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XXVIII: Darned b*tch.

Sebastian runs after Peyton, but he can’t get her to stop ignoring him and soon he sees her getting into a taxi and driving away.

He sees her turn around in the car and look at him before he takes a deep breath and runs his hand through his hair.

“Man, that girl is loco, and she didn’t even thank you for saying she is beautiful.” A man said with an Italian accent and Sebastian felt his blood start to boil.

He turns around and sees two rusty nails standing outside the restaurant “what did you say about her?” The guy smirks at Sebastian “well, we were going to have sone fun with her, but she started acting weird before running in there,” he points to the restaurant “and mumbling about some Sebastian guy whose hugs will calm her down.”

Sebastian stands calmly and nods at the two guys before he walks to them and punches them both causing them to fall to the ground immediately.

He then runs into the restaurant his blood boiling. He stands and looks around for the one of the people he can’t stand anymore.

“Oh Bashy, are you okay?” He glares at her and shakes his head “why don’t you just fuck off?!” He shouts at her.

“I told you to fucking leave! But you didn’t! Why would you? You never respected me anyway!” She flinches and shakes her head with tears in her eyes “but we still love each other.”

Sebastian growls at her in anger “fuck no! I don’t love sluts!” He holds up his left hand “I am married you bitch!”

She starts to walk towards him and grabs his bicep which he immediately pulls away “don’t fucking touch me! I told you to FUCK OFF!!” Sebastian finds himself shaking in anger.

“I tried to help you up out of the seat because you said you had hurt your knee and you fucking jumped me! Guess what it looked like for MY FUCKING WIFE!” Sebastain watched the laughter in her eyes before he let out an exasperated sigh and turned around.

“I have to leave before I break something.” He mumbles and as he walks to the door, he is stopped in his tracks and turns around when she speaks “but we love each other.”

Sebastian grabs a mug from a random table and throws it into the wall behind her making it shatter.

“You better fucking get to a mental hospital because you are dilusional!” He shouts and takes deep breaths to calm down.

Then he looks her in the eyes “if I find you anywhere near me or her again, I will be sure to let your father find out about your problems.” He looks her up and down “so I suggest you fuck off out of our lives Olivia. For good.”

With that, he turns around and walks out of the restaurant leaving everyone inside glaring at Olivia.

For a moment, Sebastian has no idea what to do, but then he realizes that Peyton would have only gone one place.

She only knows one place in the whole of Florence that will let her feel safe.

Immediately, he runs to the rental car and gets in before he speeds over the speed limit to the hotel.

“Olivia fucked it all up.” He says holding the steering wheel so tight, his knuckles were painfully white.

When he gets to the hotel, he runs in and takes the stairs two by two to get to their room.

When he gets to their room, he takes a few deep breaths and calms down before he takes his key card and unlocks the door softly.

When he walks in, he sees Peyton on the couch, in tears. He feels his heartstrings pull as he closes the door and slowly walks towards her.

He hears her sniffle and stands infront of her before falling to his knees with tears in his eyes.

“Silver ...” he whispers and sees Peyton curl up even more. She doesn’t look at him because she knows she will break.

“I promise you that I did nothing-” he gets cut off by Peyton whose eyes immediately snap to him.

“You told me that you would keep me safe,” her lips start to quiver “I ran to you to keep me safe and you were kissing a stranger.”

Sebastian’s heart pulls as he sees the pain inside her eyes. He tries to move closer, but immediately Peyton raises her hand “don’t come near me. I uprooted my life for

you! Heck!I could die and I did it for you. I think I deserve at least a little respect.” She says and her tears start to flow again.

Why does it feel like all she has been doing is crying? Isn’t she supposed to be in love with the guy?

“I respect you baby, you have to believe me.” He begs and she shakes her head “I knew it was too good to be true. No one ever really cared. I just keep wondering why, why did I actually believe you?” She takes a deep breath and wipes her tears.

“Maybe, I just longed for someone to care.” Sebastian feels a tear fall down his left cheek slowly.

“You have got to believe me Silver, I did nothing wrong.” He says and Peyton stays silent.

She watches the carpet and tries to will her heart to stop paining. It’s a pain that flows through to her hands and even her teeth, embeded in her whole being.

The room is silent and Peyton feels her head pounding.This is why you shouldn’t fall in love.

This is why money is a bitch.

“I wanna go home.” Sebastian moves until he is in between her legs on his knees “we will go home tomorrow baby.”

Peyton shakes her head and refuses to look at him “no, tonight. I wanna go home, back to my apartment, back to my life,”

She looks at him and feels her heart break when she sees his tears “back to my life without you. I will look after my child on my own.” she then looks at the carpet again hoping she will be able to get her two jobs back and get a third one “and you can keep the money.”

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