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XXXIV: Stay.

Blood was dripping from the ceiling, the dark of the night filled the room and there were cracks of broken glass all over the floor.

“Sasha?” He called out and there was no response. “Sasha isn’t here.” A voice said as he got to the empty bed.

“You couldn’t do your job. Remember?” The voice echoed as he looked around in a frenzy.The room would turn into a park and then it would turn into the barn where she was found.

“No please!” He shouted when he saw her crying.There she was, calling out to him. For the first time in forever, he saw her.

He started running as fast as he could, his blood pumping, heart pounding, chest burning. His legs were going as fast as they could, but she stayed twenty steps ahead of him.

Being carried away.

“No, don’t!” He shouts when he sees the man put her down and shout at her “leave her alone!” He cries, but its like they don’t hear him.

With his eyes flitting around, he starts to realize that he is running in one place, almost as if his efforts were useless.

He started shaking, hearing the voice in his head tell him to stop and get up, but he couldn’t.

The moment that the man pushed her down with a slap, Sebastian was released and ran to the man, pushing him down to the floor as fast and hard as he can!

A blood curling scream was let out and Sebastian’s eyes flit open from his taunting nightmare. He saw Peyton fall with her back against the metal stand that usually holds his shoes.

The sharp edge hitting the centre of her back before she fell to the floor facing down ultimately landing on her belly.

Immediately, she sat up as much as she could and placed a hand on her belly letting out an alarmed scream.

The impact from the fall must have hindered the baby.

“Fuck!” Sebastian felt his hands shake as he grabbed his phone and immediately went to aid Peyton.

With his eyes wide, he placed his phone to his ear and waited for the hospital to answer. Peyton was shouting in pain and her vision started to blur.

Not now, she still has two months!

“Yes! I need an ambulance at the Coleman Residence 2 Now please! My wife is pregnant, she had a nasty fall and something is wrong!” He then threw down the phone and held onto Peyton’s shaking body.

“Silver! I am so sorry.” He says realizing that she probably was the voice in his nightmare telling him to stop and get up.

Did he push her? Thinking it was the masked man in his dreams? ... fuck!

He puts his arms around her and picks her up bridal style as he quickly moves her to the bed.

Sweat was dripping on her forehead and her chest was burning.The pain unbearable and the feeling of her lower body gone.

She saw Sebastian’s eyes widen when he looked down at the floor where she was and then she sees him look at his hand.

There was blood.

So much blood! She looked at Sebastian and wanted to ask him what was wrong, but she was too scared and ended up having her eyes tear up instead as her free hand grabbed the bedsheets tightly.

The doorbell rang and sirens were heard making Sebastian run out of the room and to the paramedics who then followed him up before going to Peyton’s side within two minutes.

“She fell and hit her back against this thing.” He motions to the metal shoe rack and his shaky hands then go to hold Peyton’s “and she fell onto her belly.”

“Then she started shouting in pain and we found the blood. It’s been about five minutes.” The medics nod and then a woman walks in with a stethascope.

She checks Peyton’s heartbeat and then places it on her stomach to see if the baby still has a heartbeat.

“The baby’s bp is riding low, we have to get the baby out right now or this could turn into a lifethreatening miscarriage meaning both the mom and child could die.” Sebastian’s eyes widen and Peyton feels her heart clench.

She closes her eyes getting drowsy, her head was spinning and she only heard soft voices. “Ma’am you have to push!”

They had prepared everything to get the baby to safety, but Peyton shook her head in fear “please ma’am!”

She looked at Sebastian and then at the woman before she gave a nod as they all agreed before she started to push.They all worked together and with three hard pushes, the baby was out.

However, silence reigned in the room while Peyton felt her head spin even more as she was about to pass out ... then she heard the cry.

The baby was alive and being taken care of, immediately going onto a ventilator for oxygen, a small smile flitted on her face before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she passed out.

The doctor came across to check her pulse and a panicked look struck her face “massive amount of blood loss, heartrate slowing, get her to the ambulance now!”

Sebastian has tears in his eyes watching them take care of his baby and then bring a stretcher to help his Silver.

They all help to get Peyton on the stretcher and then they get to the ambulance as fast as possible.

The baby gets put on a ventilator inside the ambulance and Sebastian gets to ride with while they watch Peyton to make sure she stays alive. His shaky hands go to phone his family and they all agree to meet him at the hospital and to get Allister.

He sits watching them take care of the baby who is as big as his arm and then his eyes flit to Peyton.

“Don’t let go.” He whispers with tears in his eyes looking down at his hands thinking about what has happened.

He screwed up again.

It was all his fault back then with Sasha and Olivia and it all his fault now, how did he even push Peyton?

The machines started making funky sounds and his eyes flitted to Peyton whose pajama shirt got ripped off “we will have to resus right now!”

He watched them all panic “stay with us darling!” They were working on it while Sebastian sat panicked.

The mother of his child, love of his life ... she can’t leave him, he screws up too much on his own.

“Is she going to be okay?” The doctor looked at him as the pulled into the casualty of the hospital “I really wish I could say yes sir.”

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