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XXXIII: Wam bam prison?

Peyton was blown away.The room that she and Sebastian were supposed to paint turned out to be a nursery.

The walls were painted the way that they had planned and there was a crisp white crib placed with pillows and blankets that correspond to the walls.

There were dressers with toys and bottles, a changing table and there were built in cupboards which were filled with clothes to match any gender.

Peyton loved it so much, for the past week that she had been back, she was in there everyday, reading children books to the baby.

She was there all the time besides when Sebastian had his cast removed. 4 weeks was long enough apparently.

Everything has improved. Including the way that Sebastian acts around and with Peyton. Since he told her what happened between him, Mac and Olivia she hadn’t asked much questions and Sebastian was thankful for that.

Had she asked more, he would have most probably told her about Sasha just to get her to come home.

The house wasn’t home without Peyton there. It felt empty and cold and Sebastian hated it, unable to sleep like it always had been.


Sebastian had found complete peace every time that Peyton was down the hall. Knowing that she was there gave him comfort.

It allowed him to sleep with less nightmares.

It let him have peace, peace over what happened to Sasha and peace over his child who passed.

Sebastian had just gotten dressed from a peaceful nights rest and was on his way to Peyton’s room when he heard soft humming coming from the nursery.

His smile widened and he made his way to the nursey knowing that he should have gone there in the first place.

When Peyton had left, he spent every waking minute in the nursery to try and get his mind off of things.

His baby deserved the best.

He stood by the door with a smile when he saw Peyton in blue jeans and a plane red blouse. She was sitting on the white riding chair and was looking down at her belly with love.

“It’s seven months today, Button.” She almost laughed “I can’t believe how excited I am to meet you.” She swayed a bit and Sebastian leaned on the doorframe with his arms crossed and his eyes shining.

“I want you to know that no matter what, I love you and accept you and ... if i don’t make it,” Peyton looks up and out the window with tears in her eyes.

“Even if I don’t make it, you’re gonna have a great dad.” She smiles and gets a fright when a hand is placed on her shoulder.

She looks at Sebastian and watches him get onto his knees in front of her and move his body in between her legs.

He holds her hand and looks up at her with a smile on his face “we are all going to make it.” Peyton smiles and thanks him before he kisses her knuckles softly and then her belly.

Suddenly, the chime of his ringtone fills the air and he immediately answers the phone. Peyton watches him pale and his smile fade before he puts down the phone and looks at her with urgency “we have to go now. I will explain on the way.”

He helps her up and they make their way to the garage where Sebastian chooses the navy blue Rolls Royce.

As fast as they can, they are on the road going slightly over the speed limit “where, what?” Peyton voices her thoughts and Sebastian quickly glances at her before answering.

“Allister has been arrested.” Peyton shrugs and feels relief wash over her before Sebastian speaks again.

“Possible murder.” A gasp is heard from Peyton and Sebastian shakes his head remembering the shouts that he heard when officer Paul phoned him.

“When we get out,” he starts speaking as he parks the car “follow me and don’t say anything.There will be a lot of media and they tend to be scary.”

Peyton gave a silent nod and they both got out of the car with ease. Sebastian immediately came around and grabbed her hand while they walked inside.

There were photographers almost everywhere and their cameras were flashing as they shouted question after question.

They scrumbled through the crowd and soon got inside the station without any problems. Sebastian let out a relieved sigh and shook his head knowing that he will have to buy the magazines to see what they are saying.

Just as he is able to get around unnoticed by them, this happens and ‘the richest man in New York is saving his friend.’

They went straight to the desk and the people in the waiting area complained.The officer immediately looked relieved and helped Sebastian.

They went through to Paul’s office and all you could hear were Allister’s shouts. He was breaking things, you could hear it.

The last time Sebastian saw him this angry, was when IT happened to Denise. It broke Allister and he has no idea how to handle the emotion so he becomes angry.

“This is my wife Peyton, you can speak in front of her about anything.” Paul nods as they all take their seats.

“He doesn’t want to tell us what happened, we put a few wooden chairs in his cell for him to break, but he wants to murder anyone coming near him.” The officer spoke and Peyton’s eyes widened.

“What about the murder?” Sebastian asks taking out his credit card “well, that is not confirmed so we cannot charge him on that, but this is his 7th assault arrest in the past two months, one more and he goes to court.”

Paul shakes his head and Sebastian hands him his card “do the bail and charges. I’ll speak to him and find out what was going on and what happened.” The officer nods and starts to make the payment.

“Bail is set at $60,000.” Sebastian nods and he proceeds “I love the kid, but he needs to start finding a way to deal with his problems other than just going off. It’s going to get him into trouble that they are going to keep me away from.”

Paul hands Sebastian the key to the cell and Sebastian grabs Peyton’s hand as they stand up and walk to the door “same cell as always?”

“Of course.” They walk down the long, grey and cold hall and they take a left turn before heading straight to where Allister is. He paces before he loses it and grabs a wooden chair before breaking it onto the floor with a shout.

Curse words were flying out of his mouth as he paced around the cell with his hands in tight fists, occasionally shaking the bars of the cell.

Sebastian immediately turned to Peyton and took her hands in his “stay here, I will go talk to him.” He gave her a kiss on the cheeks and then went to the cell.

He unlocked is slowly as to not make a sound and then he went inside “fuck, this fucker! Get the fuck out of my head!” He shouted the last part before breaking the broken pieces of the chairs that were laying across the floor.

“Allister.” Sebastian said calmly and he froze. He froze in his place and looked towards Sebastian.

Hurt was written across his face and he started shaking his head “don’t start.” Sebastian rose his eyebrow and placed his hands into his pockets “you could’ve been charged for murder.What happened?”

“Nothing.” Allister said and started pacing again. “I just paid a $60,000 fucking bail for you.Tell me!”

Allister turned around and looked at Sebastian, his eyes narrowed and his fists clenched and unclenched “you are not my boss.”

“But I am your fucking best friend! I pay everything for you and your family. Especially with Denise.” As soon as Sebastian mentioned her, Allister threw a punch at Sebastian and Peyton let out a toe curling scream.

Allister’s eyes flew to her at the end of the hall and everything around him started to come down.

He looked down at his hands and then at Sebastian who was rolling his jaw. His eyes kept flitting towards her and him and then he let his hands fall to his sides and the hurt pass his anger.

“The guy, he ... I got home and Denise ...” Sebastian approached Allister and he collapsed in his arms.

“She told me that he ... he tried to touch her and I remembered Mac and she tried to stop me, my mom did too, but I was long gone with my bat.” Allister let out as Sebastian lead him to sit with his back against the wall “I had to protect her, I kept seeing things and beating the guy, his girlfriend saw and phoned the cops.”

He looks up at Sebastian with his tears falling down his cheeks “her life was ruined because of Mac, it can’t happen again.”

His hands went behind his head and silence reigned in the air. His head fell and his panting became louder as he cried “I couldn’t protect her again ... I needed to and I couldn’t.”

He started crying and for this first time in three years, Sebastian saw Allister broken, hurt and scared ...

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