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XII: Chivalrous in public.

“Finally! I need some fresh air!” Allister wailed as he walked into the house leaving the rest of them behind.

Peyton rose an eyebrow while Sebastian lead them inside and she couldn’t help but notice that Allister was in fact outside.


Though, she still smiled and held a quawk in.The place was huge! Absolutely breathtaking!

She let out a small squeak when she felt Sebastian squeeze her hip slightly and she turned to see him smiling at her.

Sebastian looked at Peyton as if she had lost a brain cell, for some unknown reason she had just froze when she turned to him.


“I need to pee.” She blurted out as Sebastian was about to ask her if he could take her on a tour through the house.

However, knowing how important it is for a pregnant woman to pee when needed, he shut his mouth and only then did they notice everyone else was silent and staring at them.

Peyton was busy praying for the ground to swallow her whole when suddenly Amanda laughed and offered to take her.

She smiled and thanked Amanda while they walked alongside each other up the stairs.

Sebastian stood alone watching Amanda babble on and on about the downstairs bathroom not being worthy enough of Peyton.

“I don’t know why I get the feeling that your little slut is going to fall and miscarry.” Sebastian immediately growled and turned to Mac.

“Listen to me you little fuck! You will not touch a hair on her head!” Mac let out a laugh as he looked Sebastian in the eye.

“What are you going to do about it?” Sebastian took a threatening step closer with a glare on his face “why don’t you try and find out? ... again.”

“I would love to.” Suddenly, Sebastian saw things. He saw that day, heard those sounds and he could feel the rage all over again.

He looked into Mac’s eyes and before Mac could notice anything, Sebastians arm came through and he hit Mac in the jaw.

Immediately Mac fell tothe ground completely knocked out and Sebastian was about to kick him even further when two strong arms wrapped around his and he got picked up and moved.

“Let me go Allister!” Sebastian growled as loud as he could and when Allister had put him down, he held on to his shoulders tight “look man, it’s not worth it. He isn’t going to stop and your dad is right there.”

Sebastian tried to look past him, but he kept on moving his face in front of his view and making a funny face while only fueling Sebastian’s anger more.

Soon Sebastian had enough and punched Allister who then spewed out some colourful words and held back on hitting back.

While Sebastian was now advancing to a, now, awake Mac, he suddenly stopped in his step when Peyton jumped in front of him.

He looked into her silver eyes and immediately grabbed her close and hugged her tight with his cheek on her head.

“Just breath.” She calmly whispered to him and to him it sounded like an angel. He closed his eyes tight and took deep breaths “I don’t know anything about this, but don’t hurt someone because they poke at your wound.”

Sebastian’s eyes opened and he slowly pulled back his head while still holding Peyton close. He looked her in the eyes and bent down.

He slowly gave her a lingering kiss on her cheek and she lit up like a tomato with a blush.

Sebastian smiled and moved a piece of hair out of her face “thank you.” He whispered and all she did was nod.

“Alright, Sebastian go show Peyton the house while I clean Mac off.After dinner we can discuss wedding arrangements.” Clarissa said with a cheer.

Sebastian nodded and pulled away from Peyton and instead he grabbed her hand. They started to walk when Sebastian intertwined their fingers.

“Amanda already showed me everything upstairs.” Peyton squeaked and Sebastian smiled amused “she does that.”

Peyton giggled and Sebastian nodded to himself “alright, I have something else that I can show you.”

“Sounds good.” Peyton smiled and Sebastian opened the door to go outside. Once they were outside, he completely pulled away from Peyton.

She stood staring at the patio. It was made of proper pine wood and there was a jacuzzi built into it.

Ferry lights were hung everywhere and there was a big table and chairs. In the stairs on the way down, there were little lights in the wood and after that there was a big pool with pool chairs.

Peyton felt something shrug onto her shoulders and smiled when she pulled it closer to see that it was Sebastian’s suit jacket.

She thought about how good he is at this acting in love thing and nearly sighed in defeat.

It’s all an act.

She felt him grab her hand and intertwine their fingers again before he lead her downstairs with a soft smile on his face.

“Through the trees, that is where we need to be.” She smiled at him and followed slowly as they walked.

Since it was dark out, Sebastian took out his iPhone and put on the torch to lead them through.

When they were through the trees, he switched off his torch and put his phone into his pocket again.

“Are you feeling better now?” Sebastian looked at Peyton and raised an eyebrow in question and she smiled softly “you were so angry. It was scary.”

Sebastian slowly nodded and looked ahead again before stopping. Peyton had her eyes fixated on him to see his reaction and she saw thunder in his eyes when he turned to look at her “are you scared of me?”

She shook her head and he raised an eyebrow studying her for a minute “alright,” he nodded with a sigh “I feel better, yes.Thank you.”

Peyton nodded with a smile “only my pleasure.”

She looked ahead and her breath caught in her throat. She looked down at her belly hoping that the baby was feeling the wonder aswell.

It was a garden full of lights. Little lights with colour and a pond. It was beautiful, too beautiful to describe.

Sebastian lead them to a bench and they both sat down “it’s beautiful.” Peyton murmured and heard a humm of agreement from Sebastian.

They both looked at each other at the same time and Sebastian smiled down at her belly “I hope our child has your eyes Silver.”

Peyton looked down blushing, but Sebastian put his hand on her cheek and let her look at him.

He slowly started to lean foreword and stared at her lips.

“Hey, I gotta get you back bitch!” Sebastian and Peyton sprang apart and Sebastian cleared his throat before looking at Allister.

“Sorry?” Then he was punched by none other than Allister.

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