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XXIX: Handle it.

Sebastian sat on the uncomfortable chair in the airport waiting for Peyton.

He felt like complete and absolute crap.The holiday he planned to change things, turned into his worst nightmare in one day.

The money for the sudden flight doesn’t bother him, it’s what Peyton will do when they return home.

He wanted so badly to take her home, to his home but she was done with the deal.

The woman he loves, the one he had in his grasp wants nothing to do with him anymore because of one bitch who couldn’t face the music.

Why is she in Italy anyway?

Sebastian ground his teeth together and looked at the brace around his wrist.

When they arrived at the airport Peyton suddenly turned left towards the shops and when Sebastian tried to follow, she rose her hand and walked away.

It’s agonising.

The plans he had for when they got home, he was going to make things up to her, but now, she doesn’t even want to live with him anymore.

Just then, Sebastian perked up when he saw Peyton walking towards him again. Wearing that yellow dress that makes her skin glow.

She had water in her hand and a small, white bottle in the other. She looked worn out, tired, sad ... betrayed.

The worst is that Sebastian wants nothing but to take all the pain away and make it his.

She is as pure as snow, he is burning with guilt and Sebastian knew that he would gladly have let her cool him down.

Now, she won’t even look at him.When she was close enough to him, he opened his mouth to speak but Peyton paid him no mind.

He shook his head and sadness took over as he lead her to the private jet.

They had people waiting for them at the jet and Peyton kindly greeted them all while Sebastian simply growled at them.

He went on to take a seat and Peyton immediately took the seat farthest away from him.

“Sir, will that be all of the passengers today?, the manager asks and Sebastian simply gives him a nod before he goes back to watching Peyton.

When the airplane starts to move, he sees Peyton tense up and notices how white her knuckles have turned from holding onto her seat.

He could hear her breathing deeply and could imagine her sitting with her eyes closed.

She started moving around as if she was thinking of something terrible and within a second, Sebastian was next to her.

He watched her face contort in pain to the picture that her mind was playing before her.

He put his hand onto hers and she immediately flinched at the touch of his palm while her eyes snapped open.

“Look at me.” He pointed to his eyes and Peyton obeyed the whole time after having taken her hand away from his.

Once they were in the air, Peyton gave a nod amd Sebasrian stayed in his place “Thank you.You can go to your seat now.”

Disappointment fills Sebastian and his eyes move down to the floor. He feels as if his heart is breaking into two pieces.

“Why the hostility? You never gave me a chance to explain,” a tear rolled down his cheek as his eyes flew back to hers “please,” he whispered brokenly “please Silver. Give me a chance.”

Peyton watches him flinch when he accidentely put pressure onto his broken wrist and then her eyes flit back to his.

She watches him closely and stays silent “Silver, I need an answer.” He whispers and Peytons eyes move to his lips before they go back to his eyes.

“I don’t know why you care so much.We were never together for real anyway.” She says and watches Sebastian’s whole demeneor change.

He looks at the floor and takes a deep breath before he nods and stands up.

He walks to his seat on the plane again and watches Peyton lay her head back and then slowly fall asleep.

“What have you done Sebastian?” He starts to speak to himself “you have lost your diamond.”

He watches Peyton and his eyes start to tear while anger fills him for being sad.

“Fucking bitch!” He almost shouts when thinking of Olivia and then Sebastian takes out his phone and connects to the airplane’s wifi.

Immediately he facetimes his mom who picks up in two rings. She was dressed to go somewhere fancy and she had a big smile on her face.

“Hello my boy! How are things going over there? You two fucking yet?” She grins devilishly at him and when she sees Sebastian not even flinch into a smile, her smile disappears immediately.

“What happened?” He shakes his head in shame “I lost her ma, she wants her old life back when we get home.”

His mother immediately shakes her head unimpressed “that is not the answer to my question.”

“Ma, we were in a restaurant having lunch and she went to the bathroom before Olivia showed up,” he glares “she immediately took over and I asked her to leave, however I had to have manners so she didn’t leave.When I helped her up because she said she had hurt her knee, she jumped me.”

He looks at Peyton before looking at his mom “and now my princess is gone.”

His mother nods and then she shakes her head “son, only you will know what to do. I have to go now, see you when you get back then we can talk.”

Sebastian nods and thanks her before ending the call and sitting back in his seat. His mind playing on Peyton the whole time. Usually he doesn’t cry, but loving Peyton, having Peyton around, it gave him joy.

Without her there, he will have to go back to the old Bash. He remembers thinking about Beauty and the beast and shakes his head.

Seems like this beauty and beast will have to stay the way they always were.

Sebastian’s thoughts fleet to Sasha and his heart clenches. He remembers everything all over again.The funny thing with remembering is that the emotions don’t change.

Sebastian looks down at his hands and shakes his head in fear “what else do I have to do to be shown that I am not good enough?” He asks himself.

“But I want to be good enough.” He whispers and sinks into his seat hopelessly with tears starting to stream down his face. “I don’t want to be burdened with who I am anymore.” He remembers the way he felt with Peyton and cries even more.

With Peyton, he doesn’t feel the emotions that burden him and then he looks to her again “please come back to me, Silver.”

He whispered pleadingly making the decision of winning her back whatever it takes.

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