I dryly chuckled.

I went back to reading with a newfound pack of fruit snacks in hand as he carried each box into his room.

When he had finally moved all in his junk into his room the door shut, and all I could hear music blasting.


I tried my best to ignore it, and keep reading, but no matter how hard I tried to focus I couldn’t.

It’s especially hard to read about one of the greatest and most romantic pieces of English literature of all time (at least according to my professor), Romeo and Juliet, when all I could hear was a rapper is talking about having sex with a stripper.

With a scoff and I’m sure an angry look on my face I stormed into Theo’s room.

“Hey! You need to turn it down. I can’t focus, and we are going to get a noise compl..-”

My jaw absolutely dropped at the sight.

There he was. Sitting with a roll of pale pink Hubba Bubba in hand and piles upon piles of junk surrounding him in a circle with him in the direct middle. This boy had a serious hoarding problem.

It was such a mess, and I instantly had the urge to start cleaning, but I contained it and remained rooted in the doorway with my arms crossed.

He set his bubblegum aside and grinned widely like a kid meeting Santa for the first time. “Hey! Wanna join in on this amazing fun?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m totally good out here,” I pointed in the direction of the couch. “Where we don’t listen to demeaning music and a place where clothes are kind of a required thing.” I pointed to his exposed abdomen.

He looked down and smirked. “Well. No one ever said you had to be clothed.” He winked making my cheeks burn as red as a lobster.

His shirt had mysteriously gone missing, and he was just left in his sweatpants. They were hanging dangerously low on his hips and it gave me the urge to just pull them up for him.

I cleared my throat as I realized how close he was.

His face was less than an inch from mine, and it was getting hard to breathe. I watched his perfect eyes gaze into mine, and I lost my train of thought.

Like I said before I wasn’t used to people being so close to me...especially guys.

I felt something rip out of my hand, and Theo’s loud laugh boomed off the walls of his room.

My hand was now empty and I watched as Theo dumped the contents of the mini plastic bag into his mouth.

I glared at him while he munched on my favorite type of fruit gummies with a smirk knowing that I was irritated.

That was my last pack too...

“You owe me new gummies.” I muttered.

I walked out of his room swiftly and as soon as my heels hit the tiles of our kitchen I turned to see he had unfortunately followed me.

“What do you want now?” I asked sounding a little angrier than I wanted.

“Ooh. Someone’s a little feisty today. What’s up with you?”

“Like I’d tell you,” I scoffed.

“Fine then. I was just trying to help.” His eyes rolled as he rose his hands in surrender and was about to leave the room when I changed my mind.

“I’ve just got a lot on my mind. That’s all. I’m not usually this bad, I promise.” I admitted feeling a bit ashamed of how I’d treated Theo these past few days. My parents had never taught to be that rude to others. Especially to those I didn’t even know that well.

“It’s cool, princess.” He winked.

I think I was just going off suspicion that Theo was “that type.” There’d been so many like him back at my hometown high school. They were always so overly confident, and along with that confidence almost always came rudeness, hatred, and disrespect to everyone they came across.

Those guys were the ones I avoided at all costs. No matter what I was going through or how hard things were getting, I knew to steer clear of them.

Maybe if I’m lucky Theo will beat the steryotypical odds, but in order to determine that I’d have to give him a chance.

“Amaya, are you alright?”

Since when was Theo was now standing in front of me?

“You kind of zoned out of it there for a little bit.” He chuckled.

“Oh. Sorry. I was just thinking about something.” I shook my head trying to clear it a bit more.

“Alright. I’m getting out of your hair now. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” He threw a wave over his shoulder leaving me behind.

“Wait a second!” I yelled anxiously wanting him to turn back around. I wanted to straighten things out with him.

He turned back around slowly with a quizical look on his face.

The yell had come out louder than expected, and my hand went over my mouth. My cheeks instantly blushed out of embarrassment.

“Sorry didn’t mean to yell that loud.” I said sheepishly.

“It’s alright. Just try not to break my eardrums next time.” He said with dramatic hands over the sides of his head.

I rolled my eyes at his theatrical ways, but gave a simple nod to let him know I understood.

“Now, why are you keeping me from going off to my room and getting some much needed sleep?”

“I wanted to give you a proposition.” I offered.

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?” He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the doorway to the kitchen.

" I think we should lay some ground rules. It’s only the first day being in the same apartment together, but I still feel like we should give each other their personal space. Laying down some rules will keep us from stepping on each others toes.”

“I’ve never stepped on your toes.” His eyebrows squished towards the mid-line of his forehead.

I let out a big sigh, “Nevermind the toes part, but I still think we should respect each others boundaries. I’m sure there’s some thing you don’t want me doing while we’re both here, and I know there’s plenty I’ve got to say.”

“Knowing as much as I do about you, I already know your list of rules will more than likely stretch a whole mile, so we’re probably going to have to shcedule for another time than now. I really need to get to bed.” I noticed he was looking nervously at the clock.

My eyes followed his and looked at the time. It was barely past 8 in the evening. What college freshman boy goes to sleep that early?

“Um...okay. Tomorrow at noon good?” I asked.

He sucked in air between his teeth as if he already knew he had plans at that exact time tomorrow. “How about 2:30?”

Tomorrow was Thursday which meant I only had one class, which ended at 11, so I was in the clear.

“Alright. Sounds good.”

He bid his goodnight, and walked into his room before shutting off the light and closing his door.

What could he possibly need to go to bed so early for?

To put my mind at ease I just told myself he had an early class, but I knew it was so much more than that.

Guess I’d have to wait and find out.

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