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XXVII: For better or betrayal.

By the time that Sebastian and Peyton were done sightseeing, it was already 2 p.m. and Sebastian had offered to take Peyton to lunch.

After he had held her, he knew she was feeling much better even though there was still a glint of nervousness in her eye.

Peyton would always be safe with him, especially now that he has realized exactly what is going on with him and his feelings.

Everytime he looks at Peyton, he feels warmth spread in his body when he sees the ring on her finger.

She simply doesn’t take it off. Does this means she loves him too? Sebastian felt his heart start to beat faster before bursting his own bubble.

Why would she love someone who has been nothing but mixed towards her?

Then again, the whole point of the trip is to show her that he isn’t what he was pretending to be.

He really is just a fucked up guy with problems who knows he will never fit with his beauty.

However, beauty and the beast worked out. Maybe, just maybe, they will too.

Hope glinted in Sebastian and he shook his head knowing he is being ridiculous. Peyton is too pure.

He is ... guilty.

“Sebastian?” Peyton clicked her fingers in front of his face and wondered what he was thinking about.

He was talking to her and suddenly just blanked out looking happy, hopeful, sad and then just upset.

“Are you okay?” Sebastian snapped out of his thoughts and smiled at Peyton before nodding “of course.Are you enjoying the food?” Peyton looked down at her plate of pasta and gave him a nod.

“It was really good, but I am full now.” Sebastian nodded again before taking another bite of his food and watching Peyton from the top corner of his eyes.

Observing her looking around nervously, he finishes his bite of food and wipes his mouth with his napkin like he was taught.

Always be well mannered, you never know when the paparazzi or a fellow business man is watching.

He remembered his mother’s words before reaching out his hand and grabbing Peyton’s hand in his own.

Immediately her silver eyes snapped to him and in that moment he realized that she was dangerous. Like ice or fire.

He smiled to himself and shook his head ‘she’s the sun, I am the moon.Two completely opposite things that can’t function if they aren’t together.’

“Silver, why are you still so nervous?” He asks her and she looks down at the table before looking at him again “I just have a bad feeling.”

He gives her hand a squeeze and shakes his head “don’t worry, I won’t let anything hurt you.”

She looks at him, stunned, frozen in place. No one has ever been so serious when speaking to her.

No one has ever said that to her, in fact, no one ever cared enough to notice her nervousness.

No one except . . . Luca.

She smiles at him sadly and nods before he pulls away pleased with himself.

Peyton watches him. She watches him grab his glass of water and she watches his muscles contract as he brings it to his mouth.

She watches him drink his water and can’t help but wonder if she really is safe with the man she loves so much.

He does tend to become rude when something bothers him, he becomes distant.

However, Sebastian isn’t like that is he? He means what he says when it comes to safety.

It’s just that Peyton can’t stop the feeling she gets, she has a bad feeling curling up and knotting her insides.

Maybe it’s just because of the flashback she had or maybe it’s because she dreamt of Luca and now has him on her mind.

“I am going to the loo quickly.” She says and without waiting for him to put down his glass and speak, she stands up and walks to the bathroom in an unstable state.

Once she got to the bathroom, she turned around and saw Sebastian sitting in his seat, shocked.

She then takes a deep breath and walks into the bathroom to wash her face. When she looks at herself in the mirror, she feels like laughing at herself.

She looks tired and worn out even though she had a full nights rest. How convenient. Her eyes then go down to her belly and guilt settles in her heart along with sadness.

Stress and worry put pressure on the baby, and the baby is already in so much danger.

“I am worried Button.” She says and bends down before she starts putting some cold water on her face.

“How will I protect you from the dangers of this world? I don’t know how, my mom never protected me.” She looks down to the floor shamefully.

“Heck, I might not even survive to protect you.” She looks up at herself in the mirror and sees nothing but sadness in her crisp, silver eyes.

“I don’t wanna fail you the way I have other people Button, or the way that other people have failed me.” A tear slides down her cheek and she looks at her belly.

“Do me a favour and never turn into the failure I am.” She then pulls herself together. Wiping her tears and swallowing the painful ball in her throat.

Then she walks out and makes her way to the table again where she sees Sebastian tense with his fists clenched and in her seat sits a girl who seems to have brown hair and clearly a slutty personality.

With her eyebrows furrowed, Peyton makes her way towards them and stands next to their table.

She watches the girl talk a mile a minute and Sebastian smiling at her with anger in his eyes.

She watches them for a moment before clearing her throat, knowing that they clearly have something to speak about. Something that doesn’t involve her.

Touching Sebastian’s shoulder, Peyton feels her uncertainty knot up even more than before “I am going to go get some air, you two talk.”

She sees Sebastian want to stop her, but before he can, she walks outside and takes a few deep breaths deciding to stay for five minutes and then go in after she spotted a wall clock.

“Ai mammi, voi siente bella.” Peyton raises an eyebrow at the two men who stopped infront of her.

“What?” She crosses her arms across her chest before the other guy speaks in english with a thick Italian accent.

They both step even closer towards her as he says “he said you are beautiful.Thank the man.”

Peyton feels her heart rate start to speed up when she realizes what these men really want, what they really are like.

She feels her palms start to sweat and her head starts to spin when flashbacks start to fill her mind.

She sees it all, feels it happening again as pain fills her whole being and her mind flies to her touching her faded scars and how they were caused.

The physical pain is there and she feels the emotional pain come back too before turning around and bolting into the restaurant.

She knows that she needs to see Sebastian, she needs to see his smile and feel his hug to calm down.

She runs into the restaurant and freezes in her steps, finally letting her tears go.

There, by their table, Sebastian has his arms on her biceps while she has one of her hands on the back of his head and the other around his neck.

They were kissing.

That is when Peyton knew, she had let her guard down. She held on to a table for stability and cleared her throat “pretty sure you will keep her safe.” She says and Sebastian immediately breaks the kiss before looking at Peyton with wide eyes as she turns around and starts to leave ignoring his calls.

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