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XIX: The sweeter side of things.

“I feel like crap.” Peyton says to Sebastian while blowing her nose. He walks over to her and sits down on the bed.

“Are you sure I shouldn’t take you to a doctor?” Peyton slowly glances from the bed to him before an amused smile plasters onto her face “it’s just a cold Mr. Coleman.”

He rolls his eyes with a smile on his face and as he is about to respond, Peyton jumps up and runs to the bathroom.

She immediately falls to her knees by the toilet and spills her guts. Having been one of the lucky people who didn’t have morning sickness for the first three months, Peyton immediately starts to sympathise with those who do.

Not that she had morning sickness, she just had a really bad cold which she probably got when she and Sebastian went to eat and walk around after the wedding.

When, she feels ready to get up, she flushes the toilet and only then realizes that Sebastian was holding her hair back.

“You could get sick.” She pointed out when she had turned to look at him and noticed an odd look in his eyes.

Sebastian couldn’t help but worry and knew that he needs to start investigating why he nearly shed a tear when seeing her walk down the aisle and why she is always on his mind or why she makes him calm or why her smile brightens everything up or why he is so worried for her and the baby now.

Everything started affecting him since the moment she stood up to him. Sebastian knows that he should never have taken his frustrations from seeing Olivia out on her.

Since that day, he would sit and watch her while she sings and makes herself breakfast, he would watch her smile and talk to her belly and he watched her get worked up over movies or series not going her way.

He loved it.

“Let me call a doctor,” he placed the back of his hand to her head and his eyes widened “you will definitely need some medication and food.”

He leads her back to the bed and lets her get in before he tucks her in and sees her watching his every move while sniffling softly.

He smirks and without making eye contact he starts to speak “take a picture.” He looks up to see embarrassment on her face and smiles.

“I’m sorry. I’m just not used to you caring so much.” She admits and Sebastian stands frozen for a moment before he nods and starts walking to the door “I am going to go get some breakfast and call the doctor.”

He then leaves the room and immediately dials the doctor.After arrangeing for him to take a look at Peyton in ten minutes, Sebastian walks into the kitchen and sees that the chef has made them both a plate of food with toast, bacon, eggs and mushrooms.

He grabbed the food and put Peyton’s on a tray along with some orange juice and a flower.

He made his way upstairs and when he reached her room, her opened the door and found Peyton staring at the ceiling before looking at him “the doctor will be here in ten minutes.” He speaks softly and walks to her bed and places the tray on her lap before sitting and watching her takes a few bites before she puts everything down and looks at him “why are you so nice all of a sudden?”

Sebastian freezes wuth his mouth open and piece of bacon in the air before sittibg fown next to Peyton with a sigh.

“I have no idea,” Peyton rose an eyebrow in confusion before she let out a sneeze that turned into a cough.

Sebastain waited patiently before speaking again “I guess that when you stood up to me, I realized that I needed to treat you better.After all, you are carrying my child

and I need to look after you Mrs. Coleman.” He winked and scratched the back of his neck.

“That is really sweet, thank you.” Sebastian nods and smiles at Peyton while watching her decide what to eat first.

His eyes then travel down to her pajamas and he smiles seeing the little butterflies all over them.

Earlier he was walking from his room to the stairs when he heard coughing and a groan.

He stopped and walked to Peyton’s door and when she let him in, he found her sick in bed and then decided to take care of her.

At first, Peyton disagreed, but when she realized that Sebastian was not going to change his mind, she accepted defeat.

“So, I need to go buy some food later on, and I was wondering if you would want to come with after the doctor has given you some medication.” Sebastian looked at Peyton expectantly and smiled when she gave him a nod with a smile.

“That sounds nice. Especially since I didn’t want to be cooped up in here in the first place.” Sebastian rolls his eyes and hears the doorbell ring before excusing himself to open the door.

On his way down the stairs, his phone rings and Sebastian answers without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello?” When Sebastian hears the small breaths on the other side of the call, he nearly drops his phone.

He opens the door for the doctor and motions for him to follow him up the stairs and to Peyton.

Not once has she spoken yet and Sebastian refuses to be the one to start the conversation.

He stands aside and watches the doctor examine Peyton with a smile on his face, however his smile immediately falls when she finally decides to speak.

“I miss you baby.”

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