Strictly Baby Business

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III: Let’s get to it.

Peyton lets out an angry sigh as she stares at the stack of papers infront of her. No way would she have ever guessed she would be this stupid.

She always found herself respectful and honourable yet, here she is, stooping to the lowest level possible.

Lucky for her, yesterday wasn’t her first since she knew Sebastian would have laughed in her face.

He proved to be a real ass when they had sex yesterday, said some crude things and said some meaningful things. He did what he needed to and left.

Peyton felt so vulnerable and stupid as fuck, but there is no going back now is there? She moves her eyes from the stack of papers to her belly.

She imagines it growing and can only feel regret. How could she agree to be in such a deal with such an asshole.

He is probably off with some bimbo right now! Although, Peyton had to admit, that was the best she has ever had. It felt so real, so true.

Not at all like a business deal and now that she received a stack of papers in the mail proving to be a contract for the ‘Strictly Baby Business’ deal; she has finally realized just how much this really is a business deal.

She read through all the papers and it is exactly like he said the deal would be, but she is stuck on one certain place.

Today she decided not to go to work since she is emotionally drained and knew she wouldn’t be able to work properly so instead she stayed home and found mail.

She rereads the last and very unecessary part of the ‘contract’ still feeling uneasy about it.

During the duration of the agreement, the woman will only give an opinion if she is asked and will do as asked at all times.

The living arrangement will be seperate until after the marriage when they have to be together at all times.

The year will only start once the marriage is final.

The problem for Peyton is that the agrrement only really starts after the marriage and she has no idea when they will get married.

Why is it so important to Sebastian anyway? With all of these thoughts running through her mind, she looks at her stomach again.

Even if this is messed up, she already loves her child and she knows she will keep the promise she made herself so many years ago.

Just then her phone rings and without thinking she picks it up and puts it to her ear “have you signed the contract yet?”


“No, why? By the way, when will we get married?” Silence reigns on the phone as Sebastian looks at the cars driving on the streets from his office window.

He will have to figure out all the finer details soon. “Just sign the paper!” He barks and Peytons stares at her table offended “how did you even get my number?”

Silence again. Sebastian smirks and motions for his client to enter his office “the same way I found you.” Peyton raises an eyebrow “what?”

Sebastian rolls his eyes as he throws two glasses of whiskey and ice “look after three months, I will tell my parents and we can start with the plans. I will push for it to happen within two weeks and then our year starts. Not that hard.”

Peyton hears shuffling and whispering and then realizes that he wants her to hang up, that is why he didn’t argue any more than before.

“So three months?” She askes wondering what will happen between those three months before she hears a sigh from his side “we won’t have contact for those three months until I contact you again.” Then the line is dead.

Peyton looks at her phone quite offendedly before she puts it down and grumpily signs the contracts.


She grabs her shoulder bag and lets it hang on her shoulder before grabbing her keys and making her way out of her apartment and locking the door.

While walking down the hall, she greets the people she knows and takes a detour from the people who are smoking.

She walks out of the building and starts to make her way to the diner.Yesterday someone gave her a rather large tip and why not spoil herself with a proper meal instsead of a cheap one?

She walks into the diner with a smile on her face and since she is seated and has ordered, she can’t help but to wonder what lays ahead in the future.

After Sebastian hung up the phone on Peyton, he took a deep, aggitated breath and turned to his client with a charming smile.

“What can I do for you today Malcolm?” The client, Malcolm, smiled openly at him “issues at home?”

Thinking it over for a moment, Sebastian stays quiet before nodding with a sigh “I guess you can say that.”

If only Sebastian had been able to get his way with his father the first time! Then he wouldn’t have this nonsense.

Fortunately, Sebastian has found a way past his father’s conditions and also a way to shut her up.

Sebastian would gladly take a crying baby at 3 a.m. instead of what his father had planned. No way in hell was Sebastian going to agree to his father’s plans with her.

Even better; the wedding is scheduled three months from now! No better way to put her on her place than announcing his child in front of the altar.

Sebastian merrily couldn’t wait to embarrass her the way she has embarrassed him. Nothing could stop him from getting what he wanted and that is just the way he liked it.

Of course his mother wouldn’t approve, but as soon as she meets Peyton, she will get over it and start appreciating the news since Peyton is such a ‘good girl’

To his mom it was the perfect wife and to Sebastian it was revolting, but it will get him what he wants and that is why he is willing to do this.

Finally, Sebastian comes out of his daze and smiles at Malcolm as he takes out his note pad and puts on his Mac desktop computer “let’s get to it shall we.”

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