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XV: What is happening?

Sebastian lets out a groan while stumbling through the house grabbing onto any wall for support.

“Where is she?” He asks himself while stumbling into the dining room. He looks around and sees that the table is set and raises an eyebrow.

“I didn’t eat with anyone last night. In fact, I messed things up a bit more.” He shakes his head and walks as steady as he can.

He then makes his way to kitchen and notices two plates in the oven. He opens it and takes a deep breath “shit.”

Looking at the plates of spaghetti, he realizes that Peyton had cooked dinner for them.

He shakes his head and thinks about how he messed up because he couldn’t stop thinking about her carrying his child.

He sighs and walks over to the scullery and then opens the door to the room inside the scullery.

He walks down the stairs and switches on the lights as he goes. Until he finally gets to the room and smiles.

He grabs the bottle of sky vodka and downs half the bottle immediately before he sits down and leans his head against the shelf against his back.

“Sebastian?” His ears perk up when he hears her sweet voice and without thinking he answers “down here.”

He hears empty glass bottles clatter from being thrown into the bin and cringes knowing he may have had one drink too many.

He hears soft footsteps and smiles when he sees her. Peyton looks around the room and when her eyes land on Sebastian and raises an eyebrow and walks over to him.

She sits down facing him and doesn’t even budge when he looks her in the eye. Sebastian then leans over and gives her a tight hug.

“Good morning Silver.” He almost sings and Peyton pushes him away “you reak of alcohol and sex.”

Sebastian looks down at his lap guiltily “yeah, I am sorry Silver, I know what I was thinking I just can’t tell you. However, I know you made dinner amd I want to apologize.”

Peyton raises and eyebrow and looks at him skeptically while wondering if he hit his head against the wall last night.

She then shakes her head “you know, you stole the joy of seeing my child after you got me into having one.You made me believe that the way you treat me is better and when you shouted at me and made me wonder about what I have done for money, you left in tears. I didn’t go after you, I gave you peace,” she takes a deep breath “instead I made you dinner to tell you about the wedding that I am having even when I have to deal with your father who hates me without even speaking to me.Allister treats me better than you, and all you can say is that you apologize?”

She feels tears well up in her eyes “and the worst is that you are drunk.” Sebastian looks down at his lap in shame feeling a little more sober.

“I am truly sorry Silver, I don’t know what to say.” A tear slips from his left eye and he leans his head against the shelf with his eyes closed.

“How about you just give me a small piece of you? To understand.” She suggests and he looks at her again with his tears falling.

“I am guilty Silver.” He says and she looks at him in confusion “I am guilty and I am hurting.”

He takes a deep breath and feels pain travel through his veins as his blood pumps “I didn’t mean for any if it to happen back then. I didn’t want any of it. However, it happened and I couldn’t help it.” He throws his bottle of vodka across the room after drinking the rest in one go and puts his head in his hands while he cries.

Peyton moves closer to him and hugs him tight “what happened? Why are you guilty? For what?”

Sebastian moves and he hugs Peyton tight and swings her around so that she is straddling him from the front.

He cries on her shoulder and she holds him awkwardly while he shakes with sobs. Sebastian can’t stop the pictures, the memories.

“I couldn’t save her.” He says and thinks of that dreadful day when she went missing.

The day that he was supoosed to look after her and the day that they had found her dead.

He leans back and looks at Peyton “I can’t have anything happen to you or our baby. I wouldn’t be able to take living with even more guilt and pain everyday.”

Peyton gently puts her soft hand on his cheek and he immediately calms down. Her other hand goes to his other cheek and she wipes his tears “don’t cry Sebastian.”

“I don’t mean to steal your joy and I don’t know why you even said yes to someone like me. If I were you I would also be debating this deal.” He says honestly and Peyton stays still.

“I know.We all have our problems and our mistakes, but try.” She begs and Sebastian nods.

Peyton then flinches a bit and immediately Sebastian’s face contorts into concern “what’s wrong?”

Peyton stops herself from laughing “the baby just kicked a bit hard.” Sebastian’s eyes fill with wonder and he slowly looms down “the baby is kicking?” He softly says out of breath before Peyton takes his hand and places it on her stomach.

“Yeah.” He sits eyes wide and waits fir a kick. Not long and Sebastian lets out a gasp when he feels the kick.

“The baby kicked!” He looks up at Peyton quickly and she smiles at him “yeah.” She whispers and they look at each other with smiles for a moment.

Sebastian takes a moment to look deep into her silver eyes and appreciate them. He knows that without her, things would still be worse than they are now.

He looks down at her lips and slowly he starts to lean in and close his eyes. Peyton can feel his breath on her face and starts to close her eyes.

“Hey man, whoa sorry to interrupt!” They jump apart from each other after being only inches away from each other.

Sebastian glares at Allister whose eyes are wide and growls “what do you want?” Allister scratches the back of his neck and bounces on the balls of his feet.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to play some ps4.”

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