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XXV: We’re going on a trip.

“Peyton.” Sebastian shouted while excitedly running down the stairs. Peyton laughed amd watched him as he jumped up and down infront of her.

His eyes had childlike wonder in them and he couldn’t stand as he looked at Peyton kindly.

“It’s today!” Peyton laughs and shakes her head in confusion “you got out of the hospital yesterday, calm down.”

Immediately Sebastian stood up, pin straight he had his arms by his side before bringing one up to the side of his head with his hand straight “yes ma’am.” He said before giving his salute.

Peyton only shook her head and him, his cheeks were warm and he still had his pajamas on, being a dark blue lomg sleeve shirt and a light blue pants with white and dark blue blocks.

Peyton’s eyes traveled lower and she couldn’t help but to feel giddy when she saw that he was wearing slippers that made his feet look like unicorns.

Who would have ever guessed that Sebastian Coleman could actually had a bit of childlike wonder in him.

Peyton cleared her throat and looked up at him again “what is today?” Sassily, he put his hand on his hip and bopped it to the side “you may see when we get there. Now go pack.” He then turned around and ran up the stairs “you have 30 minutes, pack for at least a week, I don’t know how long I am going to choose.”

Then he was off.

Peyton laughed and went upstairs knowing that she will probably never see Sebastian like that again, he isn’t usually so childlike.

She smiles while grabbing a suitcase and packing clothes. She kept on replaying what happened downstairs in her mind, something was off no matter how adorable he was.

She thought about it over and over until she realized that it was his skin, they had dark blue circles under than and his whole face and being looked tired.

She sighed and wondered about it until she heard a knock on her door before her door opened.

“Are you ready?” Sebastian was now wearing a dark, black jean and a plane white shirt.

“I am, just give me a second to pee and then I will meet you down-”

“In the car, meet me in the car.” With that he grabbed her suitcase and and left her to do her thing.

He brought the car out front after loading their bags and made sure to park so that Peyton can see that he isn’t in the garage.

Luckily, she did and was soon getting into the car with a sweet smile on her face. It took a few minutes, but after the got onto the freeway, Peyton finally got comfortable and relaxed into her seat.

“So, what happened yesterday? How did you get into that wreck? You are always so careful.” She asks and when he glances at her, she sees an emotion flip in his eyes.

“I drove past a place that gives me painful memories. I got caught up in the flashbacks and then ... well yeah.” He said while not once taking his eyes off of the road.

The car fell silent again as they drove and after about five minutes, he stopped the car and turned to Peyton with a blindfold.

She shook her head as they spoke with their eyes and stared at each other before she rolled her eyes at his puppy dog face and with a sigh, allowed him to put the blindfold on.

“This is stupid.” She declared before she heard a quiet laugh “this is fun.”

For the next fifteen minutes, Peyton relied on sound and she had no idea what she heard.

However, now she heard talking and then felt her hand being tugged while another hand landed on her knee making her jump.

With the help of Sebastian, she felt everywhere he touched as he lead her up a set of stairs and then let her turn and turn before she was placed on an extremely comfortable couch.

Immediately, his presence was gone. She knew this because when Sebastian is in the room, his presence always demanded to be felt.

Silently, Sebastian took a picture of Peyton who was absently smiling and then he sighed when he looked at her.

He put his phone away and supported his other arm since there was some pain on his wrist at the moment.

He spoke to the necessary people and got everything going before he took a seat right next to Peyton. He watched her, studied every strand on her hair and then glanced at every inch of her body.

Knowing he is a creep, he couldn’t stop. He loved the way she looked in the clothes he chose when he brought her to his house and had others buy it.

“Can I take off the blindfold?” Peyton asked and Sebastin cleared his throat before reaching over and taking it off for her.

She smiled and let her eyes adjust before her eyes widened and she started to shake.

Her breathing picked up and her eyes were going everywhere “p-please n-no.” she said when the plane started to move.

Sebastian grabbed her hand and squeezed it while she shook so much, his hand shook with.

Peyton closed her eyes and saw the pictures. She saw them fighting on the plane.The way they bumped him and he fell before he passed out.

She saw the way that they came towards her with fire in their eyes, she could feel all the fear rise up in her throat closing it up.

She worked hard to gain the courage and screamed ” please stop.” She said and immediately Sebastian’s hands wrapped around her before he put her on his lap disappointed that she didn’t weigh more for being pregnant.

He wrapped his arms around her as she shook on his lap and couldn’t get her to open her eyes.

However, the moment his hand touched her cheek, hers flew open and stared right into his.

Sadness filled them and a tear fell from her eyes before Sebastian pulled her close and started rocking.

He felt his heart ache “I won’t let you get hurt. I’m here.” He mumbled into her ear while stroking her hair and swaying gently.

Soon, Peyton calmed down and snuggled more into his chest and he replayed everything that just happened in his mind.

The sadness that she had in her eyes broke his heart. Peyton shouldn’t be sad, she’s Peyton.

The thing that heart Sebastian the worst was the he knew that sadness. It was the sadness that he had when he thought of Sasha and Olivia.

It was the sadness that ate him on the inside everyday.

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