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XXXII: Just shutup.

Sebastian growls at the sound of her voice and immediately gathers himself together before wiping his tears and standing up from his spot on the couch.

He walks to the front door and as soon as Olivia sees him, she wants to give him a hug, but he crosses his arms over his chest in a closed off stance “what do you want?”

Olivia gives him a hurt look before noticing his red eyes and smirking. She folds her arms across her chest mimicking him.

She is about to speak when Peyton suddenly slips through behind him and quietly makes her way to the front door behind Sebastian.

“I came to tell you that I will be moving in soon.” Sebastian rose an eyebrow immediately and shook his head at the nerve she has. “What makes you think that I would want you living here if I barely want to see you?”

“Because we love each other and I need to remind you of that.” She says innocently with a shrug while Sebastian lets out a snort and rolls his eyes.

“Yeah ... get the fuck out.” He places his hands on her shoulders and leads her to the door with his eyes widening when he sees Peyton close to the door.

He pushes Olivia out and glances at Peyton fron the corner of his eyes. He sees her looking down at the floor and then turns to Olivia again.

“How do you get the security to let you in?” He asks Olivia and she smirks at him “wouldn’t you like to know?”

Sebastian feels his blood start to boil. Olivia knows just how to make him click. He glares at her “fuck off.” Then he basically slams the heavy door closed.

He takes out his phone and calls the gate security “Jones, make sure that from now on, if it isn’t Allister or my family, you phone me to allow ANYONE in. Also, make sure that woman leaves.” He says curtly, wanting to get back to Peyton, and then hangs up.

“Silver?” He asks when he sees her putting on the shoes she had taken off when she arrived “I-I have to go.”

“Why? I thought you were going to talk to m-” he gets cut off by a very distracted Peyton “no, I have to go.” She says and Sebastian watches her shaky hands.

“Is it because she was here?” He asked with a glare while crossing his arms over his chest again “I just have to go Bash!” Peyton nearly shouts and Sebastian shakes his head.

“She is nothing to me!” He says also raising his voice “I have to go! I didn’t say it was her and I don’t have time for th-”

“Just shutup and answer my fucking question!” He cuts Peyton off and she gives him a shocked look before slowly looking down to the floor and nodding.

“Yes.” Sebastian uncrosses his arms and lets out a sigh while running a hand over his face “Silver, she is nothing to me.” She nods “look at me.” He moves closer to her and she stays looking at the ground.

He softly places his finger under her chin and makes her look up at him. He stares into her silver eyes and smiles softly.

“Come home. Let me show you that she is nothing - that I did nothing,” he watches her eyes turn a shade darker and whispers “please Silver.”

She watches him and soon lifts her hand to his while gently grabbing it “I know you are innocent, I knew since you showed up at the hotel.”

Sebastian raises an eyebrow and Peyton gives him a grieved look “I had to get away, I was scared of what may be, the emotions that I felt when I saw you kiss her. I was scared so I ran, but I came back today because I missed you. I missed having you around.”

“Then come home. Come back to me where I can take care of you and the baby. Come home Silver.” Peyton watches him.

Let me be your home. Is what he wanted to say, but it may be the wrong thing to say and he may be getting her back.

Peyton sees something pass in his eyes and lets go of his hand “thank you for sharing with me.Your story about Mac and Olivia.”

Sebastian slowly lets a soft smile play on his lips as he nods and then he turns serious again “are you going to come home?”

Peyton lets out a sigh and looks down at the floor again uncertain of what she should do. Is it bad that she wants to go back?

Does it make her unable to stand her own anymore?

Going only a week and three days before caving in, does that make her easy? She looks up at Sebastian’s eyes and then she slowly starts to smile.

To hell with her thoughts “let’s put it all behind us.” Sebastian’s eyes widen and he allows Peyton’s words to register for a moment before he slowly starts to smile and then letting out a relieved laugh.

“You mean it?” He asks and Peyton nods before Sebastian immediately wraps his arms around her and hugs her tight.

“Thank you so much Silver.” Peyton looks at his arms and slowly wraps hers around him too before closing her eyes and letting her senses indulge in him.

“I just need a few things from my apartment.” She says softly and Sebastian’s hold gets tighter “I’ll let my driver go get it, but you are staying here so that I can give you a foot rub.”

Sebastian then pulls away and looks Peyton in the eyes. Lightened up and sparkling, Peyton noticed his whole mood had changed.

“Thank you.” He whispered and his breath fanned her face. He was leaning in and Peyton’d heart leaped as she leaned in too.


She leans and he leans and Peyton starts to feel the edge of his lips on hers before the door swings open and they immediately pull apart.

“Hey man, can I borrow one of your cars tonight?” Sebastian turned and gave Allister a deep glare before shaking his head and walking away.

Allister looked at Peyton confused “what did I do?” Then Peyton laughed, shook her head and walked away.

“Wait! ” he shouted as if something just clicked “You’re home!” Allister then runs after Peyton to give her a hug.

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