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XXVI: Faded.

“Good morning.” Peyton gave her eyes a moment to adjust to the light in the room before she sat up and looked around the hotel room.

It was mostly themed in red and white. Red couches and carpets were easily noticable along with red curtains in a room where everything else was mostly white.

A smile formed on her lips when she saw Sebastian sitting on the couch with his IPad 4 on his lap.

“Sleep well?” Peyton nodded and stood up, her smile still in place “yes thank you, did you?”

She sees his smile falter before he nods and allows his smile to take over his face again.

Peyton noticed that he was dressed in dark jeans and a light blue button up, the top button was undone and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows showing his veins.

Peyton felt herself start to blush before she ran into the bathroom as fast as she could with the excuse that she wanted to shower.

She stood in the mirror and watched herself slowly turn back to normal as her blush faded and then she stepped out embarrased.

“I forgot that I don’t have any clothes.” She looked down at the floor and sighed when she felt herself start to blush again.

She hears a chuckle before she hears movement and soon a bright yellow sundress is placed in her hands along with black flats with straps around your ankles and foot.

She smiled and decided to instead of question it, hug him. So Peyton smiled at Sebastian who looked overly tired and then she gave him a hug causing him to chuckle.

He hugged her back and within a few seconds, she pulled back and was in the bathroom placing everything down to take a shower. She looks around and smiled when she saw a sealed toothbrush with apple scented shower gel.

There were towels and her usual shampoo and conditioner was also on the counter making her feel extremely thankful for having him in her life.After starting the shower’s water, Peyton stands and dwells in her thoughts of her old shower before

slipping off the pair of boxers and the oversized shirt he gave her, Peyton stands in front of the mirror with her comfy bra and panties on.

She turns to the side and smiles at her bump “Hey Button, I can’t wait to meet you.” she says rubbing her belly lovingly.A pain fills her chest at the thought of the danger that both she and her child are in.

Shaking the thoughts from her head, Peyton turns foreword again and smiles sadly while tracing the faded scars on her chest.There was one just above her breast and there were two more centred directly in the middle of her chest.

By now they are all unseeable to someone who doesn’t directly search for them, but even though they have faded so much, Peyton knows exactly where they are.The same thing with the ones on her back, the outside world doesn’t know, But she knows that scars don’t heal.

Peyton lightly traces the scars and feels her head start to spin as the memories come back.The way they appeared on her body will not only be physically there forever, but also mentally. Every scar she traces brings a flashback to her mind and she finds herself shaking as a tear start to slide down her face.

She looks down at her belly and shakes her head “I promise that I will protect you from the evil people.” She says before she gets fully undressed and slips into the shower where she tries not to see any scars, from the ones on her chest to those on her thighs.

It’s over now and the people will never come back to do that to her again.

After having a long shower, Peyton got dressed and brushed her teeth before walking into the room and seeing Sebastian in the same spot he was when she had woken up.

When he heard her open the door his eyes snapped to hers and he gained a huge smile before putting his IPad away.

“Wanna have some breakfast and then go sightseeing?” he asks and Peyton nods before looking down at the floor and waiting for Sebastian who narrows his eyes at her before grabbing her hand and leading her to the car he has rented for their stay.

The drive was completely silent and so what the breakfast.All that Peyton said was that she wanted a bacon and cheese breakfast pizza and some water. Sebastian kept giving her suspicious looks and was trying to figure out what went wrong from before to after her shower.

Did he forget to get her anything? She couldn’t be on . . . it. He knew it for a fact since she was pregnant. Shivering in his uncomfortable state, Sebastian drew his thoughts back to the tour guide who was busy showing them Florence.

It couldn’t have been the shampoo, she always used the apple fragrance one. He knew this because it was now his favourite smell.What could it be? He looked at Peyton again and noticed that her hands were intertwined nervously.

Her eyes would vigorously look around and soon Sebastian knew that he has had enough before turning towards Peyton and making her look at him “What’s wrong? What happened during your shower? Did you fall?!” His eyes went wide when the possibility hit him and he immediately looked down at the baby in worry.

Peyton shakes her head and grabs his other hand that has the cast over his wrist “I just ...” she goes silent and wills the tears away “some things have happened to me ... and I can’t ...” a tears slides down her face and Sebastian immediately wipes it away feeling heart break.

“I can’t get it out of my head.The feeling of it happening all over again.” She lets go of his hand and wraps both her arms around herself shaking her head while taking deep breaths.Almost immediately, Sebastian wraps his arms around her and holds her as close as possible.

“It’s okay.You are safe here.” he says and she shakes her head “How do you know that for sure?” Sebastian feels his heart clench when he sees the red around her Silver eyes. He wants to know what happened to her, who did what? Why is she so scared? The thought of someone hurting Peyton made his blood boil and she moved impossibly closer to him.

“I will protect you. I promise.” he says and feels Peyton relax into him as realization hits him dead in the face. He finally knows what he has been feeling and feels his heart warm as he admits it to himself. Oh my god, I am in love with Silver.

He smiled and kept repeating it in his head while watching her and studying her reactions to the beauty of Italy.

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