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XVIII: I’m a momma.

“Going from rags to riches so fast is intimidating, are you sure you are ready for this lovey?” Peyton felt her blood run cold when a gentle voice spoke softly in her ears.

“W-what?” She asked over music in the reception of the wedding “rags to riches?” She turns to look at Clarissa shocked.

“Oh please, of course I know that you weren’t the richest of people before you met Bash.” She laughs and takes a sip from her champaigne glass while watching Peyton panic.

“I wasn’t always-” she gets cut off by Clarissa “poor? Of course not! I know who your parents are former Miss Peyton Hart.”

Peyton swallows the spit in her mouth and takes a deep breath “I am a mom! I know everything that goes on with my son.”

She smiles at Peyton amd gives her a gentle hug “our secret.” She then pulls back and sees the relief in Peyton’s eyes.

“Now tell me, are you excited for the baby?” Peyton’s eyes widen in shock. How does this lady change the subject so freely?

“Let’s go speak outside.” Clarissa nods and they both start walking through the crowds and towards the doors.

However, they get stopped by Allister who is in a panic. “I have never seen him like this! Mrs. Coleman help me!”

“Which one?” Clarissa asks and Allister shakes his head “both!”

“What happened?” Peyton asks when they start walking and Allister franticaly starts swinging his hands in the air.

“It’s Sebastian! We were looking for Peyton and when we went outside to go look for her there, Mac showed up.” Allister opens the door and they both walk out before Allister followes and carries on speaking.

“Mac started saying all these things to Sebastian and he told him to stop, but you could see that Sebastian was getting flashbacks and the next thing I know; Sebastian is busy killing Mac.”

They hear shouting and immediately run down to where Sebastian and Mac were fighting.

Mac had blood everywhere and Sebastian’s hair was a little messy. It didn’t seem that bad until you see the look in Sebastian’s eyes.

He looks like he wants to kill Mac. Clarissa then runs down to them and tries to stop the fight when Sebastian has his hands around Mac’s neck.

“Peyton! Come here!” Peyton immediately follows her orders and runs down to them all without hesitation.

She feels a little scared when she sees Sebastian and she starts to back away. “Sebastian! Don’t do anything you will regret infront of Peyton.”

The moment that Sebastian hears her name, he freezes and looks up, frantically searching for her.

When he sees her, the fear in her eyes and the way that she wants to back away, he leaves Mac on the floor and stumbles towards her with the images still flashing before his eyes.

“C-can I h-hug you?” He whispers while a tear slides down his left cheek. Peyton nods and immediately, Sebastian is hugging her tight.As if she is his lifeline.

She hears him cry softly to himself and then brings her hand up towards his head where she plays with his hair.

“Will it ever stop?” He softly asks with his voice cracking at the end “will I ever feel better about what happened? Please! I just want it gone!” Peyton feels her heart break and a tear slides down her face.

She pulls back and looks him in the eye before giving him a kiss on the cheek and wiping his tears “Allister, go help him clean up.”

Without a second thought,Allister obeys and takes Sebastian to go clean up. Clarissa then comes back to Peyton with tears in her eyes.

“You truly help him. His mentallity isn’t where it should be.Well, now it’s better.” She leads Peyton to some stools where they sit down.

“So, tell me about this baby, are you excited?” Peyton raises an eyebrow “how did you know? About my family?”

Clarissa laughs “I’m a momma!” Peyton nods with a smile on her face “and your brother?”

Immediately Peyton’s smile disappears and she looks down at her lap knowing that she isn’t going to talk about it anytime soon.

“Alright, I have to go find my husband just promise me one thing,” Peyton nods “promise me that you will help Sebastian to be a good father who doesn’t let his past

get in the way and that you will be a better mother to your child than your mother was to you.”

Peyton lets the surprise go and nods instead “I um,” she clears her throat while standing up “I have to go find my husband too.”

“Alright honey, see you later.” Clarissa hugs Peyton before walking off and leaving Peyton without words.

“Mamma mia.” She then walks back inside to the reception where she finds Sebastian leaning against the wall while Allister is drinking.

Sebastian was seeing it, one after the other.

“I am pregnant,” Sebastian smiled surprised “that’s great!” She shook her head and Sebastian felt something inside him break at her next words “I don’t think I want it.”

Sebastian still felt the stinging, raging anger.

“Look what you did! You killed her! It was your responsibilty t after her and you killed her!”

Wondering if it ever ends, Sebastian saw Peyton approaching him and walked towards her “are you enjoying the wedding?”

“Your mother knows. She knows my parents. She knows about my brother and she knows where I come from.” She places a shaky hand to her head and Sebastian pulls her in close to hug her, thankful that it’s the wedding and he is allowed to.

He looks around and then down at Peyton again “let’s get out of here.” Peyton looks up at him and raises an eyebrow “what?”

Sebastian smiles and Peyton can see a twinkle in his eye “let’s go to a diner and have some stupid greasy food and then we can go home and sleep or watch a movie together.”

Peyton thinks it over before a smile slowly starts to cover her face “sounds fun.”

Sebastian winks and takes her by the hand before leading her out of the hall and then to a cherry red Audi R8.

Once they have gotten into the car and the engine roars, Sebastian drives off and sees it as the perfect opportunity to speak up “I am sorry for the way I have treated you Silver. I should have realized that I was messing up your life.”

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