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XXII: Old habits never fade.

Peyton smiled as she placed two plates of home cooked breakfast down onto the table for them to eat.

They had fallen asleep in each others arms last night, but when she woke up, Sebastian was gone. Searching for him, she found him in the gym and decided to make them some breakfast for when he is finished.

She felt the baby kick and a laugh fell from her lips, even with what the doctor has said, she loves the feeling.

Hearing his footsteps coming down the stairs, Peyton makes her way towards him and smiles when she sees him.

He looks to be in his own world and stops infront of her “I made breakfast.” Sebastian narrows his eyes at here for a moment before looking to the kitchen and back at her. Kitchen. Her. Kitchen. Her.

He watches her for a few seconds before a fire lights in his eyes and he glares “why would you do that?” Taken aback, Peyton takes a second before answering him.

“I thought we could eat together. Since things between us are better.” She explains and Sebastian’s glare falls deeper.

“That’s the problem! It shouldn’t be.” Peyton’s smile immediately collapses and she looks at him confused “what?”

“Get out of my head, out of my thoughts and just stay away from me! You cause problems! No wonder our baby has one!” He suddenly shouts before storming off and leaving Peyton stunned.

She stands, unmoving, replaying his words over and over in her head before her eyes cast down to the ground and tear slips out, falling onto her protruding belly.

She wipes it away immediately, but another falls. She then walks to the kitchen and throws all the food into the bin before throwing the plates into the sink causing them to break.

She made her way through the house and to Sebastian’s office in order to try and find something to help her hurt his feelings the way that he does hers.

When she gets herself to stop crying and simply numb the pain, she starts to look in his drawers for absolutely anything that she can find.

With papers flailing everywhere and her hair in her eyes, she sits down on his chair and takes a deep breath spinning around.

Then her eyes land on what she needs and she smirks.The picture of the little girl. He was extremely worked up when he saw her looking at it, the tag is also very suspicious.

She then stands up from the chair and walks to the library, she gets out the book with the letters and opens it so that they fall out.

Reading the letters again, she raises an eyebrow when the doorbell rings and immediately gets up to answer as Amanda was taking her baby shopping.

The baby.

What if, what if the doctor was right? How does she tell these people who have accepted her as their own?

Shaking her thoughts away, she walks to the front door and opens it only to have her smile fade away when she sees who it is.

“I am here to deliver a message from my father to that piece of crap your husband is.” Peyton glares at Mac and as she is about to slam the door in his face, she stops and smirks at him.

“Do you know who Sasha is?” Mac’s face falls flat and he nods “I do.” Peyton nods in satisfaction and asks him to come inside while offering him some coffee.

“Tell me what happened there.” She says while setting the machine to make the correct coffee.

Turning around, she gasps in fright and pushes herself back against the counter. Less than five inches away, Mac was watching her with intense eyes “w-what are you doing?”

Mac brings his hand around and squeezes her bum with a smirk on his face “I want a reason to tell you these things.”

Peyton felt her heart start to race and shook her head only to have him place his hand on her cheek “stop.” She says before he forces his lips onto hers and pushes himself onto her even more.

Tears slip down her face and she starts to think of burning her lips which she is not using to kiss back “p-please.” She says when Mac needs air “with pleasure baby. ” he says and frees his hand from her bum before unbuttoning her jeans and then snaking his hand into her panties.

Peyton shuts her eyes tight and feels herself shaking in fear ‘this is really happening’ she felt dirty and scared when she felt his start to move his fingers.

Her arms were trapped between her back and the counter and Mac was putting to much pressure on her for her arms to be free, instead she felt the bruises forming and suddenly, he is pulled off of her and being punched violently until blood was gushing.

Peyton let out a sob and closed her eyes tight before she felt someone hugging her closely.

“It’s okay now.” Allister mumbled before leading her to the living room and then helping her calm down.

“What were you thinking?” Peyton shook her head “I am sorry. I just, I just wanted to know more about this Sasha that Sebastian is so caught up in. I needed something and he said he knew and then suddenly he was there and then.” Peyton chokes on her tears and Allister hugs her tight.

“Don’t bring Sasha up Pey. Don’t. Not to any of the Coleman’s.” Peyton cries and nods while Allister holds her close.

The front door opened and Sebastian walked into the living room before freezing “I forgot my phone.” He takes it from the coffee table and gives Allister a questioning look.

“Mac, he . . .Touched her.” Sebastian feels his blood start to boil, but he keeps his face straight and nods before walking out of the living room.

He makes his way to the front door knowing that he needs to leave before he can show any sign on caring.

“What’s your problem man?!” Allister stops him and he turns to Allister “your wife was almost raped by your motherfucking brother and you nod and walk away?! Do you forget what he did to you and Olivia?”

Sebastian glares at him amd takes a deep breath “you just don’t understand.” Allister took a threatening step forward and clenched his fists “I don’t fucking need to. Get yourself right or I will drag what really is going on, out of you.”

Allister then runs back inside and Sebastian gets back into his car before hearing his phone ring and then answering “Sebastian Coleman.”

“Hey son, how are things going with you two? Is Peyton’s pregnancy going well?” He smiles at his mom’s voice before he starts tearing up “I need help mom.”

He says with his voice cracking. Hopefully his mom can help.

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