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XVII: Ta dum da dum.

“Ooo girl, you look absolutely faboo! I think I might cry!” Allister starts to fan his face and Peyton laughs at him.

“You are one intriguing male . . . If you really are one.” Amanda comments and Allister glares at her before smirking.

“Oh but you know you love my manliness.” He pulls Amanda close and she blushes “sure if you think so. Now let me go so that I can get Pey to put on her dress.”

While Amanda is leading Allister out the door, Peyton studies herself in the mirror thinking about when she stood up for herself.

Sebastian hasn’t spoken to her since, only today when he had to. It was also the first time in a week that he had touched her.

She wondered what made him say those things to her, the things that hurt her in the deepest part of her body.

The things he said had her questioning everything. She knew that she couldn’t leave because of the baby.

If she backs out of the deal, she will die because she will have no income and a baby.

“Are you ready to put on your dress?” Peyton smiles at Amanda and nods “yes I am.” Amanda squeals and they walk towards the bag with her dress in.

Peyton feels excitement bubble up inside of her when she sees her beautiful, specially designed dress.

It was a long sleeve dress which showed her small, yet growing bump only if you looked closely.

It had lace and showed some cleavage while the rest of the dress barely showed any skin.


Peyton then takes off her robe and Amanda helps her to slip into her dress and get the finishing touches done.

Sebastian took a deep breath while fixing his tie. He looked himself in the mirror amd couldn’t help but be happy that the woman he is fake-real marrying is Peyton and not . . . Her.

Allister then walks into the room while taking out his eyebrow ring “hey man, your bride looks absolutely gorgeous! You are one lucky guy!”

“Yeah I guess.” Sebastian gives him a fake smile and raises an eyebrow when Allister walks up to him as fast as he can and looks him in the eye.

It’s silent for a moment before Allister speaks “spill it! What’s with you and Peyton?”

“What do you mean?” Sebastian questions “when you nod your head yes but you wanna say no, what do you mean?” Allister starts dancing and singing before he looks at Sebastian seriously again.

“I know for a fact that you two are not in love.” Sebastian raises an eyebrow “what makes you say that?”

“I have known you since we were three!” Allister exagerates while flailing his arms around

Sebastian crosses his arms across his chest and clears his throat while Allister glares at him “tell me the truth Coleman.Tell me what you did to make Peyton upset.”

“What if I don’t?” Allister couldn’t believe his ears “I have been holding it in with Mac here, trust me, I will be punching someone by the end of the day.” Sebastian knew that he was dead serious.

Allister had always been good at reading people, it only takes him two seconds to know exactly what you are feeling and thinking.

Sebastian looked down at Allister’s white knuckles before he let out a defeated sigh “you know I couldn’t give my father what he wanted. I had to find another way and so I found Pey-”

The door to the room opens and Mac walks in with a menacing smile. “They told me to come tell you that the wedding is starting in five minutes.”

Allister glares at Mac “you told us, now fuck off.” He turns to Sebastian again and starts to speak again but before he can get a word out of his mouth, Mac starts to speak again.

“Tell me Allister, how are things going with Denise? Does she still miss me?” Allister closed his mouth and looks at Sebastian.

“Excuse me for a moment. I promise no blood on my tuxedo.” Then without a warning, he spins around and advances to Mac at lightning speed and before Mac can register what is going, blood is dripping from his nose.

Allister punched him three more times before he stood up and started to kick him “it’s all your fault you asshole!” Allister couldn’t believe the nerve!

The more he thinks about it, the more he feels his tears and then turns his tears into anger.

Anger that won’t stop because what happened to Denise will never be changed. It will never go away.

After a brief debate, Sebastian decided to break up the fight and calm Allister who was a raging ball of fire down.

“Calm down!” He lead Allister out of the room and while walking to the altar, he managed to calm Allister down.

When the wedding was just about to start, he felt Allister touch his shoulder “don’t break her heart. She is special.” He whispered and then they heard the music start.

Sebastian had to give it to his mom and sister for helping Peyton in such short notice.

The wedding was astonishing. Red and black flowers went well with the white and grey theme of the wedding.

After all the bridesmaids passed, the wedding march started and Sebastian felt his breath hitch in his throat while Allister gave an appreciative wink to Amanda.

You could see only a little bit if Peyton’s bump and she was glowing.There were two flowers in her hair and she had Sebastian’s mom walking her down the aisle.

When Peyton got to the front, she took Sebastian’s warm hand and he squeezed her cold one while they were looking at each other.

“Stunning.” He said before the ceremony started.They both said ‘I do’ and when it was time to read the vows they wrote, Peyton read what she found on the internet after they had agreed that they are not writing their own.

“Sebastian Coleman, when I was a little girl, my dad told me that I would find my prince charming one day, but as the years went by, my hope turned to dust. Until I met you, you gave me my hope again and you made me believe in love.You have changed my life and I promise to stay with you through every evil and every good in our lives.Till the day I die. I love you.” Peyton looked at Sebastian with empty and numb eyes after giving her vow paper to Amanda.

Sebastian then looked to the baby for a split second before looking at Peyton again.

“Peyton Hart, love of my life, I just want to tell you that since the day I met you, my feelings have grown. I have started to climb out of the hole I have put myself in and see light.The light that you give my life.You have captivating eyes that I could stare into forever and when I am upset, you know just what to do and say.You can stand up for yourself and that has taught me to stand up for what I believe in. I believe in us.Today I choose to marry you, to give you my heart and I promise to stand by you with every dream that you chase and every tear that you shed. I love you.” Sebastian smiled at her when he felt a small pinch in his heart.

“Rings please.” Sebastian took the ring that he had secretly custom designed from Allister and admired the ring before placing it on her finger “with this ring, I thee wed.”

Peyton does the same and when they hear that they may kiss, Sebastian pulls her close and places his hand on both of her cheeks to cover their mouths while he kisses the side of her lips.

When he pulls away, they smile and make their way down the aisle. Peyton couldn’t help but feel disappointment because of the kiss.

Did she just make the choice that will ruin her forever?

Sebastian looked at the fake smile and empty eyes of Peyton amd felt his heart pull.

He knew that if she didn’t tell him off, he wouldn’t have the respect he has for her now, and he would have claimed her lips.

However, she doesn’t want anything besides her child’s welfare and her money. That is what she will get.

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