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X: Fools talk in love.

“Silver! Are you coming?” Sebastian yelled as Peyton was walking down the hall and to the stairs.

She was wearing a cocktail dress that showed off her curves. It was black and had a lace feel to it. It was tight until under waist and then flaired out a bit.

The sweetheart neckline made it even nicer to wear and she couldn’t help but love it.Which is surprising since Sebastian is the one who picked it out.

When her eyes met Sebastian’s she saw him look her over and with the smile that covered his face, she was sure he was pleased.

He grabbed her hand and lead her out of the house while grabbing his keys.The car was already parked out front and Peyton appreciated the silver Porsche in front of them for a moment.

Sebastian then opened the door for her and she got in hiding her shock and watched him run to the other side and then getting in and starting the car.

“Seatbelt.” He made sure she put hers on before putting his on and took about two seconds long to appreciate the bump that you could see through the dress when the seatbelt pushes her dress against her body.

He also didn’t fail to notice the hand the she protectively has holding her stomach and when he looked at her he found his lips twitching when he noticed her looking outside.

Then a few minutes later they were on the road and Sebastian had to tell her about everything that would be happening.

“Silver?” He waited for her reply which was a simple hum and then spoke “we have quite the day planned.”

She gives him a questioning look and he explains “we are on our way to my parent’s lake house . . .And . . .We are going to be taking engagement photos before we go have dinner at my parent’s place.” Sebastian said everything one shot so to not get interrupted and kept his eyes on the road.

It was silent for the rest of the ride and even after Sebastian had parked the car it was still silent and they stayed sitting.

It was about three minutes before Peyton said something and Sebastian’s gaze immediately snapped to Peyton.

“Okay. I agreed to this and we can deal with it. Just tell me everything I need to know.” Sebastian’s eyes widened and for a moment he didn’t know what to say since he was surprised that she wasn’t fighting him on it.

Then he snapped back and turned to her in the car “okay well, for starters, ignore anything and everything that my . . . Brother,” he said through clenched teeth “and father have to say unless its kind. My mother can be a handful and you need to make sure you don’t give her the wrong first impression.Allister will also be there, but he isn’t important . . . Just don’t piss him off.What else?” He drummed his fingers on his knee in thought before snapping his fingers.

Peyton was a bit baffled by everything he said and tried to comprehend it all “oh yes, my sister can be . . . Kind? Just go with the flow. Oh also, we have to be in love . . . So don’t screw up.We don’t want to make a fool of ourselves with our love talk.”

Pleased with everything, he then got out of the car and so did Peyton, before he grabbed her hand and lead her down a hill and into a big and beautiful building.

It looked like a wooden mansion from the outside and when they walked inside, Peyton was awestruck.

It looked like the most modern hotel that you would ever walk into.There was an open plan for the living room going through to a beautiful kitchen and a dining room table was inbetween all of it.

There was a beautiful stairway leading to a second floor and if you looked passed it, then you could see the deck that leads down to green grass with a lake.

When Peyton finally snapped back to reality, she noticed that there were four people infront of her and Sebastian was with them.

“Peyton, this is my mother, Clarissa,” Sebastian introduced her to his mother who was wearing a long, navy blue dress. She has striking blue eyes and she had laugh lines by her eyes.When Peyton stuck her hand out for a shake, his mother simply looked at her from head to toe before giving her a homey hug “oh you are so beautiful!” Peyton smiled and before she could say anything, Sebastian spoke again.

“This is my sister,Amanda,” he gestured to a girl with short hair cut in a chinese bob and Peyton looked at Amanda and before she could register anything, she was enveloped in a tight hug “oh my goodness! You’re glowing! I am Amanda and I will make it my goal to be your best friend!” She then pulled away and looked at Sebastian then at Peyton “I see Mr. Grouch finally found someone who could handle him! Someone gorgeous!”

This made Peyton blush and the Sebastian pushed Amanda away telling her that it was enough then turning to his father “this is my father, Henry.” Sebastian gestered to a middle aged man with the same tuxedo as Sebastian.The man had short brown hair and green eyes. He had wrinkles that showed care, yet anger.

Peyton noticed the look passed between them before his father turned on his heal and left without so much as a glance at her. Peyton’s mouth fell open in surprise but she didn’t say anything especially since Sebastian swore under his breath.

“Forget him!” Amanda said out loud and her mother grabbed her by her arm and walked away with her “let’s go check on the photographer.”

Peyton watched as they walked with Amanda talking non-stop.Then the clearing of a throat, caught her attention and she came face to face with a scary looking guy.

He had a black leather jacket and black jeans paired with a navy blue shirt.There was a chain hanging from his pants and you could see that he was plastered with tattoos.

He had a ring in his lip and his eyebrow and when he saw her watching him, he gave her a smirk before making a face revealing his tongue ring “hey there cutie,”

Sebastian rolled his eyes “Silver, this is Allister, my best friend.We met when we were three and we are the same age and whatever. He is the asshole who keeps getting arrested.” Peyton nodded and then Allister turned to Sebastian.

“Man, am I glad you are here! I have had to go punch a tree at least five times since I got here ten minutes ago; all because of Mac.” Sebastian tensed at the name and Peyton rose an eyebrow “who’s Mac?”

“That would be me.” Peyton felt a chill run down her spine when she heard the sudden menacing tone right next to her ear before she felt a hand on her ass.

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