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XI: Photos and fights.

“Get off of her you rusty nail!” Allister growled in a menacing voice and immediately Mac stepped away from Peyton.

He walked closer to Allister, not at all caring about the fact that Sebastian has pulled Peyton closer to him by the waist.

He looked Allister in the eyes and noticed the thunderstorm inside them “did I upset you? Ah maybe Denise can make it better!”

Now Allister had Mac pushed against the wall by the collar. “Don’t speak about . . . It! Denise has nothing to do with your slimy hands touching my sweet little bunny friend!”

Mac laughed “well, you can’t hurt me. Everyone will get suspicious and you don’t want a repeat of Christmas do you?” Allister growled and released him.

“I am going to get you before the night ends Coleman.” Mac faked being scared before smirking “what about my parents who are the reason for many things in your life?”

Allister stood searching for something to say “your mom loves me more than the monkey you are!”

As Mac was about to pounce on Allister, his mom came from wherever and grabbed him for help.

Allister was mumblling to himself while pacing and clenching and unclenching his fist.

“Fucking slimeball, he is such a monkey, he even makes a fucking unicorn upset!” He got a fright when he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Sebastian.

“You are in the presence of a lady, one more fowl word and I kick you out.” Allister rolled his eyes and took a deep breath “not like I don’t have a cool machine to ride away with.”

Sebastian narrowed his eyes before nodding and slowly walking up and down as if he were in a court room.

Peyton was engrossed in the coversation that was taking place infront of her, the way that Allister could just get all angry like that amazed her.

“Alright, just remember that if you leave then you are not in the photos that means you are no longer my best man and a part of the wedding and you no longer being a part of the wedding means no cake.” Allister’s eyes widened and he looked at Peyton with his ears turning subtly red “I am sorry.”

She laughed and nodded as he walked towards her and put his arm around her shoulder while leading her to the back slowly “so let me see my beautiful godchild, but first, you have got to tell me how you deal with this guy’s assole-y-ness. I mean, I have known him since we were three and I still regret it sometimes.”

This made Peyton laugh out loud and as she was about to answer, Sebastian pulled her away and lead her to the photoshoot with his arm around her waist “don’t mind him. Now remember the deal and let’s get going with the photoshoot.” Peyton nodded “yes, thank you.” Sebastian nodded grateful that she isn’t asking any questions about Mac.

“Alright, let’s get this started.” The photographer shouted in excitement “gosh I love shoots with hot people.”

Peyton’s eyes widened and Sebastian’s mother giggled.They stood infront of the camera while Sebastian held her by the waist and then they started.

The first part of the photoshoot included everyone.They took pictures of Peyton and Amanda,Allister and Sebastian, Mac and Amanda and then the two parents with their son.

Many different combinations were taken and the phtogropher loved it more and more.

They took pictures by the lake and by the stables; a few even in the house.All Peyton knew is that she was having an extreme amount of fun with Allister and Amanda.

Allister was funny and Amanda proved to be a great friend for Peyton and so they immediately hit it off and discussed wedding arrangements after Peyton was shocked to hear that it will be in a month when she is four months pregnant.

Sebastian then told the family about the pregnancy while Amanda was in the kitchen as to not get too much excitement and they were all overjoyed. Except for Sebastian’s father and Mac.

The photoshoot was going great! Especially when Sebastian and Peyton started taking pictures.

It was only them and each picture got better and better. From sassy to loving to sweet; it was all there.

While Sebastian and Peyton were posing for a picture where they are standing facing each other with Sebastian’s hands on her hips and Peyton’s arms around his neck.

They had to stair into each others eyes.

The photographer took about three pictures and in the moments of staring into each others eyes; Sebastian knows that he saw something flicker in Peyton’s eyes and Peyton knew she saw something too.

Next they had to stay in their position, only, Sebastian has one hand holding her neck lovingly with his thumb on her cheek while placing a soft kiss onto her forehead as Peyton smiled with her eyes closed and both of her hands on his chest.

As the photographer took the picture, there was a huge crash and everyone looked towards the source and started running.

Allister was on top of Mac and he was throwing punch after punch with a deadly look on his face.

Sebastian immediately ran and pulled Allister away and his father held Mac.They were both struggling to get to each other, but since they couldn’t they started spouting out curses to each other.

“You f*cking pr*ck! You better apologize before I kill you!” Allister shouted and Mac laughed “I don’t listen to bums like you!”

“You rusty f*cking nail of a football player! I swear!” Allister had gotten loose from Sebastian and immediately grabbed Mac.

He held him by the collar and everything went deadly silent.They stared at each other for a moment before Allister whispered something to Mac.

“Apologise.” The rest Sebastian couldn’t hear, but after Allister spoke; Mac looked over towards Peyton “my sincere apologies.”

Allister nodded before he let the guy go and casually walked away. “I will be inside waiting to go have dinner.” He didn’t turn to anyone when he spoke and instead just went inside after tearing a leaf from a bush and angrily stepping on it.

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