The Football Player's Roommate

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Chapter 8.


“Do you have rules for everything in life?”

He rolled his eyes as I pushed my glasses further up the bridge of my nose.

“Yes, Theo,” I cut him off almost instantly. “This is the only way to stay organized and keep everything from going hectic and chaotic.”

I scribbled down some more ideas of specifics to follow while in the apartment. I could feel him watching me closely and I heard a whine when I wrote down a specific rule.

The apartment that I sadly had to be sharing with this overly confident asshole.

My eyes watched carefully as his large hand hovered over my writing right before Theo snatched my notebook away from my grasp.

“No bringing others into the apartment for sexual reasons?” He asked. “Are you serious?”

His eyes were watching me seeming somewhat annoyed.

“Yes. Now be quiet so I can focus.” I went back to writing.

My reflexes weren’t quite quick enough to stop him from snatching away my paper.


I was already on my tiptoes trying to claim back what was mine, but I already knew there was no hope trying. I’d just be wasting my energy jumping for it since Theo annoyingly stood over six feet.

“Label all foods, bathroom toiletries, etcetera as your own or they will be thrown away?” Theo snickered as he read through my list. “I’m not following these stupid rules.”

He chucked my list back onto the counter and crossed his arms as he leaned back against the refrigerator. My eyes couldn’t help but focus on his bulging biceps that looked as if they were about to rip out of his already tight t-shirt.

“Heyo! Eyes up here, princess.”

I blushed since he obviously caught me, but I covered it up with my words.

“Unfortunately my eyes can’t take handle that much hideousness.” I walked away but not quick enough.

He whirled me around and was smirking as I tried to squirm out of his grip.

“Hideous? That’s not what I heard when you were sleep talking last night.” One of his perfect eyes fluttered shut real quick to give me a cute wink.

Then he walked away, but had the guts to say one last thing as he was half-turned to me.

“Remember that I’m the reason you still have this apartment. I’m not following your stupid rules no matter what. I could easily find somewhere else to stay.” He walked to his room and I heard the door shut.

“So much for trying to lay down the law.” I muttered as I set the list of rules back on the counter.

I opened some cabinets until I finally found one of my ultimate favorite snacks. A large bag of cheesy popcorn, and I turn to get a glass of iced tea.

It was finally Thursday, and I can’t say that things had gotten any easier since my new roomie moved in.

If anything, they’d only gotten worse. When Theo was here all he was usually doing was sleeping or eating.

He never helped out with cleaning and he only did laundry when he absolutely had to. Which means there’d be piles of his dirty laundry after only a few days. How a guy goes through that many outfits in such a short amount of time.

I’ve only been living with the guy for a short amount of time, but sometimes when he came back to the apartment his clothes would be muddy or grassy. I never asked questions, I simply just acted like I didn’t see anything.

I was about to turn the tv on when Theo abruptly emerged from his room. He was dressed in a heather grey t-shirt and some Nike black basketball shorts.

He set down his duffel bag and went to the fridge. His hand wrapped around a water bottle before shutting the door and leaving out the front.

With his outfit, my guess is he was going to the gym. I mean a guy as fit as Theo obviously had to spend some time working out.

But gyms were usually always clean, so that didn’t really explain the muddy and grass-stained clothing. Looking around the apartment, I came to a conclusion. I was tired of this wondering of who I was living with.

For all I know he could be a murderer and the reason his clothes are all nasty is because he’s been burying the bodies on his own.

Oh man. Am I living with a serial killer??

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit extreme, but not knowing was making my mind wondering to the strangest conclusions and it was beginning to become unbearable.

Tired of not having the knowledge I wanted, I set my popcorn and drink down on the coffee table before shutting my tv off.

I swiped my hands down the fronts of my sweatpants and hurried to slide on my shoes. I grabbed my keys off the hook and rushed out the door to my car. If I was quick, I was positive I’d be able to catch up with Theo.

Let’s just hope my old Volkswagen doesn’t die on me on the way there.

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