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XIII: Rude yet caring?

“I was thinking that white flowers would be beautiful for the wedding!” Amanda squealed while jumping up and down.

Peyton gave her a fake smile and she immediately stopped in her tracks “you hate the idea!”

She shook her head as fast as she can “no! Just white flowers . . .They make me think of death.” Peyton blushed and looked down to the floor.

Both of them feel an arm over their shoulders and get a fright before realizing who it is.

“Hey girls, act like we are having fun and check out the guy by the bike without making it obvious.” Peyton and Amanda both raise their eyebrows and Amanda carefully looked at the bike.

“Wait,Allister isn’t that your bike?” They all stopped walking and he shook his head while looking down at them.

“No, I borrowed it without him knowing.” He shrugged and Amanda rose an eyebrow “you have had that bike for a year.”

Allister nods with an amused look on his face “I know. I am returning it now.” They all look over to the guy who is inspecting his bike and then he walks to the front and takes a blue card off of the tire.

The man reads it and suddenly he starts to turn red and look around furiously. “What does the card say?” Peyton asks curiously.

Allister gave her a sheepish look before answering with “thank you for letting me borrow your bike, please know that it won’t start because I used all the fuel that I paid for.”

Peyton starts to laugh and Amanda smacks him on the shoulder. He then looks at the guy again and waves sheepishly before his eyes widen and he looks at the girls again “I need to go.Take care of our secret Peyton and that Asshole.”

He then turns around and puts the hood to his jacket back on before disappearing into the crowd.

Peyton turns to look at Amanda who looked like she wanted to fall over “why did you park if we have to walk a block? Where are we even going?”

Peyton continues walking and Amanda walks alongside her “because, you can’t know about this yet, it’s why I told you to come with me last night, I said it so that you won’t ask about it until today.”

Shaking her head,Amanda shrugs “yeah, I may get a little excited sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” Peyton giggles when Amamda’s mouth falls open, knowing that they only met a day ago.

“Okay, so we are going to Dr. Simopolos.” They entered a white, air conditioned building and while Peyton gave in her name,Amanda figured it out and before she could think about it she shouted “you’re pregnant?!”

Peyton was left blushing as the doctor came out and ushered them to his office down the hall.

It wasn’t much, three months and they could see it all. Peyton’s heart melted the moment she saw the baby and she felt like crying.

“That was breathtaking.” Amanda said calmly as they pulled up by the house.The whole drive was silent with Peyton thinking about her little Button.

She sat quietly in the car for a moment, leaned back in her seat a tear slipped from her right eye “I have a baby inside of me.”

Amanda giggled with a nod in the passenger seat.Then Peyton felt something that felt like bubbles in her stomach and she flinched while grabbing her belly.

Amanda got a fright and waited to see what Peyton would do, but Peyton started laughing and looked at Amanda with tears in her eyes “it’s kicking!”

Amanda squealed and they sat together and felt the baby kick before Peyton got out amd they walked to the door and inside with smiles on their faces.

“Where have you two been?!” Anger is seeping in Sebastian’s veins and he feels like he could kill anyone right now.

When he woke up this morning, all that he could think about was Peyton. He thought about how they nearly kissed and how she laughed during the dinner

The way that she glowed from her pegnancy made him melt inside. He didn’t like it at all.

Then, he wanted to take her for breakfast to discuss that his mother already started the wedding plans and will need her, but she was gone and not answering her phone.

Peyton held up the baby pictures and took off her coat before walking to him with a hop in her step “the baby kicked for the first time!”

She felt excitement bubble up inside of her, but Sebastian’s glare made her immediately climb into her little bubble.

His eyes trained from hers to the pictures then to her stomach and back to her eyes.

“You drove!” He exclaimed in anger “yes, is that a problem?” He started to nod with his fists clenched.

“Yes! Pregnant people don’t drive!” Peyton was left gaping at him before she crossed her arms protectively “and why not?!”

“They just don’t!” he shouts at her amd Amanda then steps forward “if I may-” she then gets cut off by Sebastian’s roar.

“Shut up and leave now!” She immediately retracts before she nods and greets Peyton before leaving.

It was silent between the two while Sebastian made his way towards Peyton “don’t get too comfortable around here Silver, this is a business deal.”

Peyton opens her mouth to speak, but he cuts her off “don’t you drive again.” He looks at her with the most serious expression that he has.

He feels like the months can’t pass by enough, is she doesn’t aggravate every bone in his body, she gets into his head.

“I will drive again! It’s my choice!” He clenches his fists and shakes his head “don’t push it!”

“Why not?”

“Just don’t!”

“Why not Coleman?” “I SAID DON’T!”

“WHY DOES IT EVEN MATTER TO YOU?!” it falls silent in the house and Sebastian finds himself not wanting to shout anymore, but wanting to see his child more than anything.

Will it have her strong way of standing up for yourself?

He then looked at her and starting to walk backwards seeing all the pictures of . . . Then.

