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XXIII: Momma’s know best!

“I am so disappointed in you Sebastian!” Clarissa shook her head while cutting some freshly picked cherry tomatoes.

“I raised you better than this.What a slap in the face.!” She waved the knife in the air while talking.

“I am sorry mamma.” Sebastian said while shaking his head and taking a drink from his coffee.

He had told his mother everything, from the deal to the way he treated her this morning.

It was silent in the kitchen and all you could hear was Clarrisa’s aggressive cutting before she sighed and put down her knife.

She looked behind her at Sebastian who was shamefully looking at the floor. She made her way towards him and sat down across from him.

“If I wasn’t your mom, I would slap you through the face for Peyton.” Sebastian’s eyes immediately met hers and she gave him a nod to confirm that she meant what she said.

“I just don’t want to get too attached you know? If something goes wrong, it would hurt too much and I would be the reason for another death. Might as well call me a murderer then.” Shame, guilt and hurt filled Sebastian’s eyes and Clarissa could see the effect that everything had on her son.

She then enveloped his callosed hand with her soft one and took a deep breath “we all miss Sasha, I miss her SO much, but not everyone blames you, I most certainly do not. Do you want to know why?” Sebastian looks at her expectantly and nods.

“Because you are my little pepper corn,” she started fixing his tie while speaking “when I look at you I see the little boy who would run into the house and eat all the chocolate chip cookies, the boy who would protect everyone because someone being hurt would hurt him even more. I see the boy who was unfairly given too much responsibility with Sasha and then blamed when he failed. I see the boy who forgave his mother for the wrong things she did ... and I see a business man who cares about his people and doesn’t hurt people the way you have Peyton.” She finishes speaking as she finishes his tie and Sebastian can see love in his mother’s eyes.

“My boy, what you have done is extremely wrong and disappointing.” She sees Sebastian’s eyes fall to the floor in shame.

“You made sure that she would agree to your deal, you knew that the chance to have no worries would be irresistible for her.” Shaking his head, Sebastian looks at his mom again “I didn’t know it.”

“I call bullshit.” She gives him a flat look “I did not raise a dumb boy and I know that you watched her for at least two weeks. My point is, that if a girl is going to uproot her whole life and sacrifice her freedom, to have pain, nausea, mixed emotions and then a crying baby drinking from her tits; then you bet your sweet ass it is not your place to treat her the way you have!”

His mom crosses her arms across her chest “I thought that I raised a boy who knew how to treat a lady! Not fuck another to get the special one off his mind.” Sebastian told her EVERYTHING.

“Mom, I don’t think you understand.” Clarissa shook her head “no, you are not understanding me!” She took a deep breath and grabbed his hand again, hoping to get through to him.

“You came to me to ask me for my help and I am telling you right now, if you think that the news about the baby is eating you on the inside, how does she feel? She has to carry the baby, feel every kick, know it’s a living thing inside of her, and you are a dick because you feel like getting too attached is going to hurt you,” she stops flailing her arms and calmly looks at him pleadingly knowing that Peyton is a very sweet and kindhearted girl.

“Imagine if that baby comes out dead.” She says feeling her heart break for Peyton. Losing a child isn’t easy.

Silence reigns in the kitchen for about two minutes until a tear rolls down Sebastian’s left cheek and Clarissa smiles knowing that she has gotten through to him.

“I don’t care how fake things were in the beginning, it clearly is real now. So take your girl and take her somewhere to make her feel secure and special, before you lose her.” Sebastian hides his shaking hands and looks at his mother with regret.

“What if I blew it? What about Mac?” Clarissa shakes her head and purses her lips.

“Trust me, you haven’t and we both know that I can do nothing to or with Mac. He isn’t my son.” Sebastian nods and with new determination, he gives his mom a kiss on the cheek and she wipes his tears.

“Thank you mamma.” She nods and smiles at him standing up to see him out. “I know you get lost in this house.” She mumbled when he said she should stay.

He chuckled and they walked together and by the door he turned to her “you never told me why you call me your pepper corn.”

His mom laughed “you can be great when you mix with the correct things and people, but just like a pepper corn, you can be fierce.”

Sebastian smiled and kissed her on the cheek before getting into his car and driving home.

Taking his phone, he immediately called his PA “I want the best five star hotel booked along with two first class plane tickets for tomorrow.” He said immediately “alright where?”

“Florence, Italy.” He then put down the phone and took a deep breath hoping that Peyton will forgive him.

He then turns into the shopping mall and runs out to get some daisies for Peyton. Her favourite flower.

He then gets into his car and knows that he can only hope for the best.

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