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XXX: Little Things.

Peyton locked her mail locker before she turned around and walked up the stairs and to her apartment.

Once she was inside her rutty little place, she let out the breath that she was deliberatly holding and shook her head.

Looking around her place, she found herself missing Sebastian. She remembers him standing by her door, begging on his knees for her to hear him out.

She considered it everytime that he did it.All three times in the past three days. 16:00 p.m. each day.

However, she would remember that he is a closed book when it comes to his past and that he becomes an asshole whenever he feels like it.

Then she would say no and go to her room and cry.

On top of that, some funny pains have been surfacing from her belly and she has no money to go see a doctor about the baby, too proud to ask Sebastian.

Everything was going so well and he might be innocent, Peyton doesn’t doubt his innocence one bit. He would never do something like that and she knows it.

It’s the love thing that scared her the most. Seeing him with someone else made her realize just how in love she really is, but what if he doesn’t love her back?

She would rather face the pain now rather than it being too late, her having fallen too far.

Peyton takes a look at her mail and then she throws it all down immediately when she sees a check from a Mr. Coleman.

Of course.

Her phone then rings and she immediately flips it open before listening to Amanda squeal on the other end.

“Meet my by the coffee shop where we did your wedding arrangements? There is a cute new waiter.” Peyton laughs and quickly agrees before grabbing her bag and freezing mid-turn when a pain shoots up her body.

Her hand immediately goes to her belly and she takes a few deep breaths feeling as if she is about to collapse “slow down there, Button.” She says and starts going on with her journey when the pain subsides.

She takes the fastest route to the coffee shop and when she gets there, she immediately spots Amanda talking to, who she can only assume is, the new waiter.

Wearing a leather black skirt that ended mid thigh and a navy blue crop top,Amanda was clearly dressed for the occasion.

She was also rocking a pair of black Louis Vuitons and had a flirty smile on her face.

Peyton took her seat and Amanda informed her that she had ordered for the both of them.

“So, how is it going with the grouchy one of my brothers?” Amanda smiles and Peyton kindly smiles back.

“Good.Was that the waiter you spoke about?” Amanda smiles as her cheeks start to turn red “aw that’s so sweet Manda!” She laughs at Peyton who the freezes in her spot when she sees the people at the table three spaces away from them.

Amanda starts talking a mile a minute about how Sebastian has always been grouchy and rude especially after soemthing bad happened and then she notices Peyton’s frozen state and followed where she was looking.

There by the table was Olivia and Mac, seated across from each other and they were both wearing devilish smiles making Amanda fake a gag.

Amanda turned to Peyton and smiled “I don’t even understand why he is with that bitch after what they did to my brother! I mean, doesn’t she disgust him? Oh wait, he isn’t like us. He is exactly like his mom!”

Peyton snaps out of her thoughts and furrows her eyebrows at Amanda in curiosity “but your mom is sweeter than honey?”

Amanda shakes her head and her eyes go wide “no, Bash and I are brother and sister, but Mac is our half brother, same father, different mothers.” She explains and Peyton nods.

“I am surprised Bash hasn’t told you! It plays a big part in why he is the way he is. He used to be open and kind to everyone, even after ... it happened.” She shakes her head and looks down at the table.

“What happened?” Amanda’s eyes immediately snap to Peyton, shocked. “He hasn’t told you? It’s the biggest reason he is grouchy since he doesn’t forgive himself.”

Peyton was about to ask for more information when she was stopped when she heard someone else speak “how are you doing Amanda?”

Peyton turned and smiled at Allister “what are you doing here?” She asked finding it hard to believe that someone like him would be in a place like this.

“I wanted to go to a pub ... but my grouch wanted to go somewhere that ‘Silver’ loves going.’” He mocked before motioning to a booth three tables away.

Peyton looked over and saw Sebastian with bags under his eyes and bloodshot eyes. Amanda rose an eyebrow at Allister who shook his head

They both saw Peyton start to tear up as she saw how untidy and uncertain he looked. He looked like he crawled out of a dumpster and kept twirling his ring from their ‘wedding.’

She couldn’t stop her thoughts from going to the way that he would laugh and look after her.The little things he did, like help her get better or collapse when he sees the baby or the way he held her when they found out about the baby.

“He blames himself, says that he couldn’t handle the situation just like Sasha, he is beating himself up about everything.” When Peyton heard Allister, she stood up and grabbed her bag before making eye contact with Sebastian and then leaving.

She walks out of the coffee shop and smiles at the front person explaining the bill and then she hears her name being called and turns around to see the girl who kissed Sebastian.

“Hello, Peyton right? I am Olivia. I just wanted to say that you don’t need to worry, I am moving in soon and promised Sebastian that I would help him with everything.

Thanks for letting me make him happy again.” Then she turned around and left with a smile leaving Peyton in shock.

What just happened?

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