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XXXV: Sasha.

“How are you feeling darling?” Clarissa asks as she walks into the hospital room with Amanda trailing behind her excitedly.

Peyton smiled thankful that they walked in since she was all alone and uncertain of anything.

She doesn’t know if her child is okay or if the baby is a boy or a girl, or whether the baby has abnormalities or not.

Sebastian was out, talking to the doctor and finding out what is going on, and one thing is for sure ... she will find out what went wrong.

They had taken Allister, who said nothing, home and went to bed immediately as they had left the police station late after having to wait to here if it was assault or murder.

Thankfully the guy wasn’t dead.

The memories from what happened spilled into Peyton’s mind the whole time


Peyton had been asleep for about two hours when she heard shouting coming from Sebastian’s room and immediately went there only to see that he was dreaming.

She tried to wake him up and he kept shouting and moving around then before she knew it, he was pushing her and she fell.

“Okay, thank you.” She said trying not to move too much with each hug since her back was extremely bruised.

Sebastian then walked in and smiled as he greeted his mom and his sister with a hug each before going to Peyton’s side and kissing the top of her head.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Coleman!” Peyton felt her heart burst when she heard the name and then she smiled as her gynaecologist walked to the machines to see if she was okay “how is the bruising? Is your back in any pain? Is there pain ... down there?” Peyton feels a light blush on her cheeks and then she give a small nod.

The doctor laughs and nods “alright, I will get you something for it,” she looks at the drip again “I will speak to you about your daughter a bit later, but it seems you both will be going home tonight.” She smiles at everyone else and makes her way to the door.

“What’s her name?” Peyton smiles and looks at Sebastian for a second before nodding and turning to her again “Sasha.” She hears Sebastian’s breath hitch in his throat and pays no mind, but smiles when she sees Clarissa and Amanda start to tear up.

“Doctor? Could you take us to see my granddaughter?” Clarissa asks and she nods before Amanda follows her with Clarissa trailing.

Peyton smiles and looks down at her hands, she dreams of holding her daughter. Daughter ... it’s a girl.

“Silver? Thank you fo-” she shakes her head and immediately cuts him off in a stern tone “tell me.Tell me who Sasha is or was, before I get an order for assault.You will not harm my daughter ... especially with something I don’t know about.”

Sebastian’s eyes widen for a second, shocked that she was being so brave, Peyton looks at him and he accepts defeat the moment that he sees how serious she is.

She wants nothing like this to happen to her baby.

He sits forward in his chair and ignores the raise in his heart rate. His fingers intertwine and he fixes his eyes onto the marble floor.

“I was fifteen when it happened, my mom had married my dad and has accepted Mac as her stepson, then they had me and then Amanda,” he takes a deep breath closing his eyes tight.

“I was sick at school so they sent me home one day and I walked home because my mom wasn’t answering her phone.When I got home, I went to my room on the brink of collapsing and found my mom fucking some random guy who immediately ran.” He clenched his fists seeing the images again.“I was so angry and hurt, we were a happy family and it got ruined when my dad found out because ... she was pregnant.”

He remembered not talking to his mother for four months and refusing to sleep on his own bed from then on.

“My father handled it amazingly and accepted the baby girl as his own, he noticed where he went wrong for my mother to do that and they sorted it out.When the baby was born, it was a girl, of course, and they named her ... Sasha.” He closes his eyes remembering her bright blue eyes and her sweet smile.

“When I was fifteen, she was four and my parents told me to take her to the park ... I t-told them that I can’t g-go alone.” He squeezes his eyes tighter and feels a comforting hand on his bicep.

“I- I got distracted by the boys playing soccer ... when I looked for her again ... she was ... gone.” A tear slips from his left eye and he starts to shake slightly.

“I immediately started looking, even w-when it got dark until t-they came looking for me.W-we went to the police and they d-did their best.” He shakes his head and puts his face in his hands promising himself not to cry.

“A week later, they found her killed in a barn and if I hadn’t got distracted s-she would be here. It was all my fault.” Peyton shakes her head and pulls him closer “no, you didn’t know.”

He shakes his head “I have nightmares of it, they only go away when I know you are close.Then I fall asleep without nightmares.” He shakes his head and Peyton smiles.

“Well, now we have our own Sasha, and nothing will happen because we are a team.” She says comfortingly, not knowing what else to say.

Sebastian smiles and takes a deep breath before he rakes a hand through his hair “now you know all about me.Your turn.” Peyton’s smile immediately fades and she looks at the bed again.

“Maybe another time.” Sebastian wants to say something, but the doctor comes in and smiles with the baby in her arms.

“Meet Sasha, the healthy, two months early baby who by some miracle has no problems,” she looks at Peyton and Sebastian with a soft smile “and no abnormalities.”

Peyton looks up at Sebastian and smiles while Sebastian smiles back and gives her a kiss on her nose.

The doctor hands Sasha over to her mom and Peyton immediately becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

“I will have a nurse bring your meds and help with the breastfeeding.” Peyton nods and the doctor leaves. Clarissa and Amanda stand outside the door watching the two of them and waiting for Allister.

Clarissa sees Peyton laugh and softly touch the baby while Sebastian holds them close with a smile on his face he kisses Peyton’s forehead and Peyton kisses baby Sasha.

Clarissa smiles, pleased with her son “well done my boy.” Amanda gives her a confused look and then Allister runs past them and through the door.

“Oh, it looks like a potato!” He shouts in happiness.

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