Strictly Baby Business

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XX: Smiley faces.

“Are you sure you like these colours the most?” Sebastian asks Peyton who was sniffling softly.

“Yes.” She said and smiled when she looked at them again. One of the buckets of paint that they chose was a teal colour and the other bucket was grey.

Peyton had no idea why Sebastian wanted her to choose paint, but she knew that asking questions wouldn’t even help because she knew that Sebastian would tell her to wait and see.

How it happened or why it happened, Peyton doesn’t know, but everytime she looks at Sebastian, all she can think of is how he loves the baby and the way he looks after her with her flu and the way he has respect for her now; and she can’t help but get butterflies.

Also, it may just be the hormones talking, but Sebastian is hot!

Peyton giggled silently and Sebastian rose an eyebrow at her after giving the guy at the cash register his card.

“Why are you giggling?” He questioned and Peyton felt butterflies errupt in her stomach when he smiled and the dimple on his left cheek stood out.

“Nothing.” She smiled and he gave her an unconvinced look before letting it go and turning to the man at the register for his card again.

“Thank you, please deliver it next to the Astin Martin outside in the first parking space, it’s a blue one.” Sebastian says and turns to Peyton who was standing on the other side of the store staring at the wallpapers they have available for babies.

“Come on.” Sebastian smiles at Peyton and grabs her hand before he leads her out of the store and to the car.

Of course butterflies were flying around in Peyton’s stomach, but that was probably just the baby.

Sebastian got to the car and thanked the man after he had him put the paint into the trunk before he and Peyton both got into the car and he left, deciding that he will send someone to buy the groceries needed.

The drive back home was silent and every few seconds, Sebastian would glance over to Peyton and adore the ring that she still had on her finger.

For some odd reason, it meant a lot to him that she didn’t take it off or doesn’t refuse to be in the same room as him.

Wondering if Peyton would ever think of him as less of an asshole, Sebastian parks the car and gets the paint while Peyton waits for him.

“I am going to go change and then I will meet you here.” He told her when they got to the top of the staircase and he noticed he still had his suit on.

Peyton gave a nod and stood waiting for him while he changed into old sweatpants and a white tank top with no shoes on.

“What are we going to do?” She asked when Sebastian handed her a pair of old boxers and an old shirt to change into.

“Change and meet me by the room across the hall from yours.” He then walked off and Peyton sighed.

She went to her room and changed, a bit disappointed that the boxers fit perfectly over her bump considering she was 4 and a half months.

When she had finished changing, she found Sebastian exactly where he had said looking like an overly excited child.

“Behold!” He opened the door and there was plastic on the floors while the paint had been thrown out into smaller buckets and paint brushes were ready to be used.

“We are going to paint the two walls with each colour you chose.” He said pointing to the walls at the end of the room.

Peyton took everything in before she slowly started to smile and walked into the room.

“Alright, you do the grey and then we can see who does best.” She challenges and Sebastian smirks “loser cooks dinner. Deal?”

Peyton smiles and shakes his hand “deal.” Then they both move to their walls and their paint.

They paint in silence for a few minutes before Sebastian starts to hum while painting.

Peyton being too engrossed in the project, fails to notice that Sebastian is speaking to himself instead of painting.

Until he mentions what he wants her to cook when his ego becomes too big. Peyton looks at the walls and laughs when she notices that he has only painted a corner and a big smiley face in the middle, while she has painted at least half of the white wall.

“I think you will be cooking.” She says and Sebastian suddenly notices what she means and jumps to his painting with a pale face.

“Wait, let me catch up Silver!” He begs and she laughs loudly before Sebastian runs over and smears a big, grey smiley face all over her work.

“That is unfair!” She says while he laughs and doesn’t notice her paintbrush splattering paint onto his face.

He immediately stops laughing and looks at her seriously before pouncing on her and lifting the oversized shirt off her head leaving her in her black bra.

Before she can complain though, he has already painted a smiley face onto her belly and she smiles instead of getting upset.


She smiles and hears Sebastian call her, as she looks up, her face immediately meets his brush and he laughs when he sees the grey stripe on her face.

She then turns and grabs her paint, running after him, only to slip and find the whole bucket off paint had landed on his head.

She laid on the floor laughing and Sebastian slowly turned around slightly grossed out by the cold liquid running down his spine “Yuck!” He shouts in a high pitched voice.

He suddenly got a glint in his eyes and as fast as he can, he ran to Peyton before she could notice and he hugged her tight, smearing all of the teal paint on her.

The both sat next to each other on the floor laughing and when Peyton looked up from rubbing some of the paint off, she noticed Sebastian staring at her as she smiled no longer feeling sick at all.

Slowly, Sebastian started to lean in while watching Peyton’s lips as she bit the bottom one.

Peyton leaned along with him and could feel his breath on her face as he cupped her cheek with tender care.

His eyes met hers for a second and he leaned even more.As he felt her sweet lips touch his for a split second; his phone rang and they jumped apart.

Peyton stood up and took a deep breath while Sebastian rudely answered his phone with ‘what?’ After checking the ID since he just hung up when Olivia phoned earlier.

“Snickers or twix.” Sebastian rose an eyebrow and sighed while he ran a hand over his face wishing he left his phone in his room.

“Allister, do not tell me that you phoned me because you didn’t know what chocolate bar to buy yourself.” The other end was silent for a moment before Allister replied “would that be a problem?”

Sebastian gained an irritated look and shook his head “fuck off.” He then hung up the phone.

He looked around the empty room and sighed looking at the walls “pizza it is then.” He mumbled in disappointment, still feeling her lips barely touching his.

When Sebastian left to go shower, he found himself hoping that Peyton used the apple shampoo; it’s his favourite.

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