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XVI: The f*ck?

“Alright! We are all set for the wedding next week.Your dress is made and everything else has been chosen and done. Be excited.” Peyton smiles at Amanda and nods “I guess I am.”

“Guess?” Amanda raises an eyebrow and Peyton’s eyes widen for a second “i-it just hasn’t sunk in yet.”

“Mm. I understand.And what does my brother say?” Peyton takes a deep breath and runs a hand through her lose hair.

“Can I ask you something? Something that seems touchy?” Amanda nods with a smile and leads the both of them to the living room.

“What’s up doll?” Peyton wonders for a moment if she should ask Amanda.What if it is something bad and she tells Sebastian?

What if she is touchy of what happened and starts to leave?

What if she stops being friends with Peyton? Amanda is her only friend.

“Peyton?” Her eyes go to Amanda and she takes a deep breath “yesterday, your brother and I-” Amanda cuts her off in a panic.

“Don’t tell me you guys did it and he got you pregnant again.” Peyton’s face falls flat. Is this girl serious?

Peyton took a moment to properly look at Amanda and see if there is a hole in her head.

“That’s impossible.” Amanda registers what Peyton to her comment said and she blushes crimson and leaves Peyton to go on.

“Well, we sort of spoke about somethings and he mentioned that he is guilty and hurting about something that happened a long time ago.” Amanda went pale and Peyton immediately knew that she shouldn’t go on anymore.

“Did he say what for?” Peyton shakes her heas and Amanda nods to herself “Peyton, Sebastian has been through some things and he isn’t really open about how he feels.”

She moves in to whisper something, but the front doors open and she goes silent when they hear footsteps.

“I am just gonna leave.” She says and stands up. Peyton nods and gives her a hug before seeing her out.

The house is silent and as Peyton starts to wonder where Sebastian is, she hears a glass break in the kitchen followed by loud swearing and she then makes her way there as fast as she can.

When she gets to the kitchen her eyes widen when she sees that a bottle of whiskey broke.

She gets the bin while Sebastian comes around the corner with a broom and a mop “don’t! Peyton leave!”

Instead of listening, Peyton puts the bin down and ignores Sebastian who is swearing at her and telling her not to touch the glass.

She then bends down to pic up the big pieces and as she takes the one piece, Sebastian is infront of her and immediately she flinches when memories start coming back.

She then slips and as she catches herself, she feels a sting in her hand and looks down to see it already bleeding from where the glass went in.

“I told you!” Sebastian takes her by the hand and leads her into the living room “now for once, listen and wait here while I get the first aid kit.”

He leaves mumbling to himself about how she works on his nerves and when he gets the kit and gets back to the living room, he sees that Peyton moved to sit on the coffee table.

He glares at her when he makes his way to her and she raises an eyebrow “you are about as useless as a bandaide to a broken bone.”

“Excuse me?” Peyton says while he cleans her hand and wraps it up “you can’t listen, you made me move you here,Amanda is workimg on my nerves.You made my father suspicious and now you can’t listen to me for once! You even drag my secrets out of me when I am vulnerable and drunk!”

Peyton glares at him and as soon as he finishes she stands up and moves to leave. However, he grabs her by the arm “don’t walk away from me. I am not done here!”

“Not done making me wish I didn’t take this deal? Well, give me more reasons to hate my choices please.” She responds and fuels his anger.

Sebastian moves from what he was going to say and instead talks about what she keeps bringing up “I should never have set up a deal this important with someone like you! I actually wish you never said yes. So we are on the same page! Just stay away from me and act like we are in love when it is needed.”

He turns and starts walking away only to stop in his tracks when she starts speaking “you kmow that you don’t always have to be an asshole right?”

“What did you just say?” He walks towards her and as he is about to take her by the arm, she speaks venomously “touch me and I will go to the police and say you have a drinking problem and shoved me through glass.” She looks at her hand and Sebastian freezes with his glare.

“You wouldn’t.” Peyton nods “oh but darling, I would. Now listen to me.”

Sebastian restracts and folds his arms across his chest “like I said, stop being an asshole.You are nice the one minute and sucky the next and it ends here. If you had a bad day, don’t even think twice about not taking it out on me.

You are going to start acting properly towards me because I am a human being with feelings and you are going to go to our wedding in a week and treat it like a real thing. If you take one more sip of alcohol, I will go to the police and if you ever, ever, call me something so bad or handle me by grabbing my arm or even treat me the way you have been, I will take our contract to your father and you will not get that company anyway.”

She glares at him while he stands gobsmacked “I would call this quits, but I need the money and I will not let my child suffer because of you.” Sebastian is about to say something, but Peyton cuts him off.

“Do we understand each other?” Sebastian thinks it over before he nods and Peyton smiles “now say it.”


“Good boy.You guys have to start treating girls correctly.” She smiles and walks away “remember to clean the kitchen darling."

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