“I just- I can’t have anything happening to you or my child.” He says brokenly. Losing balance, he slowly stumbles backwards hearing the sirens all over again. Feeling like he is losing his control, he sighs and looks at Peyton “just forget it.” He then turns around and starts to walk down the hall with his eyes tearing up. XIV: What a jerk!

“Yes, the red ones.” Peyton was looking outside at the backyard. It was green and it was breathtakingly big.

The pool looked like fun and everything else just seemed to be in the most perfect of places.

She grabbed a chair and sat down while listening to Mrs. Coleman and Amanda on the phone.

She was eating some red, seedless grapes and she was busy confirming everything she had said earlier when they went planning for the wedding.

Peyton, Clarissa and Amanda had gone out to pick flowers, taste cake, choose save the dates, and get the arrangements.

All this while Clarissa made an appointment with the world renowned dress maker Patricia Swanson.

“Amanda, I don’t care what flowers you add on, just make sure that the majority is red daisies with the black middle.” Peyton told a panicked Amanda who immediately calmed down.

“Alright, and you chose the vanilla cake with the buttercream amd strawberry middle.You chose to have it elegant and a touch of colour here and there.” Amanda reads from her notebook to Peyton who hummed in agreement.

“Alright, the rest will be done tomorrow and then we can have the wedding! I am so proud of us planning a wedding in such short notice!” Amanda squeals and Clarissa laughs in the background “money can get you a long way sometimes my love. Now only the dress.”

Peyton smiled “yes, thank you both so much! You have no idea what this means to me!”

Peyton had never had a real friend like Amanda. It meant so much more than Amanda would ever understand!

Also, Mrs. Coleman being so nice and welcoming makes the deal so much easier than Mr. Coleman who glares at her the whole time does.

“No problem honey! We will see you tomorrow.Tell my son he is lucky!” Peyton can’t help the blush and thanks her for everything before the phone goes to Amanda.

“Sleep well gorgeous! Tell my waz ass brother to shut up and leave.” She giggles before whispering “and take care of our little llama in that tummy.”

Peyton laughs to herself and shakes her head “goodnight you little silly bomb.” Amanda hums and then she hangs up the phone.

Peyton smiles to herself and stands up again while taking one more grape and then pushing the rest to the side.

She walks to the fridge and takes a look “what do you feel like having for dinner Button?” Her right hand goes to her stomach and she smiles enderingly at her little baby thinking of her sonar pictures.

She snaps out of it and with a smile on her face, she collects the ingredients for some spaghetti and gets the pasta started.

She chops all the necerssary things and starts to put it all together in a warm skillet.

Instead of meatballs, she takes mince and mixes it into her sauce before straining the pasta and putting it all together on plates.

She then puts a parsley leaf on the food and smiles to herself.Two perfectly cooked plates of pasta.

One for her and one for Sebastian. Last night after Sebastian had shouted at her and been rude, nothing new, she managed to forget all about it after he left.

She noticed that something went wrong in his mind the moment he said that he doesn’t want her harmed.

Although it made her heart melt a bit, she knows that something is up and knew to stay away before he makes her feel even worse about herself.

She knows that when the time is right, he will tell a little about what goes on in that difficult mind of his.

Peyton sets the dinner table and makes it as beautiful as she can before she puts the food in the oven to keep warm and then walking to the couches next to the stairs in the foyer to wait for Sebastian.

Peyton sits and thinks about how glad she is that they have made so much more progress.

They went from wanting to kill each other to almost kissing each other.

Maybe he isn’t so bad after all. Maybe he just wants someone to be patient and listen.

Peyton’s heart melted at the thought of such a large and tough man with a baby. She keeps seeing that time when he feel to his knees when he saw her little bump which has grown now.

Peyton has also wondered about making a mistake many times. She has thought about being considered crazy, but she knows she isn’t.

Just unique.

Peyton looks at the clock and notices that Sebastian should have been at home twenty minutes ago, maybe he is just late.

She takes a deep breath and sits quietly and wonders what he is doing and thinking. Sebastian can’t stop thinking about Peyton and the baby and it is driving him insane.

He can’t get anything done without thinking about her beautiful Silver eyes or how she glows in absoluetly anything.

He doesn’t know what to do and sits with his head in his hands thinking of ways to get her out of his.

Until, he finally gets an idea and leaves the office for the day without a word to anyone.

Peyton fell asleep while waiting for Sebastian and gets a fright when she wakes up hearing the door slam closed.

Her eyes shot open and she sat up and looked at the close to see that two hours have passed.

Her eyes the travel to the door where she sees nothing before hearing moans coming from the stairs.

She looks towards the stairs and places her hand over her mouth as she gasps and watches Sebastian kissing some girl and leading her upstairs.

She can feel tears pricking at her eyes and she immediately stands up and runs up the other set of stairs to her room.

She can’t stop seeing them together while running and as soon as she gets ro her room, she runs to the toilet and spills her guts into it.

She sees the picture over and over and over and knows that she made a mistake to think that it could be different.

She lays down on the floor next to the toilet and starts to sob loudly. She looks down at her belly and thinks about her puking “I’m hurt too Button. Don’t worry. When I have my money, we are leaving forever.”

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