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XXXI: Chances.

Peyton had used her last bit of money that she had left to get a taxi to take her to Sebastian’s house.

Knowing that she would have to get her jobs back soon, she was going to Sebastian’s house to try and talk things out with him.

She knew deep down that he did nothing wrong, they aren’t really together like Peyton wishes they were.The only reason she left was because when she saw that part of him, she knew that he would never be real with her.

He doesn’t really love her, she is just there to help him with whatever and get some money, and even though it hurt like hell; it was okay.

She just can’t help but wish that things were different and that he would tell her what he felt, why he is guilty and what Mac’s problem is.

She knew that he knows the Olivia girl because Sebastian doesn’t speak to you unless he knows you or wants to.

Judging by how stiff he was when she was by their table in Florence, she knew that he didn’t want to speak to her.

After Olvia had spoken to her at the coffee shop 5 days ago, she went home and spent every second of every day wondering why he didn’t love her.

He was angry when he spoke to Olivia in Florence and suddenly she is moving in and taking the place that Peyton was working to fill.

Every day without him is hell, and although Peyton wants him back, she was too scared to speak to him.To let him in again and now that her chance has been lost and he got someone else, she had told herself to go speak to him.

She has finally had enough of everything. If he refuses to let her in again, then she would just get her stuff and leave, but what if he wanted her back in his life?

For their child.

She had asked herself a million times why she suddenly wants him back, after he had tried to get her back so many times, and she had realized that he has filled her every sense.

Everything she does or thinks or sees drags her mind all the way back to him. So she decided to explain to him why she did what she did.

It was a split second decision - to go back to her old life. She had realized that she stands out like a sore thumb between the people she was associating with when she was with him, in his neighborhood.

Her life wasn’t that easy anymore.

Walking up ths driveway and to the large, wooden front doors, Peyton takes a deep breath and raises her fist to knock just before the door swings open and Sebastian gives her a shocked look “Silver?”

Quickly allowing her eyes to fall to the floor, Peyton takes a deep breath again and looks at Sebastian again “um ... c-can I come in?”

Sebastian’s look goes to even more shock before he nods and moves out of the way “of course!”

Peyton thanks him and walks in before waiting for him to close the door and fall in next to her as they walked to the living room.

They both took a seat on a couch, sitting across from each other they study each other. Peyton notices the way that Sebastian’s hair was messed up and how tired he looked.

She watched him watch her and after about five minutes of silence, Sebastian chose to break the silence “Do you need something?”

Peyton nods “as a matter of fact I do, but first tell me how you managed to look this bad.” Sebastian’s eyes cast down to the floor before he looked at Peyton again.

The pain he was feeling was indescribable. He lost his Silver on the holiday that he was going to show her his love.

“I need help Silver.” He allows his hands to catch his head as he lets his tears start to fall. Immediately, Peyton sits next to him and holds him close.

“What’s wrong Bash?” He holds on to her as if his life depends on it and sees nothing but the lifeless body of Sasha infront of him.

“I- I can’t lose you too. I try to forget ... I try so fucking hard, but I can’t forget! Not Sasha, not Olivia, not Mac and not you. Please, I did nothing wrong.” He looks at her and for once Peyton is shocked into pure silence.

Infront of her is something she never thought she would see, what she has hoped for was him to open up.

Infront of her was a broken Sebastian Coleman.

He was torn to the bone and she could see it in his eyes when he held her. Sebastian was hurt.

It took a few minutes for him to calm down and go back to his numb demenour, and once he had, he gave Peyton an expectant look waiting to hear what she wanted to say to him ... waiting to hear if she wanted to come home.

The house had been so empty for him, it became unbearable. He forced himself to work into the early house of the morning at the office and even leave for work before the sun came up.

Not having Peyton with him made him realize how alone he was.To top it all off, everyday he would find Olivia in his house somehow. He would shout at her, beg, swear even plead for her to leave him alone.

He had nothing to say to her, not after what she did to him. Not after what Mac helped her do to him.

He had to tell Peyton.

“Who is Olivia?” Peyton asked and Sebastian immediately knew that there is no turning back, he had to tell her.

“She ... she was my fiancé.” Peyton’s eyes widen and she studies Sebastian as he looks down at the floor with his hands clenched.

“So, it was the day before our wedding and they told me that I need to go to Mac’s place for my bachelor’s party ... but when I got there, they were in his bed ... together.”

He clenches his fists tight as the memory flashes in his eyes “Mac and I became enemies and I lost my shit completely! I broke things and I hurt him, I hurt Mac bad.”

He looks at Peyton in a pained way “she was pregnant, she was pregnant with my child but she had a miscarriage because she didn’t take care of herself!”

He lets his head falls hopelessly “I didn’t look after her.”

Peyton looks down at her belly and feels her heart break at the thought of losing her child.A tear slips from her eyes as she sees Sebastian crying and as she is about to say something the front door opens and closes with a high voice shrilling “Bashy, I’m home!”

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