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XXIV: Realizing the truth.

The phone rings painfully loud startling Peyton from her daydream.Allister had just finished dragging Mac out of the house after promising Peyton that he won’t hurt Mac even more.

She has calmed down now, knowing that she shouldn’t pay mind to Mac too much since he is a d*ck.

She’s planning on phoning Clarissa and Amanda tomorrow to let them know and ask advice, already having cancelled her plans with Amanda for the day.

Thinking about Sebastian and how he suddenly changed his attitude again, Peyton can’t help but allow her heart strings to pull.

It might be his way of dealing with the baby thing she doesn’t know, but the way that he treats her when he doesn’t have his guard up; it makes Peyton feel loved.

It makes her feel something that she hasn’t felt since that day when they left, and she knows that Sebastian only means best, he only has an odd way of showing it.

Peyton stood up from the couch and walked to the phone wondering why the landline is ringing or why Sebastian, of all people, has a landline telephone.

“Hello?” Peyton answers the phone cautiously and hears someone who she doesn’t recognize on the phone.

“Mrs. Coleman?” She nodded before realizing that she can’t be seen and then answers yes “Mrs. Coleman, don’t freak out, but Mr. Coleman has been in an accident and we need you t-”

Peyton feels her heart plummet to the ground as shock fills every cell in her body before her body starts to rack with tears.

“Where is he?” She demanded while making her way to the garage and grabbing a random set of car keys.

“Clint Brook hospital.” Peyton quickly thanks the person on the phone before hanging up and putting the phone down.

She gets into the mustang she has the keys for and immediately starts the car. Driving as fast as she can, she avoids the traffic and drives the path to the hospital.

The Clint Brook hospital was a place that Peyton knew too well, it gave her chilling memories and the know that nothing good happens at a hospital most of the time.

When she arrives and parks the car in the parking lot, she can’t help but feel glued to her seat.

She looks at the hospital entrance doors and can’t help but to let a tear slip. Her child needs a father, she needs the money, Clarissa needs her son and . . . Peyton knows SHE too needs HIM.

There is no denying that Peyton has strong feelings for Sebastian.When she thinks of his smile, or the way he cares about the baby, the way he took care of her when she was ill and the way that he is so childishly cute when he isn’t caught up in business.

They say it takes 2.5 seconds to fall in love, can it be true? Peyton thinks about what she feels and turns pale when she realizes that she has fallen in love with the unguarded Sebastian.

She is in love with the part of Sebastian that cares about her and their child, the part where he only kissed her cheek at the wedding because of respect and the one who hurts others because he too simply is hurt.

He isn’t perfect, but he is hers.

Then, with tears streaming down her face, she runs into the hospital after getting out and immediately runs to the information desk “please ... please tell me where my husband is.” She begs the nurse who looks concerned before asking for her name.

“Mrs. Coleman. My husband is S-Sebastian Coleman, please.” She says her voice turning into a desperate whisper on the last word.

The nurse typed a few things before guiding Peyton down two corridors and then into a private room.

The doctor turned around and the nurse told him that she is his wife. He then smiled at her and came out fully from the drawn curtain which was preventing Peyton from seeing Sebastian.

“What happened?” The doctor smiles “he was in a wreck close to the Fairystate park.

The car is in pieces, took flame and seemed to roll into a big tree which hit the driver’s side.” Peyton brings her hand to her mouth and starts to get irritated with the doctor who keeps on smiling.

“By some miracle, he only has a few bruises and a small concusion, he did break his left wrist though, and he has been talking my ear off about his beautiful wife and child for the past hour.” Peyton looks at the doctor blankly while registering what he said.

Then, slowly a smile started to spread across her face as joy filled her heart and then she started crying because he was okay.

She walked past the curtain and there he was with a smile on his face, looking menacing as always.

When Sebastian saw Peyton, he lit up. She immediately gave him a hug while crying causing his heart to pull.

There was no denying that he would die for Peyton if he had too. “I’m okay, shh.” He hushed her while stroking her hair and holding her close.

He remembered driving past Fairystate park after buying Peyton’s flowers, he was caught up in the memory of the day that he failed Sasha.

The next thing he knew, a truck came out of nowhere and hit him, that is the last memory before waking up in the hospital.

Sebastian pulled back and looked Peyton in the eye “I am so sorry. I’m just scared of messing up, but my mom helped me to realize my faults. I am SO sorry Silver.”

Peyton smiled at him before giving him a kiss on the cheek and then laughing from what you could hear in the hall.

Clearly about 15 rooms away, you could hear Alliste running in a panicking frenzy shouting “out of my way! Her little boy and my best friend is in here somewhere!”

Sebastian rolled his eyes before frowning “fuck.” Peyton rose an eyebrow and Sebastian smiled “he had coke before he came. Meaning, if he is going to drive me crazy with his hyperness, he will drive you crazy too.”

And for some reason, Peyton didn’t have a problem with that.As long as Sebastian was by her side, healthy.

Allister then burst into the room and immediately jumped onto Sebastian, hugging him like a bear “I was so scared you were dead.”

Peyton laughed and smiled at Clarissa who gave her son a proud look when she saw them holding hands.

Sebastian winked at his mom and softly gave Peyton’s hand a squeeze. His mom gave him a nod before fully walking in and wrapping her arms around both him and Peyton as the rest of the family filled the room.

Now, Sebastian knew that he needs to figure out what these feelings towards Peyton mean and how it happened so fast.

All he knew, was that he was falling, and he wanted to take her away to show her that he can be a nice guy too.

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